Expansion to Stamford Bridge in the future?

We have already heard this news back in 2011 which ended up in not happening but this time, It’s for real. Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich has commissioned a study of the Fulham Broadway town centre up to Stamford Bridge.


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The current capacity of the Bridge is 41,798 which could potentially rise to 60,000. What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Shingie Samu says

    That will be nice and it will bring more revenue to the club, just hope thi time nothing will hamper that expansion.

    Samu Shingirai———- Sent via Nokia Email

  2. DHEERAJ K says

    Somewhat i use to feel inferior in this aspect so far,in the past 10 years of roman era we developed as one of top teams in europe but unlike top clubs in europe we have very lesser capacity of occupancy stadium, so it’s a good move!

  3. Anonymous says

    Great move Roman,just what we`ve wanted for years,be good to see 60,000 in the Bridge ,Just one proviso,,keep safety in mind as we all know there`s not a lot of room to make more room(if you see what i mean)

  4. Mason Cole says

    Fantastic move! The ongoing commitment and contribution of Roman must be admired

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