Fernando Torres – from hero to zero.

They say home is where your heart is. But currently, Chelsea fans don’t feel that way. The Blues just got beat up in a second consecutive game at Stamford Bridge and they now have 1 home win in 6 games under Benitez. In 4 of these games, the team didn’t even score a goal. However, there’s a big contrast between the home and the away games as we’ve won 5 of our 6 games away from the Bridge.

Against Swansea, the night began with president Bruce Buck awarding Petr Cech for reaching 400 games with Chelsea. However, there were a hell of a lot of boos towards Buck, followed by songs about Frankie Lampard – our hero, to whom Chelsea apparently don’t want to offer a new contract. The songs started again as soon as the second half began and Rafa’s only option was to unleash Frankie 19 minutes before the final whistle.

But that wasn’t the main story for that night – not the boos, the songs, the protest against the board. It was the massive BOOs against Fernando Torres. Until then, the fans’ patience was bigger than El Nino’s problems on the field.

Seven Spaniards started in the game against Swansea. But only 2 mattered. This was Torres’ 100th game. In these 100 games, he’s scored 26 goals or approximately £2m per goal. Michu costed £2m in the summer but after he scored in Ross Turnbull’s net, that was his 16th goal, which means approx £125k per goal.

But never has Torres been so booed and never has the public used so much sarcasm towards him. In 81 minutes of the game, El Nino touched the ball 19 times (!!!) while Demba Ba was warming up under the songs saying, ‘WE WANT DEMBA BA, WE WANT DEMBA BA!’.

Benitez was urging his team to pass the ball faster and more often to Torres but Swansea’s defence was absolutely brilliant so El Nino was left isolated and ineffective.

He had his chances. He had a hundred of them, to be honest. But he didn’t even come close to satisfying the fans, who were so patient and supportive of him.  But patience has its limits and Torres went beyond them. And to make matters worse, Rafael Benitez was hired to make Torres score and not because he was the best option for the club.

And after the first few bright moments when El Nino was scoring goals just for the sake of it (as it looked), he quickly went back to his pathetic form, which he’s been demonstrating for the last two years. And you know what the worse thing about this is? It’s that he shows absolutely no passion and no hope whatsoever.

Torres himself showed that he clearly cannot change and psychologically make matters better for him. After Didier Drogba left, he was the main man, he was given the role he wished for. But now there’s a new striker in town – a big, powerful striker who can leave Torres in his shadow.

Two years ago Fernando Torres was the striker who every team was fearing. Now he’s the striker who is being mocked by everyone. Chelsea supporters weren’t too slow to calculate that it took Demba Ba 90 minutes to score 2 goals, while it took Torres 7 months, 8 days and 23 hours to reach the same number.

Now after 31 starters in 33 games, Torres isn’t the main man anymore. And his biggest nightmare is a fact – Chelsea just doesn’t need him to be the main man. Simply because he’s doing nothing. Especially that now the team has Demba Ba.

Fernando Torres – from hero to zero. Nothing is left from that great striker who scored goals for breakfast, the striker who was terrorizing every defender in the Premier League (and not only, of course). And if he starts vs. Stoke in Saturday – well, it’s safe to say that something is definitely wrong in Chelsea. Because Fernando Torres’ mandate on Stamford Bridge is over.

  1. Smell says

    The only reason we maintain Torres is because we needed a face after Drogba. Drogba was unblemished as a human being – diver perhaps but damn wasn’t he charismatic.
    I believe I have an apt comparison to the situation.
    Drogba was a gilded chocolate egg filled with wonderful things. He was well known by experts as good value and great nourishment. Once you knew football, you knew Drogba.
    Torres is a Fabergé. Looks a lot better than that chocolate egg doesn’t he? And who doesn’t know about Fabergé’s?
    International value that is !
    Great money off of one of those. Let’s put it by the front door. People will see it and say “wow is that a Fabergé?” Yes it is. “Lets invest in one of those and put it on the front door and everyone – not just chocolate lovers – will know who we are and what we’re doing here.”

    And here we are.
    Hoping beyong hope that the board sees the “light”. But it won’t, will it?Because damn if that Fabergé isn’t doing a good job looking good to all those people who don’t know their eggs from their football.
    Torres is and always will be, the first player who plays regurlarly in a top club because he looks the part.

    Ps : for you Harry Potter fans – a bonus comparison : Gilderoy Lockhart and the people who’se memory he wiped.

  2. Tony says

    Torres should go. Because he has been given so many opportunities, he was no where to be found. We are tied of waiting. Bluessssss for life!

  3. Maya says

    i think torres was never the same after the world cup injury. but he didn’t really flop that hard!!!!!that’s right, he may not have scored a hundred goals or made the team look better but we sold an insane amount of t-shirts because of him. we all know that he’s one of the ladies favorites. with that said, i think he should be shipped somewhere as soon as this month cuz the fans no longer want him and even he doesn’t want us

  4. nyke says

    Nice one mate,Fernando’s case is quite clear to us all (chelsea fans) now ,and I think every one is fed up with his shyness in front of goal as I myself have lost my patience with him long ago. However I still think he will get to start at the stoke ahead of Ba,even though he won’t do anything different from what we’ve always seen. I can’t just wait for the season to be over, as I wait and hope in anticipation that he’s chelsea days will come to an end.

  5. Kobbyhans says


  6. Kobbyhans says


  7. bello IDU says

    True talk!

  8. SunneyLamps says

    Even if Ollala (El Nino’s wife) were to comment on this article, i’m sure she would say her Husband has lost it and Chelsea should bench him for Demba Ba and his own bench should have seat belt…. Lol… It wil be so disastrous to see El Nino starts in Stoke today.

    1. Avash Byanjankar says

      Wow… You say he’s lost it? Why the hell is the club’s top scorer this season?

      1. Zain says

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    2. Fantine says

      I actually found this more eneittarning than James Joyce.

  9. Abishaek says

    The only way 2 resolve this problem is RAFA should try out the 4-1-3-2 formation which plays both Torres and BA upfront.This could get him back 2 form………..Chelsea fans should stop booing at him cuz he’s got more goals than Dzeko,Balotelli,Rooney and Aguero!!Roman bought him for 70m Dollars.He still has the potential to score goals and prove his worth the price tag!!

    1. Thulio says

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  10. GD says

    I think It is clear for all to see Torres has lost It. No passion, no motivation and lost the pace which was a massive part of his game.
    Completely washed up, the sooner we sell and replace the better. That is easier said than done though when the board are completely oblivious to this, still want to see If Torres can get back into his Liverpool form when every man and his dog can see that will never happen.
    Hope It finally hits home to the board(especially Roman Abramovich) that we need to cut our losses as it just isn’t working out.
    The worst thing about Torres as well is when he is subbed off acts all petulant as If him coming off wasn’t warranted, that’s about as much passion as he shows.

  11. GD says

    Nothing in his performances that suggests to me that he is trying to prove his worth and please the fans, just looks so disinterested and clearly doesn’t want to be at Chelsea. So we need to get rid.
    Have a look at the Ba, just the little impact he has made so far he’s not the quickest of players but movement in the box is great always tries to get on the end of things, attacks crosses coming into the box, holds up the ball adequately and wins fouls + takes shots on goals no hesitation when he has the chance even If he is tightly marked, that’s what CF’s are supposed to do.

  12. GD says

    Despite Torres lack of passion(or anything for that matter) on the pitch, the support he gets from the Chelsea fans is unbelievable(up until recently) when they’ve decided enough is enough.

  13. GD says

    Torres name used to be chanted around the ground when he just had a shot on goal(on or off target) despite being in woeful form, never seen any other player get the kind of treatment from the fans. Incredible. Now fans could not give a toss about him.

  14. Swagat Das says

    plz. a request 2 all cfc fans.dont boo torres.he is the ‘el nino’ whom da world feard n he iz still the best.i think rafa should go with da formation 4-2-2-2 4 it will help torres 2 regain his real form with a bit of help of Ba.n when he rediscovers his form cfc wil win evry match n can win da premier league

  15. GD says

    Those suggesting that we should play with two upfront to accommodate Torres is laughable, he should be made to sit on the bench and If he has any fire in his belly he’ll respond when he has a chance on the pitch. It’s as simple as that.

  16. SunneyLamps says

    People should stop saying we should play wif different systems only bcuz of Torres…. Ok fine, if we play 4 2 2 2 bcuz of him, wat if it wont suit our play makers? We can’t change our game system bcuz we’re trying to help a player come to his best afterall he was playin in d same system dat we play in Liverpool which is 4 2 3 1 so wat are we talking bout here!

    1. Avash Byanjankar says

      My question to you is… Are Chelsea playing like Liverpool did when Torres was at his prime? Compare their game plan with hours and then write crap like that!

      1. Avash Byanjankar says

        i meant ours not hours

      2. Joshua says

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  17. Avash Byanjankar says

    In my opinion its articles like this that sometimes make me feel ashamed about being a chelsea fan. How dare you criticise him like that? Last season the only person on the team who had more assists than him was Mata, and he was involved in 31 goals. How many was Drogba involved in? This season, when he was scoring everybody was “Torres is back!” He didn’t score for 3 games after that and everyone hates him?? Shouldn’t you be patient? The only reason he’s down is because how quickly you guys left him for Demba Ba!

  18. Chester zulu says

    I think Torres is finished….

  19. Chounyiellz says

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