ESPN: Xabi Alonso set to complete Chelsea move

xabi-alonso-real-madridAccording to ESPN Real Madrid and Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso looks set to complete a move to Chelsea following concrete interest from London-based Chelsea. The Independent have reported that the former Liverpool star will be available for a cut price as sources close to the player stated that he’s “deeply unimpressed” with the current tension at Real.

There is also reported interest from Arsene Wenger in the 31-year-old with Alonso seeking a move out of Madrid preferably London. Alternatively Alonso wants to move to SW6 considering that Jose looks set to return and he has a brilliant relationship with the Portuguese.

Another reason that Alonso looks set to snub arsenal is that the CDM role is one that Chelsea desperately want to strengthen so his role at the club would be guaranteed.

So what’s your take on this story. Do let me know you’re thoughts. KTBFFH!

  1. dragunar says

    I can not understand what we need is a player in those years, and when they think that players from our youth teams get their chance? Xabi Alonso areas too many years on the year 1981, it will be very expensive and bringing in players from Real Madrid about 25 million, and with all this the question is how it will fit in it?

  2. Zane says

    Do I want to Chelsea to sign him? Yes and no.

    Obviously,he’s one of the best players of his time. I would love to see him in a double pivot with Luiz. Both are defensively strong,they have the ability to spray balls foward and the technique to hit the target from way out. Just imagine that!

    But then I’m concerned for Josh and Kevin. Both these players can occupy this position. Still an exciting rumour though.

    1. llioncarbis says

      Kevin looks like he’s going to Bayern Leverkusen because he’s apart of the part x with Andre Schurrle. Chalobah is a brilliant choice 4 the future so is josh!

  3. Smell says

    If we buy does that mean not selling Torres? I don’t know why but I feel like Torres had a decent season this year. If we win Europa it will be all thanks to him

  4. chris kelvin says

    No no! lets not buy old players like PSG,get Di maria insted not Alonso,in that position we have Luiz,Lampard,Ramires,mikel.

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    If we can get a quality player like him on the cheap then buy him.. if not, no need to buy him..

  6. Anonymous says

    Too old, too expensive, too risky

  7. Addey Eric says

    I would love to see Alonso and Luiz in chelsea midfield. It will just be marvelous.

  8. mvelase says

    mourhino wants fast success thats why he always buys instead of lukin 4rm within,wch wil mak t imposible 4 him 2 be apointd coz th curent project only nids a coach nt players.

  9. Olise Christian says

    We dont need him, reason the age

  10. MīԍųєƖ (@BeltoMiguel) says

    It will be good to have an experienced player to control our midfield from the CDM role
    but his age is playing a major role in this … it’s a YES AND NO at the same time

  11. Anonymous says

    alonso 31 year old, chelsea not need him

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