Drogba returns to Chelsea.

THE KING IS BACK. Chelsea Football Club can confirm that Drogba has returned to Chelsea, signing a one year contract.
When he came to the end of his previous contract in 2012 it was only weeks after he had stroked the ball from the penalty spot into the Bayern Munich net to place Chelsea on top of the European summit for the first time.

Drogba has this to say on his instagram:

On signing his contract, Drogba said: ‘It was an easy decision – I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with Jose again.  Everyone knows the special relationship I have with this club and it has always felt like home to me.

‘My desire to win is still the same and I look forward to the opportunity to help this team. I am excited for this next chapter of my career.’

Jose said: ‘He’s coming because he’s one of the best strikers in Europe. I know his personality very well and I know if he comes back he’s not protected by history or what he’s done for this club previously. He is coming with the mentality to make more history.’

His 34 goals in European competition remains a Chelsea record, as do his nine strikes in nine cup finals.

During the Ivorian’s first eight years with the club, Drogba won three Premier League titles, four FA Cups, two League Cups as well as the Champions League triumph. He has been named Chelsea’s Player of the Year and Players’ Player of the Year and has won the Premier League Golden Boot twice.

Since leaving Chelsea in 2012 he has played for Shanghai Shenhua and Galatasaray, memorably making a return to Stamford Bridge last season when we beat the Turkish club in the Champions League Round of 16.

He has continued his international career and appeared in all three of Ivory Coast’s games at the World Cup, taking his caps total to 104 with 64 goals scored.

The king is back!!! Arsenal fans, be afraid.
Comment on your reaction to the news.

  1. younous.ally@gmail.com says

    Brilliant News 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Irokotola michael.... says


  3. Anonymous says

    Wrong move…i still see cfc not performing well this season not because of the players but mourinho n his cagey tactics

    1. johnson olutayo says


  4. Kyrian chinemerem umunnakwe says

    Am very hppy 2 hear dat d hero is back.but am pittin winger and his team.no more trophy again 4 them til drogba’s retirement

  5. Zyte says

    dis is a good move,though am not expectn much from drog as a player,but i know we need his spirit & presenc in the dressing room & the bench 2 raise every droppn head in times of trial.again bcos d.costa’s style was a bit lik drog’s,he wl help him in adapting his game 2 epl style & also giv him d confidenc 2 suceed at cfc.anyoda tin done by drog on the pitch like scoring goals 2 me wil be a bonus.i wish king drog the best.ktbffh.

  6. Mourinho is the Best says

    I like Drogba and good to hear his coming back.But I am very disappointed if Mou said that we have finished our transfer acquisitions this season. Our goal finishing problem is still exist and not improve much. We still keep Torres. We dont know whether Costa is good to fit in our squad. If he perform like what he played at WC, it’s disaster to us. Lukaku is below standard and that’s why Mou is never trust on him. Bamford, Boga are good but still need time to improve as we are playing EPL /European Champion and not U21. When we saw Barcelona, Real Madrid,Banyern Madrid sharpen their frontlines while Van Gaal goes to MU to reform their squad, inext year must be a more tough year for us. If we dont recruit more world class strikers, we dont qualify to win any trophy. JUst a simple quesion, how we can use Costa, Dorgba and Torres to compete with Messi, Neymer and Suarez. If we still dream we are the best team, we own the best squad and win the Europe Champion, I can say you are dreaming!!

  7. miles says

    @mourinho Is The bestI really cant see what the problem is. We had striking problems last year. Cos of that we bought costa who was the best No 9 in Europe. Scored an amazing number of goals. Who else do yu want? Mandzukic? Emenike? Benzema? Who will only come and disrupt harmony in the dressing room as you cannot keep a class player on the bench. We also have lukaku for backup. And in extreme cases, torres and drogba. And for ur information, its not messi, neymar, suarez against drogba, costa, torres. We don’t play the 3 strikers in one match. It is hazard, costa, schurrle/willian/oscar with fabregas supplying the killer passes. Now if you cannot see that that strikeforce is decent then you are the one that is dreaming.

  8. Neo says

    well, @mourihnoIStheBEST, you can’t compare teams, if you are why not compare the keepers, defence and midfield? Because in my view we have way better players except for the frontline which is debatable considering we have hazard, oscar, willian, cesc, costa, lukaku.

  9. Mourinho is the Best says

    I think our fans here are becoming more and more alike the fans of Liverpool. I don’t like their fans as they are too “die hard” and not see the real picture but believe Gerrard is always right. Gerrard can’t lead our team to final round in WC. And these stupid fans make us think that we owe Gerrard a trophy… I don’t want the Blue fans look alike them.

    @Neo, you say compare keepers, defenders and midfield. Yes. we are excellent there. Last year we already have an excellent defense and we have Matic and we have Schurrle and Hazard, but why we still no trophy — we need not only 1 but more world class strikers.

    @ Miles… Honesty you always makes the worst comment here. You knows nothing. Do you remember I used to comment Lukaku sucks in WC after the first match and you are a Lukaku fans. If Lukaku is so good, why Mou never trust on him and always loan him out?
    You talk about harmony in dressing room. Did you ever visited the dressroom? How do you know they are in harmony. Do you think there is harmony in our world? Even in this forum, there is no harmony. Cech and Courtois together is already not in harmony. How old are you? 10 or 8?
    You say we don’t play 3 strikers in one match? It’s not playing 3 striker together. But at least we have good backup if Costa (just think he fit in our team) injuried or suspended. We depend on Torres and Drogba?? Dont’ kidding. You say Costa is the best No.9 in Europe — I hate this stupid arrogant speech. He is good but he also has his up and down. If he is so superb, why he perform so bad in WC. And the most funny and stupid is you say we have Frabregas to have killer passes. Frabregas killer passes + Costa the best no.9 in Europe and the best back up Torres make together the Spain national team in WC which has been defeated at the group stage!!! How a great comment Miles.

    I remember when Torres comes to our team, we all hope he is our hero but now we all knows how he deliver to us. I trust on Costa but we really need more world class striker.

    I write this as I love the Blue.

  10. Fik says

    Mour must must buy 1 killer striker, has to learn from Atletico Madrid following costa injury last yr. I think this yr Mour also want to repeat playing by parking buses.

  11. Zyte says

    neymarmessisanchez & cr7benzemabale faild 2 win la liga last term,but atletico wit a compact team did it wit unknown costa,koke,godin etc.i believ cfc can do wel wit costa,lukaku,drog & tores.wat jose is buildn is a compact balancd team & not a make shift atackn team wit leakag at d back.i hav confidenc bcos cfc is mor balancd.bcos costa & cesc didnt perform at d world cup doesnt make them bad players bcos cr7 sufferd d same fate yet he was d current best player.i believ in dis team.lukaku wil do wel,he just needs d same tim & trust dat atletico gav 2 costa & koke dat made dem 2 becom world beaters.ktbffh.

  12. Cfc_obsessed says

    I cant belief some fans here re underestimatingy drogba! He s still fit for gudness sake. Not that bad to be honest. Ve u forgotten is a one year deal? We brought him as a squad player and he accepted it. We all want lukaku to stay, He should fight to get chance. Drogba fought to get chance, costa fought to get chance in atleti, torres is still fightin to keep his place by deciding he ll stay(forget about wages). Why cant belgians have a little patient? Just wait and see what hapen about lukaku but i dont think so. For those fans criticizing drogba signing, drogba is a top player wit a big experience,ve u forgotten he played in d last CL? which top striker do u want to be our 3rd or 4th striker nowadays? Costa as first choice (if worked out as planned) drogba to compete wit torres/lukaku(if stay)/schurrle(depend on tactics) as 2nd choice or 3rd and dont forget fabregas is a striker. We re gud to go my brothers. All i knw is drogba still score against ‘arse’nal in last year emirate cup @35yr .lol.

  13. Cfc_obsessed says

    Zyte, lukaku need to make himself available to be given a chance which he deserves. Mou said he decided to go on loan last season. But y? Hes still 21, still young, unproven at d top level. This is a great oppotunity for him to play along side drogba and to learn. But he lack patient

  14. Anonymous says

    nice 1 i love seen him in blue shirt

  15. ejalonibu sam says

    welcome king drog i love u

  16. miles says

    @mourinho is the best, I will ignore your veery rude comments as I feel I do not need to respond to Such. Now, yu say if lukaku is good, then why does Mou not trust him. The Thing is mourinho is not always right. Everybody knows lukaku is not the finished article and his attitude irritates him ( I’ve compared him with morata before, who never complained of his situation At real madrid) but I would rather have Lukaku on my team. I don’t know about you but there are some youngsters at chelsea who are damn good but cos of chelsea’s policcies might never make an impact in chelsea. Baker, feruz (I’ve seen him play countless), piazon, chalobah etc. who exactly iis the world class striker that you want to buy? Every clown knows costa was the best striker in europe last year. I don’t know why yu find it hard to believe. Are yu blaming spains defeat on costa and fabregas? Yu shd be more attentive and think with your head not ur heart. Yu can as well blame it on azpi afterall he was the undisputed right back in WC. Or blame england’s exit on cahill. Spain did not do well cos the coach wanted to try a new system which takes time to blend. Spain hold on to the ball too long which is the opposite of athletico. So most times, he was in limbo as to what to do. The coach shd not have used the world cup to experiment spain playing with a target man but costa did so well that season that the coach wld have been crucified if he kept costa on the bench. Its obvious yu don’t know much about football that is why yu aree downplaying the effects of dress room harmony. Why did gomez leave bayern? He was a good back up to mandukic. No world class player will allow himself to remain on the bench. So I dunno everyone shouting world class, world class…who do you want? Selling torres is difficult as no club can pay his wages. Buying aubumeyang is ok, but truthfully is he MUCH better than lukaku? Faster? Yes. But better? Same with benzema. Judging ppl on world cup is just silly. Hazard was poor in world cup without a single goal or even man of the match. De bruyne was good, therefore let’s buy de bruyne and sell hazard. Fabregas had the highest assist in europe last season aside di maria I think. So cos he dint have a good world cup ( which was not his fault as the coach dint always play him) therefore he is not good? Good coaches know not to judge on world cup alone. I don’t think we need anyone again barring if someone leaves. I said ginkel can be as good as pogba if given the chance and I stand by what I said. We don’t need a dm, a striker or a left back. The squad has a good blend of youth and experience. I personally feel, our strikeforce for next season, costa, lukaku, torres, drogba (in that order) is ok. Feel free to disagree. Ktbffh

  17. miles says

    The reason yu feel I have the worst comment is because I don’t suggest things like buy reus, buy pogba and buy benzema and higuain all at the same time. We keep throwing money at problems. We need a dm? Buy vidal, khedira and pogba.we have romeu, matic, chalobah. We need an lb? Buy alaba, ricardo rodriguez and coentrao. We have filipe lui. We need a cb? Buy mangala, varane, benatia. We have omeruo, kalas and zouma. We need a striker? Buy suarez, balotelli, benzema, aguero, falcao, jackson martinez, higuain. We have lukaku, bamford, izzy brown and feruz ( I can bet my house on feruz). Don’t yu want a player that every other club mouths can water for but know they can’t get. A lot of ppl wld have criticized azpi signing. He wasn’t a big name. He wld jus play second fiddle to iva. Now look at it. Buy buy buy.

  18. Mourinho is the Best says

    @Miles. No need to quarrel. Time will tell. I want the Blue winning both EPL and Euro this season. Just feel we don’t have enough backup on strikeforce. The youngsters are good with big potential but they are too young and never play at EPL level. Time will tell if we can get any trophy with our current squad.

  19. Fik says

    @Miles comment is wrong. Why Mour played last yr by parking buses against top team? Our players r little horses. Compare z players we have & M city, B.Munic & PSG have. To win z game we should hv z players in z standard that our opponent have. To win z trophy z little horse has to be changed. Adding Lukaku & other players what U said wl make z team more ‘little horse’. It is b/c of Mour we hv 3rd last yr by parking buses… Mour hs to do a lot now otherwise he wl got last yr fate.

  20. miles says

    @fik, I’m not saying we shd use kids. Pls. I’m not in support of the arsenal way. I’m jus saying we shd do it with care. How many ppl have bayern bought this season? Just lewandowski. They dint buy a cb cos they bliv in badstuber who is back from injury. Yu dont buy the whole world. Our problem last year was the strikeforce, to solve that problem he bought the hottest striker in europe last year. If lukaku goes which is looking likely, then by ALL means BUY a new striker. Hopefully aubumeyang or benzema 🙂 I want chelsea to win EPL and UEFA too, even if I’m proved wrong. @mou is the best Yu have a good point, if costa doesn’t fit in chelsea style then we are screwed. I definitely wldnt want to rely on only lukaku or torres for goals. So I think what wld be best is- sell lukaku to everton, use the money and buy a solid striker. By doing this, we wld not have an overfloow of strikers in the club:if lukaku doesn’t leave and we get a new striker, we wld have FIVE strikers (maybe 4, if you remove drogba) fighting for space of 1. For those talking about parking the bus; mou will still park the bus maybe not as frequently as last season. Everything is not attack attack attack. Bayern ddid that in CL against real and look where it got them. Our game will be just like last season except hopefully with costa putting away chances. That’s the only difference. Firstly, its Mou’s preferred style. Secondly, its not in one season that yu will start being able to attack the likes of bayern and barca who have been great attacking sides for years. Yu can be like city. Attack them and play well but lose or play compactly like athletico and beat them anywhere yu meet them. We all know the choice Mou would make. Up Blues. Ktbffh.

  21. Mourinho is the Best says

    @Fik, Great to hear there is another one here have similar belief. Mou has to do a lot now and not close the transfer window ourselves Honestly, I am very optimistic on us when Mou signed Costa, Frabregas,as I think he will sign 1-2 more high class strikers. But when I saw MC win ovr AC Milan with 5 goals and they have Jovetic, Negredo, Dzeko, and some other strikers, and our Torres misses chances in our friendly match in Slovenia and today Mou says even Bamford will be loan out (and seems Lukaku will also sold), I am very disappointed on Mou’s decision on our frontline. Really don’t know what he thinks. I don’t have confidence on Lukaku, Bamford and the youngs (though they have potential) but at least they will be better than we don’t have any other choices if we have any trouble on Costa or Drogba.

    Don’t say we don’t need 4-5 strikers for fighting one striker position. Almost all our big competitors have at least 4-5 strikers and more strikers means we have more flexibility on in-match strategy and formation changes. And don’t remember we have at least 2 main battle lines – EPL and Euro and not count other cups, If Costa injured, we will be highly screwed up.

    The fact is that now we will still have 3 strikers this season — one world class but not sure fit in our team or not and hope he will not injury and suspend, one used to be our king striker but now already 36, one is now a so-so player who is not better than our U21 players.
    I partly agree with Miles – sell not only Lukaku, but also Marco Marin, Victor Mosses and then buy a striker (don’t think we can buy any top class but at least a good player who can score).

    Friendly matches don’t mean anything. But we can know how our competitors improve their problem and how we improve our problem last season. Up to yesterday, I don’t think we have sharpen a lot our frontline. You can disagree on what I say but soccer is not religion. No need to cheat ourselves to believe we are the best.

  22. Mourinho is the Best says

    Forget to attach this https://vine.co/v/M0tEJVTBr0B

    I feel shame as a long time Blue fans when my friends sent this to me. Even our club lose money, we have to sell him too.

    If compare him with Lukaku or Bamford, I prefer them instead of Torres as they are younger and have much room to grow.

  23. miles says

    Torres cannot improve but it is hard to sell him. No club will pay his wages and he will not take a pay cut. I have seen reason with @mou is the best and @fik. We need a top striker especially if lukaku goes. Mou said bamford and chalobah are leaving on Loan. Well, ii think its for the best. If bamford ccan do what he did last season For a premier league club then I think he wld be ready to be our third choice striker. But I don’t think there is any available striker again that is good. I’m still vvery hopeful On aubumeyang tho.

  24. Zyte says

    part of jose’s job is also 2 bring financial stability 2 cfc & guarantee the future of cfc as a self sustainabl club.i dont see any reason in havn 5 strikers.we already hav 4 in costa,lukaku,drog,torres.we can only buy if either lukaku or tores is sold or loand out.i believ wit a player lik fab who doesnt hold un2 d bal 4 a long tim lik osca,wilian & hazard used 2 do,scoring wil be alot easier.time of struglin 2 score goal is over.not 4getin schurle,tel me who is dat striker availabl in d market dat has schurls quality.my preferd 1st eleven in 433 is
    cech or courtious
    in 4231

  25. Mourinho is the Best says

    @Zyte, agreed with you on mou need to make our club finance stable or he need approval on any acquisition from abramovich.
    But you don’t see what we have discussed. We depend on too much Costa. Schurrle is not a formal striker and so is frabregas. We have 3-4 battle lines this season. And who knows Costa can fit in our team and perform well.

  26. Zyte says

    @ Mouh is the best.i got ur point,but if lukaku & tores stays,there is no need 2 sign a fifth striker.cr7 & messi arent strikers initialy,but atackers.& every atacker is a potential striker thats why i criticiz willian alot.cr7 outscord a formal striker lik benzema,so if schurle plays regularly dis season.i see him outscoring most strikers bcos he has the killer instinct & confidenc 2 put the bal in the net whch many formal strikers lik tores lack.concerning cesc i meant that he wil releas through bals 4 our strikers 2 pounce on,i never said he is a striker,but a master of defenc splitin passes.so lets calm down bcos this comin season wil be great 4 us.tanks.

    1. Juanescobar55 says

      Fuck page!!! They are too lazy and didn’t put any news!!!

  27. chelsea lover says

    Yaaay. Long live the king!

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  28. whizprinz says

    For sometime now this website has been incompetent…….. no update on our match against vitesse nor recent news about lukaku joining Everton on permanent base. You guys need to up your effort

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