Eden Hazard injury report

Hazard vs Bayern MunichOn what is a bad news after a productive transfer window came to an end for us, Chelsea winger Eden Hazard had suffered an injury that forced him off a training session for Belgium while at International duty. He suffered an Achilles injury while at training with the national team and Head coach Marc Wilmots said he was fit when the session began, but quickly began to struggle with a tendon issue.

No immediate word was provided about the severity of the injury. Obviously, any Achilles problem is a worrisome situation for a player who does as much running as the Chelsea star, but it all comes down to how badly the tendon is damaged.

Both the Blues and the Belgium squad will wait for further word on the dynamic playmaker. Missing him for any extended period of time would be a major blow to both sides as Chelsea face a busy campaign and the Rode Duivels move toward the World Cup.

No official statement from Chelsea website had been announced about this injury scare and let’s hope it is a short one as we desperately need the Belgian maestro at full fitness for the start of our Champions League campaign in this September schedules and October though it’s certain he won’t be out with this injury for so long.

Comment your well wishes for Hazard below and let us know your predictions on how serious this injury is. Get well soon, Eden! #KTBFFH

  1. DavidCFC says


  2. kolawole omolayo says

    I wish you to be well & healthy in time before the champions league would startN my future world best player

  3. Neri Abayomi says

    Loaning Moses n Lukaku might seemily backfire because of this latest injury to Eden Hazard (suspected achilles tendon injury).

  4. fidel says

    Oh dear!I hope nothing happens to him.he is going to be one of our best players for years and years to come.wishing him the quickest recovery coz our title hopes are hinged on him ,Oscar,willian,mata and eto’o.He is arguably our finest player esp against bayern..

  5. Pejuseyi says

    Hope it’s nothing too serious cos losing him @ this point in time will be a big blow. Get well soon bro.

  6. Jeff says

    how long is the least possibly time he would be out for if the injury ain’t so serious??? we have good cover for him, although wouldn’t want to see him out for long

  7. oyedeleoriyomi says

    I hope it wnt be a long and serious injury coz losing hazard diz tym 4 a long period wil surely be a blow 4d team,wish u a quick recovry lad.

  8. Arthur Osadebe says

    May God not allow it to be so serious, we need him, Chelsea needs him

  9. Sammy mwaura says

    Wish you a quick recovery my star!!

  10. segun adetutu says

    Get well soon bro.We don’t want 2 miss u at dis point.We pray 4 ur quick recovery.

  11. said mpepo says

    wish’n him a quick recovery, get well soon bro.

  12. GABBY says

    no essien.The Lampard/Ramires pivot is terrible, yet JM continues with this 4-2-3-1 formation is baffling.The pivot players are the weakness with the team combined with the lack of sync between the pivot, the attacking bank and the CF shows why the CF never scores goals. the current pivot players are so poor at distribution that the opposing team has 10 men behind the ball and CFC has to struggle to play the ball through the midfield (forget about getting a through ball up to Torres). So, I have to believe that JM sees this.CFC needs a passing specialist.


    Hazard is my best player in chelsea cos of the way he hold d ball… I pray for quick recovery from his injury…..love u hazard

  14. Vaakmeisster says

    This is just annoying and one of the reasons why I hate the international fixtures. I hope the injury doesn’t keep him out for too long as that goal against Beyern indicates he wants to start behaving like a world class player that he is and not the Eden I-Can’t-Beat-two-defenders Hazard that he was begining to become

  15. Anonymous says

    Too bad to lose him for up coming games, i pray he get well soon, God d great healer will tuch him.

  16. KEs says

    get well Hazard!

  17. Shingie Samu says

    Getwell soon bro

  18. Anonymous says

    Hazard pls dnt makz it 2 lng,we ar putin ur eye on u.

  19. Anonymous says

    Get well soon Eden.We certainly don’t wish to watch any CFC game with you missing.wel wishes…

  20. Godwin charles says

    Not a serious injury it we soon get better hazard my boy pls keep it up


    i will aways be a chelsea fance till date

  22. Anonymous says

    Don’t get well

  23. Ayoade Taiwo says

    Eden Hazard is a good player for chelsea he going to fit very soon

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