Eden Hazard- "Our aim is to improve & make Jose Happy!"

E Hazard!

Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has claimed all the squad players are trying to improve and win matches to make Jose Mourinho happy and satisfied with his team. Speaking from when he was promoting and working with Chelsea’s foundation, the Belgian was asked about the manager demanding more defensive work from the attacking players when we lose the ball.

And he replied- “That’s normal because that’s his job and if we’re bad, he says so, Sometimes we’re a bit scared of him. But he’s a very sincere manager and is very clear about what he wants.”

He continued further on explaining the characteristics of the Special one by saying he isn’t always a scary person but, tries to be honest with the players and how they should improve to help the team win.

He tried to clarify his statement, trying to explain the better charisma of his manager. ‘It’s not exactly that we’re scared of him. It’s just that he’s very clear about what he says and sometimes that can be a little bit shocking. But we’re all professional footballers and we’re used to criticism, so it’s up to us to make him happy.’

Jose talks to HazardMou talking with EH


Hazard and Mourinho’s relationship has been put in doubt on more than one occasion this season. The first was back in October ahead of our 3-0 Champions League win against Schalke in which Jose dropped his star winger for failing to arrive early for training. Hazard had traveled to France and forgot to carry his passport which arriving back to London which delayed his arrival into Cobham for training the following morning.

The Portuguese went on to dismiss the controversy by simply stating that ‘kids make mistakes and fathers need to be clever in a way they educate their sons’. And the 2nd story about the pair was last week on Daily mail which claimed Mourinho is unhappy with Hazard’s behavior as he is first to leave training and lunch and that he should behave more like a top player. The news had no source at all and is totally farce looking at it from the website we found the information from.

But, Hazard continued on his comments by admitting he liked his manager’s praise following the Sunderland game in the premier league in which he grabbed a double and assisted Lampard for the equalizer.

‘There are times when I disappear out of the match, so I do want to be as consistent as possible. But what he said at Sunderland, that’s the sort of comment I want to hear more and more often, every weekend. I do have matches where it’s really good and some where it’s not so good. So I’m hoping to improve my work-rate, work really hard  on that and get more consistency.  He’s a manager that demands a lot both in defense and in attack.’

He also answered the question of him wanting to become one of the best in the world as many people compare him to top wingers and tacticians of the modern game like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Hazard answered, ‘I hope to become one of the best as that’s what people want to see, like Cristiano Ronaldo, like Messi, scoring goals. But that’s not what  I am. I am who I am, with my strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to me to work on the weaknesses  I have to improve further. I still have a lot of work to do — but when I’m enjoying it on the pitch, that’s when I am good.’

And last but, not least he talked about the style and philosophy change that the club is undergoing at the moment specially since the time he arrived from Lille in 2012 following the Champions league success. ‘In the past, Chelsea have won an enormous amount of trophies with their own style. I think we need to get away from that image of the past and try to build a new team, not what it was years ago. I think it will come. I think we will improve our game and style and we will find ourselves, but it won’t be immediate.’

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  1. GABBY says

    Good boy.

  2. Martin, Norway. says

    Yes we need to improve especially defensively allowing easy goals oflate that needs to be corrected sooner than later.

  3. GABBY says

    ‘It’s sad because I think a league gets better if we keep the good things and we improve the bad things. One of the good things is that sense of stability, to let people work without pressure.
    ‘I had Real Madrid and I left because I wanted to, not because they wanted me to. I had other clubs in other countries where it would be easier to go to.
    ‘If I was here for financial reasons, I wouldn’t be here, getting a lot less money than I had at Real Madrid. I didn’t come because the job was easy, or because I had a team ready to attack the title, or for the best contract. It’s the worst (contract) of my last six years. I’m here because I love the club and I love the project.
    ‘How long will I stay? I would say 12 years. I’m 51 next month. I’d say 12 years, and two to go to a World Cup with a national team.’
    – Jose Mourinho

  4. Vaakmeisster says

    Hazard is okay. All I need from him is more off the ball running. He’ll be more dangerous if he’s like this. He should be more direct and leave the dribbling. Dribbling should be the means to an end, not the end itself

    1. Vaibhav Kumble says

      I agree. And he needs to be more consistent.

  5. Neri Abayomi says

    PL Team of the season so far.
    Gk-Tim Howard.
    Lb- Leighton Baines.
    Rb- Pablo Zabaleta.
    Cb- Curtis Davies.
    Cb- Phil Jagleika.
    Cm- Aaron Ramsey.
    Cm- Mesut Ozil.
    Lw- Eden Hazard.
    Rw- Andros Townsend.
    Cf- Luis Suarez.
    Cf- Sergio Aguero

  6. Zyte says

    u are good bro.just more goals,more direct dribbling runs & consistency & u will rank with the best.cfc 4 life

  7. ball says

    Thank you for share.
    I like Eden Hazard and chelsea.Hazard is future of chelsea.

  8. Anonymous says


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