FA re-schedules and Mike Dean does a " ChrisFoy "

Stand up for the real “Foy”

Referee's Chief

Referee’s Chief

This was supposed to be an article on the FA moving Chelsea’s match from. Sunday to Saturday but it almost feels we were had done for by that decision. Starting from Mike Dean’s decision to not book Johnson for a dangerous play that left his studs on Azpilicueta’s ribs, the kicks on Ramires that led to his swinging his arm at Larsson ( though in my honest opinion Ramires should have been sent off) which Dean pretended not to see because he must have seen the actions leading to that moment, 3 penalty shouts for chelsea, the non existent penalty awarded to Sunderland. If Chris Foy was poor in our match with Villa, Mike Dean took it to a whole new level against Sunderland. To quote Mourinho “Dean was fantastic and had an unbelievable game”.

Take nothing away from Sunderland, they put in a spirited performance and deserved something from the match. But this recent haphazard refereeing decisions in England is becoming a cause for worry. Marriner, Foy, Clattenburg, Dean and the list keeps getting longer. To think we’ll see some of these referees in the world cup is downright scary.

I’m not one for conspiracy theories but allow me to indulge myself just this once. Yesterday it felt like we were being punished for having our fixture rescheduled. A case of the devil giving with his right hand and taking it back with his left hand. Mind you the fixture could have been moved to Friday and given Chelsea more time just like Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid was given the weekend off after their Copa del rey exertions against Barca. The English FA should take a note from the Spanish FA’s handout. 7 European semifinals in 10 years underlines Chelsea’s importance and contribution to English football in Europe in recent years.

Irrespective of the results, we’re always stronger in the face of adversity. Stay blue Stay true. Atletico Madrid here we come.

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FA Chairman

FA Chairman

  1. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    Nonsense writeup.why blaming d referees all d time.a top club culd nt perform yet u piple aren’t seeing dat but rada alwys lookin 4 whom 2 blame.wakeup all fellow chelsea fans.lets stop behavin like mourinho.i tink chelsea suld sell ramires & oscar.oscar z jux too selfish & stupid.as 4 ramires,he is neva a gud player.does nt knw hw 2 pass d ball n alwys do tins dat cal 4a red card afta whc chelsea’s coach n fans wuld b blamin match officials instead of blamin our own poor style of play.

    1. patrickallstar says

      If that’s how to analyse football then keep it up. You’re not a chelsea fan so why bother replying ur tantrums

    2. blue says

      Didn’t you learn grammar boy

    3. jk says

      Victor you said it. Mourinho’s style may never fit Chelsea. The players lack command on the pitch characterist by poor pace on the ball, poor creativity upfront and poor passing. Since Mourinho came we have lacked ‘sexy football’ and all the goals scored are our of lack, they are not created. He his talking of had play instead of technical display. He sold Mata our play maker in the name he is not hard working. Had ha have Coutinho and Sterling of Liverpool, he could have sold them because they are not physical? We will finish 3rd in Epl just like last season with n trophy. Last season we won Europa with Benitez. Tell me who is better?

    4. Anonymous says

      Victor, let me tell you something: EPL will soon face a crisis of confidence if referees become more important determinants of match outcomes than the eleven opponent players! Why would anyone invest in an FA activity when the results, with very huge repercussions/consequences lie not with players/team tactical formations and capabilities but some covert silly “mistakes” or even arrogance of some match officials! Games in the EPL are too important to be determined by impunity. How can manifestly poor performance on the part of a referee be accepted as acceptable norm and part of a game where serious investments in finance, pride, and emotions are at stake? Can the financial damage resulting from such below-average referee performance be evaluated? Do we really understand the implications on the investing global community?

  2. Anonymous says

    Though ref contributed cfc beating, the players didnt tek their chances when they had to. Cfc lost two clear goal scoring chances one from etoo and second from ba. Also the defenders were caught naping when sunderland were took their corner.They left sunderland player alone at the edge of the box and had all the time with the ball. We should only partialy blame the ref but the biggest blame should to players for failing to kill the game when they had chances. For Ramires I don feel comfortable whenever he playing because he has a weaknes in controlling his emotions. He should attend “Anger management”

    1. patrickallstar says

      Spoken like a true fan…that’s why I said Sunderland deserved something from the game. Ramires has been poor this season though. In as much as I won’t fully blame the ref, some decisions given or not given can alter the course of a game.

  3. miles says

    For admin, why did it take yu so long to write? When yu now write, yu write a very disappointing article. @victor, u r a joker. We shd sell oscar? Clown. Every problem, let’s sell this,n let’s sell that. To find a No. 10 like oscar is rare. A hard working No 10? Very rare. See ozil, kagawa, even gotze, oscar is better than the whole lot. We played well againnst sunderland. Our obvious problem is that we lack an aggresive forward. So all chelsea fans including admin shd suck it up, don’t blame ref and look forward to next season. Mou is embarrasing but he is also a genius. Every time he loses, there is always an excuse. He blames ref too much. Up blues.

    1. patrickallstar says

      Blames the ref all the time you said? Did he blame the when we lost to Newcastle in the 1st half of the season? Or did he blame the ref when we lost to Stoke City also or against Sunderland in the Carling cup? Did he blame the ref whe we lost to Mancity in the FA cup or Basel home and away in the UCL. There is no where I solely blamed the ref in this article. All I did was point out his mistakes and how it affected the game. Thank you

    2. Cani says

      @Miles… U really on point. I wonder why we always blame ref when ever we lose.
      But I still think oscar is getting tired he need to up his game.
      Chelsea my true love

  4. miles says

    Yu have to agree with me that mou calls on ref too much. Some I agree with but this one I don’t. The penalty was a wrong one but it was not clear. One can see why it was given. Asides that, nth else of note went wrong. Our strikers cldnt finish. Eto’s contract shd be extended. He is getting better with each passing game.

  5. miles says

    Yu have to agree with me that mou calls on ref too much. Some I agree with but this one I don’t. The penalty was a wrong one but it was not clear. One can see why it was given. Asides that, nth else of note went wrong. Our strikers cldnt finish. Eto’s contract shd be extended. He is getting better with each passing game. Oscar is tired, he needs an extended leave cos during world cup, brazil wld use him 90 mins in every match . But oscar is a very rare player. I dunno how ppl can’t see that. Very rare. Name a young No 10 that is undoubtedly better than oscar? I dare anyone.

  6. Victor atiye, Nigeria says

    @miles,u do sure av ryt 2 ur opinion,but its very clear on d pitch 4 everybody 2 c dat oscar is only playin 4 himself & nt 4d team.he does nt pas d ball 2d strikers but alwys shoot d ball away aimlessly all d time.dat he does game afta game,is dat hw a no10 plays? Oscar z jux anoda daniel sturidge.

  7. Tom Gardner says

    It was a poor ref performance, but certain players continue to let the team down. Ramirez hasn’t had a strong game in months. We are a better team with him on the bench. Oscar is really struggling with big defenders. Torrez 3 EPL goals this season? Lower division teams simply pack nine in the box and defend and with Hazard off, we don’t have the skill or power to get through. Cech would have made that save, and we had a ton of bad luck. But they are the last place team and we were first, and it is up to the players to make it happen.

    It will be interesting to see what Jose does this summer to make this team his own. I can’t wait.

  8. Fik says

    Z day is not our day! Z selfishiness of z midfield players, inability to pass to players best position to score, not scorring unmissed chances & resting Cech have great role for our defeat.

  9. chris kelvins says

    We played well & it was just not our day,sunderland goal keeper was better in the goal Ramired needs dicipline,Salah didnt play well liverpool diserves 2 lift the trophy they have played better this season.Chelsea is inconsistent in EPL small teams beats us.Ref isue thts rubbish…

  10. Anonymous says

    Guys check mike dean wikipedia. In 2006 dean was originally appointed to ref FA cup final at the millenium stadium on 13 may, but the FA later replaced him with Alan wiley after concerns were raised about dean’s ability to be impartial towords lvp, who are based near his hometown in wiral. My conclusion is he did whatever possible to make sure cfc lost points hence giving advantage to liverpool. His mission was accomplished.

  11. Zyte says

    Yes the ref didnt fare wel,cos he supose 2 hav spotted 2 handbals against sunderland & rami should’ve been sent of.but jose also specialises in shootin himself on the foot.must it be 4231,since it has not workd against smal teams,why didnt we play 433 or 442 against these smal teams.oscar & rami are just playn witout comitment as sombody ritly said dey play 4 themselvs & not 4 the team.jose must review his tactics & team selection against smal teams.den english fa has never 4 once helped cfc the way spanish fa has helpd their own teams.cfc has been the pride of epl in ucl 4 the past 10yrs & yet we never get the respect & priviledge we deserv.is a shame.i beliv is not yet over.lets keep fightn.

  12. Zyte says

    @ miles.oscar is not as good as u say it.2 u,he may be the best b/cos u ar a cfc fan,but sentiments apart oscar is not realy great in dat #10 role.oscar plays more as a deep lyn passer dan a #10.is not the job of a #10 2 mark especialy wen u are playn a doubl pivot.i prefer gotze,marco reus & coutinho.i see oscar in pirlo’s mould.he can trive as a deep lyn passer cos he can mark,but as a #10,he is not yet their,but may be wit time he wil get their.ktbffh.

  13. miles says

    @ zyte I get ur point. Oscar cannot be used in a double pivot cos he is not strong enough and he has an incredible eye for goal. I maintain my view. Oscar is a rare gem. Don’t just look at the past 2 mths. Look at his whole performance in a chelsea shirt. Hw can yu prefer coutinho? Yu guys are sth else. Can yu remember chelsea bayern uefa final? Chelsea barca? Did yu see mata? I know I ddint. It is in the genes of a No 10 not to mark. Unless we play possesion football all dese No 10 will be useless when we face a top club like bayern or barca. If dis liverpool faces a top club they wld be dealt with. Its an insult to compare coutinho with oscar. Oscar tho I agree is in poor form, his work is undoubted cos he contributes on both sides of d field. So even if we face a great club like bayern he wld still be very effective. For a club like chelsea if we have a No 10 that does not defend, when we face a top club that wld have a greater possesion we get into trouble.

  14. Mourinho is the Best says

    Ref performance is bad. But we always lose points playing with weak teams make us not winning the champion this year. We need to replace new strikers – especially at least one strong, speedy powerful center forward to break the strategy of bus parking of our opponent. We need a new “Drogba” in the frontline. And we need a new pivot playing with Matic too. Ram7 and Mikel are good sub only and both of them had no creativity in goal creation. This new guy should be more playmaking rather than just defensive. Modric or Xabi Alonso may be good for this. If we don’t improve in this 2 positions, I don’t think we can win the EPL and UEFA champions in next season.

  15. MDB says

    You earn what you deserve. Studs up tackle to the ribs was blatant and could rightfully have earned a straight red. That said, too many balls into row Z by Oscar (others on net but with no pace) and a straight miss by Ba. Teams load the box and wait for a counter against the total run of play, and yet we don’t seem to know how to handle it. And giving up the equalizer almost immediately after Eto’o scored is unforgivable. Must mark much better than that. With any luck our focus and creativity (especially in the box – on both ends) will be much better against Atletico.

    1. patrickallstar says

      Amen to that…

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