Five Clubs Fernando Torres Could Potentially Move to Next Season

The Fernado Torres of Liverpool. A foregone Memory?
The Fernado Torres of Liverpool. A foregone Memory?

Chelsea fans were forced to watch a performance where Jose Mourinho’s side were dominated and outclassed by an immaculate Manchester City team on Saturday, knocking the West London club out of the FA Cup.

During the game the Chelsea manager introduced Fernando Torres in place of Ramires, however, the move didn’t go as well as first planned.

The striker had no shots on goal and kept giving away cheap free-kicks in areas where Manchester City weren’t causing any problems, and much to the frustration of Chelsea fans, the question must be asked, is it time Torres finally left Chelsea? If so, where next for ‘El Nino’?

A number of clubs have been short listed, but which is most suitable for the former Liverpool striker?

5. AS Roma

Roma sit second in Serie A and have had a great season so far this campaign and with Rudi Garcia as their boss, he is sure to get the Spaniard scoring again.

The Italian side have only lost one game this season in the league and are guaranteed Champions League football next season.

Garcia’s men also lack a poacher. Someone who is able to nick in to seal a goal. With no real goal scoring striker in their ranks, this like seems a dream move for the 29-year-old.

4. Napoli

Napoli are another Italian club in contention to sign the striker. Sitting third in the league and recently beating Roma in the Coppa Del Italia, Napoli are a strong team with a strong attack and Torres would fit in perfectly alongside the talents of Gonzalo Higuain, Jose Callejon and Marek Hamsik.

Not only that, but the 29-year-old would be re-united with his former boss Rafa Benitez, a man who inspired Torres’s best form and gave him the support to become a clinical and deadly attacker.

3. Juventus

The first Italian team on our list is Juventus. Sitting top of the league and having only lost one game, Juve are on fantastic form.

Having the talents of some of the best midfielders in the world behind him, along with one impressive manager in Antonio Conte, the Spaniard would surely make a good impression with the Italian side.

As the pictured line-up of Torres, Carlos Tevez, Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba, in the same team, would be full of strength, pure quality and a strong desire to win.

2. AS Monaco

As Monaco are second in the list and are another side who could offer Torres a fantastic deal.

The French team sit second in Ligue 1, having only lost two games his season and are in good form for Champions League football next season and they may need more quality going into the new campaign.

With Claudio Ranieri as their boss, Torres would be the perfect candidate looking to play alongside Radamel Falcao in a league where he is destined to score a fair amount of goals.

Also, Torres would be on jaw-dropping wages playing for a team who have playmaker qualities in the likes of James Rodriguez and Joao Moutinho. Torres would be naïve to turn down a move of this calibre.

1. Atletico Madrid

Finally, at number one we have the Spaniard’s former club, Atletico Madrid. Atletico are having a great season so far, sitting on the same amount points as both Real Madrid and Barcelona, and have a close-knit bunch of players who have great attitudes to the game.

With Diego Simeone as their manager, Torres would flourish under the Argentinian and he may be the ideal replacement for the possible departure of Diego Costa.

Torres scored 82 goals in his five year spell at Atletico before joining Liverpool and still has a soft spot for the club that gave him his chance in professional football. So it would be a nice touch to return to his old club.

Also, with the likes of David Villa, Koke and Arda Turan in the team, the 29-year old is certain to make a good impression for the club that christened him ‘El Nino’.

What are your thoughts? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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  1. For the goals says

    Such a silly and played out effort to persuade haters to force Torres out. I love how haters only highlight and focus on sub par performances and sub appearances. Lets look at the whole weight of the man please. Chelsea midfield never give Torres service because they want to try all the goals for themselves. Torres is not what he once was but chelsea never play to his strengths. Torres has had to adapt to chelsea play with how many managers. To mention this I will say Torres would score 20 goals with many teams. Look at Sturrige! lukaku! they go to teams that have unselfish midfield and work hard to get the ball to them. Chelsea need someone to complement Torres no replace him. He has many good years left. But hey let’s have eto start the line cuz he scored a hat trick against sorry excuse of a defense by Man U? I could have scored a brace against that poor back end.

    1. Anonymous says

      he’s got 2 go tho!!!he’s blown his well enaff!!!Fernando Toilet!!!!lol

      1. For the goals says

        Oh come now let’s use a mature rather than childish emotional spat perspective. If you are not a blues can then your opinion is subjective and lacks any merit. If you are a fan then you can know the truth about why he has not scored much. Last year he scored 23 goals and won a title for the blues ( he was the one who scored the goals for us! And he was the one to secure Chelsea’s place in the champions league for this season) He has had two bad layoffs and missed many games just as he was getting into form. Toilet? No mate that’s were Torres sits an smiles about his money and trophies he has earned compared to no names.

    2. Anonymous says

      I’m a huge Chelsea fan and I’m 100% behind your statement…. our midfielders r selfish and because of Torres dsnt gt the ball as often as he should… when he does get the ball he plays it to someone like hazard and he makes the run to get the 2nd ball and score, but we all know that his not getin it bk….in this case we should try 442 (diamond) or go back to 433

      1. Anonymous says

        See that is how I feel about the tactical use of Torres. Any fan with a true analytical perspective understands that EVERY opponent we face stacks the box to prevent Torres from scoring. The professionals still fear him, because they know he is still very dangerous. Not to mention as Sir Alex said in his book, Torres has a “Touch of evil about him”. Think not? let give an example to the haters. In the last match against Liverpool, he came on with mere minutes to play. He got the ball and pressed wide, looking to send the ball into the box for an assist. But he noticed the defender pull shy with a hamstring, after trying to beat Torres to the ball. So what does Torres do my friends? He said yea I know your hurt and you cant stop me. So he charges the defender gets past him, fires a shot that was deflected by a defender. He did not score, but he stil has the Killer” instinct. The blues, or anybody at this point need to use that, and surly goals will come. I like the 4-4-2, as it allows for balance in the middle of the field, and the back line can drift forward smartly as long as the mid field does not get reckless with position. Having another striker with Fernando, prevents teams from double marking him, and would force defenders to spread their defensive line to try and protect against Torres’s penetrations as well as the attacking of the second forward. It allows for flexibilty in defense, attack, and counter attack. Please someone tell me that a front line lead by Torres and a talented second, would not instill fear in the opposition? The blues would spend most of the game pressing the attack, and that means goals.

  2. CFC die Hard FAN says

    to be honest.. i love chelsea. unfortunately, im a big fan of torres. the mistake in cfc is that the midfielder are trying to be a striker. all they aim is to score and get popularity. compare to liverpool..they have their target man. Suarez. Chelsea??their target man is “everyone in the field”. i’m so disappointed when i watch chelsea match. any great stiker will become a flop at chelsea because of their play style. when a stiker cannot score, they blame him. if you see torres playing, he never get the ball from midfielder. they just use him as bait. if chelsea sell him..chelsea will loss most valuable asset because deep inside torres still have his talent but can’t being used because of CFC strategy. Oscar,Hazard,Ramires,Lampard..they all prefer to make their own popularity and ambitious. only willian and schurrle that is play a support stiker role.

    1. For the goals says

      Cfc you are spot on. It is not unfourtante to be a fan of a legend. Torres is not as consistent but who can be with little help and not leading the line in a consistent basis ? Any striker here will die if the come. Cavani, Costa, anyone.

  3. Anonymous says

    Very true, if we shall play this way we shall even loose wining the tittle

  4. Nixamani Minhaj says

    you are right friend thats why i want torres to leave CFC to show chelsea how lethal he is,,,,,

    1. For the goals says

      As sad as I would be for torres to leave, the better part of me feels that he needs a new place without being unfairly judged.

  5. Jeff says

    Gotta say that the die hard CFC fan and For the Goals said what I would have said, so what more can I say? Nobody likes to look at the success of our strikers. Torres has actually had so many great games for Chelsea, but people only highlight that miss or the games where he didn’t score. Same for Eto’o, and Ba who Mourinho doesn’t seem to trust. Our strikers can have that wonderful game where they get three assists in one match but have no shot on goal. What will make the news? Three assists for Torres/Ba/Eto’o but not one shot on goal against Cardiff City. People look for the scraps to make big news. I mean, that game Torres had against Man. United, for example. Brilliant performance, 7/10 for me, a great goal, could have had a hat trick and an assist, but we all know what that game is remembered for, don’t we? In other games where Torres scored braces, the woodwork, his unselfishness or teammates have denied him getting hat tricks. Torres has nothing to prove to his haters or the media.

    And of course, our attacking three, mainly WIZACAR, can be selfish sometimes and usually play between themselves to bring us the goals, or no goals because they didn’t pass to Torres or Eto’o. Whoever the striker is will have limited or no chances, but of course people will say they are rubbish. You can say Chelsea destroyed Torres, but tell me how we destroyed Torres when, since joining CFC, he has won the FA Cup and both European Cups? We gave him what LFC could not. Okay, the goals don’t come as much as they used to – blame his WC2010 injury because, after that, he was never really the same player before leaving Liverpool, and whenever he gets in form, an injury just appears from nowhere.

    Sometimes it’s just a terrible game that makes you wonder, but most of the time he plays brilliantly and somehow doesn’t get the goals he deserves. I don’t know how playing under 5 different managers in 3 years helps, either. People only hate because of the price tag.

    1. For the goals says

      You said wonderful facts my friend. People never see the link up play, assist, or could that be earns when he presses the back line. Lets look at the game against the spurs when he was unfairly red carded. He was magnificent, yet did not score a goal. He terrorized the spurs back line frustrating the hell out of that phony vertongen. Yet all people wanted to talk about is the “clawing” incident! The haters made it sound like Torres was a cheap criminal who was trying to maim a fellow footballer. Never mind the fact that it was no more then a simple scratch and was a result of the phony pulling away after Torres patted him on his cheek to tell him stop being a child. Believe it or not my friends I actually believe Torres a better more well rounded striker then in his early years. He had to because of the lack of service. One final fact; Mata scored twenty goals last year. What the hell does a midfielder have business scoring that many goals when their job is to get the ball for the striker? I know there are scoring midfielders but not when you have a legend leading your line.

  6. miles says

    Torres is a good player. I want him to leavee to show the world he is still a good player. its the same way I wanted sturridge to leave. Torres is not thee same old torres no doubt but one of his problems is his reluctance to shoot. Also, our midfield is filled with people who like to score themselves. A targetman striker can never work in chelsea.that’s why I feel cavani will be a sad story if he comes to chelsea. Chelsea needs a playmaker striker like suarez or aguero. Since those 2 are not available then like balotelli or costa(just maybe). But lukaku cannot be as prolific as we all know he can be. The final decision rests with mou. Let’s see what he does.

    1. For the goals says

      The first thing is for Jose to get Luiz out of the back field and get us midfielders who can control the attacking side of the field. Torres would get more chances and take shots. I would like Torres to be more selfish and take penalties and perimeter shots.

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  8. mattchigs says

    Well to all those bemoaning the selfishness of our midfielders» that’s just the DNA of our Chelsea team. If there is anything that sets us apart from all the other team, it is the fact that anyone in our team can score the goals when needed, talk of Ivanovic, DL4 and JT in defense to our WIZACAR. Over the years from Zola to Frank Lampard they all have been scoring midfielders and strikers such as Drogba and Anelka have all blossomed in the system. Drogba played w/ a scoring Lampard on the rampant but he still held his own.

    Sturridge’s case is different from Torres, he was played out of position and its a case of coaches having less faith in him when they cld v prevented his sale, we knw who was in charge then FSW,

    If we stand today and support Mourinho accession that Wenger is a specialist in failure because of his 9year trophy drought so let us be the first to admit that Torres has been a failure at If we stand today and support Mourinho accession that Wenger If we stand today and support Mourinho accession that Wenger is a specialist in failure because of his 9year trophy drought so let us be the first to admit that Torres has been a failure at If we stand today and support Mourinho accession that Wenger is a

    1. Anonymous says

      It’s not a question of midfielders scoring or not. It’s a question of their role. Chelsea did not pay the money they did for Torres to not get service he was so accustomed to in Liverpool and atletico. Talk of Sturridge finally playing in position? How many times my friend Torres has been forced to play wide or have his back to the net because the likes of Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Rameriz, on and on think they are strikers. Please don’t misunderstand my point it is a wonderful problem to have however don’t call Torres a failure when like you admitted chelsea do not play to the striker. Torres would never have come if he knew he would have been misused. But the lad also wants trophies is not the selfish player he was in his Liverpool days. So why being Torres here if we don’t play to his strength? Not a person with common sense could every be honest and say chelsea play for the striker. Strikers come to die in Chelsea and drogba was an exception because his style of play fit the Chelsea mold. As great as drogba was he never played off of the back defender and attacked with lethal pace like Torres.

  9. Anonymous says

    he wont leave… as nobody will be ready to pay his huge salary…. unless he accepts a huge pay cut… that wont happen… so haters or lovers , get this… TORRES IS NOT LEAVING for another two years at least…

  10. adam says

    Fernando Toilet, mikel must leave now. They are useless both and with Matic, I am not sure that Mikel will play soon.Torres is lazy. We cannot rely on lazy cunt to get a trophy.

    1. For the goals says

      Wow. Such a mature and well thought out response. I am not sure I could match your wit you twit. Toilet? no mate your mouth is toilet and next please provide a more interesting thought out perspective. It’s sooooo boring with haters like you. You talk of Torres but offer no real facts to have a logical discussion.

  11. Martin, Norway. says

    Am not sure Mourinho will be selling Torres.

  12. Neri Abayomi says

    El Nino’s best UCL moments when we won- Scored lots of goals in the group stage.

    Came back to the fort against Benfica in the quarter final, made the assist for Kalou’s goal- An away win that ensured we kept a date with Barcelona.

    Fernando did the business when it mattered most, rounded Valdes to tap into an empty net to silence Camp Nou.

    In the final against a rampant Bayern team, We were tired @ this point, El Nino came on with determination and got the corner that brought about the headed equaliser from Legendary Drogba.

    Fast forward to EL- El Nino’s goals ensured with got to the final and was no doubt our best player in the EL.

    El Nino rounded Benfica’s Number one to tap into an empty net after hassling with Luisao and leaving him for dead with pure pace.

    El Nino is never a failure @ the bridge.
    I hope he plays his part dis season again, who says we can’t win the UCL and the EPL.
    Jose would attain LEGENDARY ICON status if and when he does.

    1. For the goals says

      Well said my friend. I get bored with haters saying he hasn’t done anything.

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