Enzo Bronzetti can see Mourinho taking Balotelli to Chelsea

balotelli_mourinhoItalian super agent Enzo Bronzetti feels only Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho could tempt Mario Balotelli away from AC Milan.

The former Manchester City striker has been linked with Chelsea this month.

Bronzetti told Mediaset: “Selling Balotelli makes no sense now, he will remain in Italy. He has an important value, more than €30 million. He’s a great player, a phenomenon for the ages. Only a coach like Mourinho might be able to snatch him. At Milan, he convinced his club to invest heavily for him. But the Portuguese regards him very highly.”

Balotelli in January left Manchester City for AC Milan for £19million after a two-and-a-half-troubled years in the Premier League.

He signed for City for an initial £20m in August 2010 but just before then, despite Mourinho having left Inter for Real Madrid, he warned interested parties of the risk entailed in signing the forward.

Do let us know what you guys think about Mario Balotelli? Would you like to see him at Chelsea under Mourinho?


  1. Oscar emeka says


  2. Ken says

    I quite commend his proflicacy as striker but his on/off field attitude and temperament is what should come to fore if we really want bring him to cfc..is a capital ”NO” for me

  3. Jimoh ejima says

    I thing balotelli would be a perfect drogba replacement bcos he have the power,pace and also have eyes for goals but my fear or worry is his attitude but if he is ready to be a good boy,why not’ lets bring him.

  4. Matt says

    I am not sure because of his baggage. I mean if you told me balotelli had grown up and was normal now I’d without any hesitation say YES! But even AC Milan are getting fed up with his antics, and thats even in the serie A! Part of me will always say yes. Just our forwards Lukaku-Balotelli-Torres. But at this time id choose costa over mario.

  5. Anonymous says

    No no no

  6. Alex Ade Adefemi says

    I will like mata should still stay at chelsea. I will also like monrnho should sing the 2 player

  7. Anonymous says

    I think is great idea having very talented player like balotelli even though is attitude is a problem we still need a good striker who can solve our strikers problem.
    I hope he joins Chelsea and I hope he changes the way Chelsea is now!!

  8. Ahmed says

    balotelli won’t be bad, but if is street attitude doesn’t change we might be looking at a red card every day and Chelsea reputation will go down.

  9. draguran says

    No way should not be allowed to the total football villain comes to our club!

  10. Lightning says

    He’s like an Ibrahimovic, on his day he’s nearly unstoppable. But Balotelli gets too worked up over minor issues, He’d probably walk off the field after a couple of games of the Attacking Trio behind him rarely passing to him and going for goal instead. He’d probably pull a Mata nearly every time he gets subbed after an ineffectual performance. He’s very good, but his volatile personality is usually getting the better of him, so he’s a very difficult choice.

    Anyways, we have Mikel, he scores when wants.

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