Filipe Luis signing completed

Chelsea FC is delighted to announce that the signing of Filipe Luis from Atletico is finally completed.

Filipe Luis confirmed this on his official twitter account:

What is more surprising is the Jersey number he is getting, it’s not 3:


What do you think about our summer signings so far? Need anymore signings or we are fine with the squad right now?? Comment!!!!

  1. GABBY says

    After watching Real Madrid’s Champions League success and the success of the German team in the World Cup, I am wondering if Jose Mourinho should consider making a switch to the 4-3-3 formation.
    I have always liked the 4-3-3 formation as to me anyway, it looks solid and more stable than the current system we play with (4-2-3-1).
    It’s my view that the signing of Cesc Fabregas could be key for any decision being taken based on where the manager believes is his best position.
    Some would argue that he is better coming from a deeper position as in his Arsenal days and some would champion Fabregas playing in the number ten position. I personally believe he should play in a similar role to that of Frank Lampard either side of the holding midfielder again, in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
    With reverting back to the 4-3-3 formation you would imagine Nemanja Matic would be the first choice for the holding role but with a battle with Oriol Romeu for that position over the course of the season.
    In the midfield positions either side of the holding midfielder, Cesc Fabregas would command the regular start leaving the likes of Ramires, Oscar and Marco Van Ginkel competing for the place next to him.
    Eden Hazard, Andre Schurrle, Willian and Salah would all compete for a start in the wide areas.
    With the problems we had last term with players not tracking back the 4-3-3 provides better cover for those problems and I honestly believe this is a formation we should revert to. Just think back to how successful Chelsea were in Jose’s first term here playing that way.
    What do you people think? Do you think the 4-3-3 formation is something Jose should seriously consider?

  2. miles says

    @Gabby I agree with you. The 4-3-3 is a nice formation but Mou has used it severally this past season. It depends on the team we are playing as it is a rather defensive system. The thing is even if we play 4-2-3-1, as long as oscar is in the no 10 position, it wld automatically turn to a 4-3-3 because oscar drops too deep. The same thing he does for Brazil. I like it as mou gave romeu a new deal as I believe romeu can turn to something special. He can be understudy to matic for the holding midfielder position or even both of them if we need to defend deep. I don’t think we need to buy another player as we complete in all areas. I feel our standard formation should be 4-2-3-1 then 4-3-3 if we playing a superior team like bayern. Our lineup should be sth like cech (courtois), azpi (ivanovic) , terry, cahill, filipe luis (van aahnholt), matic (romeu), fabregas (ramires), hazard , oscar , willian (schurrle), costa (lukaku). Plus others like bamford, salah, ginkel.

    1. Mourinho is the Best says

      Dont kidding. 4-3-3 must be more offensive anytime than 4-2-3-1 Miles, please watch more soccer matches and read some books on soccers. 🙂

      Romeu is like Lukaku — have potential but below standard to play in first team of Chelsea. Hahaha so many people here feel exciting on Lukaku back to our team. He is far inferior playingin WC. If Mou has gotten Dorgba back, Lukaku must be sold!!! For Romeu, depends on we get Khdira or not, if we get, he must be loan again.

      Rojo and Shaw must be better than Luis as they have big room to grow. Luis is good as he is now playing at his peak.

      If we keep on playing 4-2-3-1, we need world class strikers, nobody knows costa is good or not to adapt to the team. Torres and Dorgba are not at their best time. Honestly how we compete with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern next year in UEFA Euoprean Champion.

      If Mou doesn’t get any strikers, he may work something like Germany National team things this WC. He will play 4-3-2-1. 4 defenders at the back, 3 central midfielders (Matic, Fabregas, Khedira/Ram) connect each other on attack and defence, 2 attacking midfiled (Hazard, Strurrle/Willian) play as wingers in offense and back to defence if needed, with 1 strikers i(Costa) n the front.

      Terry will never be the first 11 if we get Varane or Miranda.

  3. Fik says

    Best comment by # mour is best. This season no place for playing by parking 2 or more buses. Our weak defence has to be strengthened. Terry not deserved starting XI we have to buy best defender. Our defenders should defend like other big team defenders. Z weak defence forced Mour to park bus. Last yr we defended by parking buses not with our defenders ability this made z team not to attack and playing borring football. Still we hv to buy Lavazei, Kedira & Miranda or Varane! Lukaku has to be loaned or sold.

  4. miles says

    @ fik and mourinho is the best, are you guys serious? Last year we parked the bus not because our defense was week but because our strikeforce was not good enough and mou felt that if they cannot score at least they can help out the team with some defensive duties. That’s why. Our defense was ok. @ mourinho iis the best yu must be joking, shaw better than luis? Shaw, flanagan, stones. These 3 ppl are overhyped. Watcch them well, there is nothing special to them. He was not given the No3 shirt possibly because he is not viewed as the long term successor to ashley cole. I’m not a big fan of lukaku either but I think he has the potential. I like romeu and he should be given a chance. If we get khedira, there would be disharmony. How do we fit in fabregas, khedira, matic and oscar all in one match who in my opinion all need to start. We shd be buy lavezzi? @fik yu must be joking. Lavezzi is 29. What can he do that schurrle cannot do? He will just come and take valuable time from schurrle and salah. How can you suggest we should buy a defender again? When we have zouma and omeruo. 2 youngsters I have very high hopes for. I think at this stage we should be looking at how to work with who we have rather than add more. Also, 4-3-3 is not more offensive then 4-2-3-1. 4-3-3 gives more control of the game as it controls the midfield with the 3 midfielders but 4-2-3-1 is more attacking as it gives more options in the final third of the opponents penalty box. If you dint know, now you know. We haven’t even mentioned ginkel and chalobah who I feel deserve to be in the first team. What is the major difference between khedira and ramires? To me they are The same type of player. Not much technical ability but they can coverr both ends of the pitch.

  5. Mourinho is the Best says

    Hey Mile,

    Just feel interesting to point out some points:

    – I dont know who is the HE you said in your comment that has not given number 3 jersey because he is not long term successor to Ashley coles. You mean Shaw in WC? Who knows why he has not given a shirt of 3. You mean F Luis? Hahaha, who knows why Mou give him a number other than number 3? Number of jersey means nothing to me!! Based on your logic, do you think Fabregas is the successor of David Luis. Demba Ba wore 19 and his pre-successor is Paul Ferreira, Is demba ba is successor of Ferreira??? And now Costa is successor of Ferreira too? Make sense?? I don’t think so.

    – You say if I dont know, now I should know 4-2-3-1 is more offensive than 4-3-3. I used to work as a coach to a school team. May be my textbook in soccer was wrong. Based on my understanding, 4-2-3-1 is a deviation of 4-5-1 which basically is a defensive formation by using double pivot in the front of the backline and playing deeper to secure defensive while providing support to the attacking midfield and the striker to ensure flexibility and creativity on attack. This formation is basically NOT offensive. 4-3-3 is basically a very offensive formation. Except the middle midfield is mainly focus on defensive, the other 2 midfields are basically playing box to box by entering opposite penalty area to create chances. And the 3 strikers in the front line basically focus more offensive. It is far more offensive than 4-2-3-1. Of course we have to change formations and play some prepared scenarios during a match. I am not sure may be my textbook is wrong, my lecturer is wrong and all my classmates (some are now still working in youth soccer coaching) are all wrong. May be you did a good job by revolutionize our textbook theory in soccer.

  6. miles says

    Listen, as regards luis number, I was referring to admin’s post that was wondering why luis was not given ashley cole’s number. That’s why I said maybe because he is not seen as long term replacement for cole. As regards the formations, I am not trying to disregard your experience as a coach or the textbooks yu read. Look through last season, a lot of times, Mou used 4-3-3 with mikel, ramires and lampard in midfield or with david luiz, matic and ramires. I guess it depends on the people that are being put in the midfield cos anytime we used that formation we were always looking to control the midfield rather than attack. Maybe a 4-3-3 consisting of a xabi alonso, kroos and fabregas in the midfield could be viewed as being offensive rather than one consisting of matic, luiz and ramires. It depends on the personnel. But from what I know, 4-2-3-1 is more offensive than 4-3-3. 🙂

  7. Cfc_obsessed says

    Hello everyone, long time here. Hope ure gud to go my frnds. Admin’s’ i missed u so much. Lets enjoy things. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High

  8. miles says

    @cfc obsessed, welcome back.

    1. GABBY says

      Welcom bro

  9. Ebiko julius says

    We are ok…let us bring sum young lads like atsu nd lukas pizian in

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