Samuel Eto'o: Pep Guardiola is a Coward!

Chelsea-v-Schalke-Samuel-Etoo-celeb_3031595Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o has laid bare his feud with Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola when they were together at Barcelona.

Eto’o was quickly bombed out of Barca when Guardiola became coach.

“When he arrived, I reminded Guardiola that he’d never been a great player. I told him in no uncertain terms that Eto’o was the one who would make him win,” Eto’o told Bein Sports.

Eto’o, who was visibly upset, continued with his tirade.

“I did a lot for the club. Guardiola was unlucky enough to have to play me for twenty minutes against Chivas and I scored three goals. From then on, he never had the courage to say things to my face. I didn’t want to talk to him until he apologised to me.

“I told him ten times, and explained it to him at length. Pep wanted to give me lessons on how to be a striker when he was a midfielder. I said to him, ‘You’re not normal, are you?’ The true story is that Pep never respected these things in the world of football.”

  1. hassassin says

    Fuck pep…introduced boring footbol… Hail my mourinho… Love u José

  2. Anonymous says

    The main reason for this, is becoz Guardiola wanted to give Thierry Henry the jersey number 9 and to give Eto’o number 14. And for someone like Eto’o it was an insult. He helped that for so long they should give him some respect. He was also thankful to the Chelsea fans for showing respect to the king Didier. He said it’s rare to see people appreciate what black football do on the field. He gave an example of what happened to him when he went back to Barca. They insulted him while he thought they should show him respect for all he did for their club

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