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  1. GABBY says

    Good boy.

  2. Martin, Norway. says

    Yes we need to improve especially defensively allowing easy goals oflate that needs to be corrected sooner than later.

  3. GABBY says

    ‘It’s sad because I think a league gets better if we keep the good things and we improve the bad things. One of the good things is that sense of stability, to let people work without pressure.
    ‘I had Real Madrid and I left because I wanted to, not because they wanted me to. I had other clubs in other countries where it would be easier to go to.
    ‘If I was here for financial reasons, I wouldn’t be here, getting a lot less money than I had at Real Madrid. I didn’t come because the job was easy, or because I had a team ready to attack the title, or for the best contract. It’s the worst (contract) of my last six years. I’m here because I love the club and I love the project.
    ‘How long will I stay? I would say 12 years. I’m 51 next month. I’d say 12 years, and two to go to a World Cup with a national team.’
    – Jose Mourinho

  4. Vaakmeisster says

    Hazard is okay. All I need from him is more off the ball running. He’ll be more dangerous if he’s like this. He should be more direct and leave the dribbling. Dribbling should be the means to an end, not the end itself

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      I agree. And he needs to be more consistent.

  5. Neri Abayomi says

    PL Team of the season so far.
    Gk-Tim Howard.
    Lb- Leighton Baines.
    Rb- Pablo Zabaleta.
    Cb- Curtis Davies.
    Cb- Phil Jagleika.
    Cm- Aaron Ramsey.
    Cm- Mesut Ozil.
    Lw- Eden Hazard.
    Rw- Andros Townsend.
    Cf- Luis Suarez.
    Cf- Sergio Aguero

  6. u are good bro.just more goals,more direct dribbling runs & consistency & u will rank with the best.cfc 4 life

  7. Thank you for share.
    I like Eden Hazard and chelsea.Hazard is future of chelsea.

  8. Anonymous says


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