Forget Radamel Falcao… Robert Lewandowski Is The Man Chelsea Should Be Looking To Sign

FBL-EUR-C1-BORUSSIA-DORTMUND-REAL MADRIDRadamel Falcao has been a Chelsea target for a long time now. The London side was first linked to the Colombian hitman when he was still at Porto. However, he was snapped by Atletico Madrid instead. Since then, he has gone on to establish himself as one of the most prolific strikers in Europe, scoring 64 goals in 83 appearances for the Spanish side.

The “Falcao to Chelsea” stories have refused to die down in recent months, with various sources suggesting that he has been identified as the club’s #1 target in the summer. Given Chelsea’s striker woes in recent times, most would certainly welcome his signing. However, there are a few things Chelsea should consider before going all out to sign him.

First of all, he won’t come cheap. The exact transfer fee is unclear, but it will range from anything between £40M-£55M. Transfer fee aside, his wage demands are reported to be around £200,000/week. Falcao is an excellent player, but at 27, he’s not exactly young. Age is most certainly a factor as he is currently at the peak of his powers. How exactly can anyone say whether or not he’ll be able to fully replicate the form he has shown for Atletico? Also, would it make sense for Chelsea to spend such a colossal sum of money on only one player when it is evident that there are other areas of the squad that need strengthening as well? Of course not.

Secondly, he’s not ideally suited to Chelsea’s quick pass-and-move style. In fact, Falcao has given the ball away due to a poor first touch more than any other player in Europe’s top 5 leagues apart from Jonathan Pitroipa of Rennes. Chelsea require a striker who is comfortable on the ball and who can link up well with the attacking midfielders behind him. Falcao’s style of play is a lot more direct.

While Falcao is certainly a powerful striker who is capable of scoring goals, he shouldn’t be Chelsea’s main target. Chelsea’s main target should be Borussia Dortmund’s Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

At 24 years of age, Lewandowski is yet to reach his peak. However, he is more than capable of finding the back of the net. He scored 30 goals in 47 appearances for Dortmund last season and has already notched up the same no. of goals this campaign in 41 appearances. He won’t come cheap either, but at a rumoured price of €30M (around £24M) he’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than Falcao and would almost certainly demand lower wages too. Spending less money on a new striker would enable the club to pursue other targets as well (preferably a central midfielder and a centre-back) without spending ridiculous sums of money.

More importantly, Lewandowski would be a perfect for Chelsea’s current style of play given that Dortmund line up in the same formation. His overall link-up play is excellent and one cannot underestimate the importance of good link-up work by the striker when it comes to attacking football.

Recent stories in the German media are linking Robert Lewandowski to Chelsea. While I’m not one for trusting the media when it comes to transfer rumours, I sincerely hope they’re right on this one.

So, what do you guys think about Lewandowski? Falcao?

  1. alexcfc8 says

    I say Lewandowski, he is like Torres with link up play as Torres likes the link up play more now than before

  2. star Evans says

    a good article for real…. Falcao is not what we want

  3. Amaka says

    I also prefer a Lewandowski to a Falcao but what do the powers that be say…they are the ones involved in signing these so called players. Lewandowski is my preference.

  4. Ken says

    Buying strikers ain’t cfc’s prob ryt now though, i’m not saying we shldn’t get one..our major prob is getting a holding midfielder that can bully players, push the attack and give accurate through balls or we can as well recall kdb

    1. Mason Cole says


  5. Bitto raphael says

    Seconded, he my choice too.

  6. Imeattah says

    I dnt understand wot this rumor is al about

    1. alexcfc8 says

      The rumour is we might be in for Lewandowski instead of Falcao. The article writer is just giving his view on it

  7. oriabure says

    frow the start .i never accepted falcao i would prefer bony 24y or neymer how is 21 my last option will be lewandoski blues 4 life

  8. chris kelvin says

    wilfred bony wil be beta 4 us,even lewa aswel bt lets get bony,falcao is 4man u.

  9. Anonymous says

    Lenwadoski is beter,bcs it is 24 yrs of age while Facaol is now 27.

    1. Anonymous says

      Lenwadoski cnat joined for hazard, torres, mata oscar,luiz,lampard,terry,cole,marin, and all players chelsea>>>i love so much for chelsea>>>?

  10. Anonymous says

    I would love to see lewandowski at chelsea playing infront of the for life

  11. Nnaemeka says

    Since Dortmund has put in a £14.5 bid for De bryune, it may be wise to do a Swap plus cash deal for Lewandowski.

    1. Joseph says

      No don’t kived De Bruyne up he should play on the right of the 3 behind and oscar deeper people don’t understand how good de bruyne is sell mikel or marin maybe and buy lewandowski then we will have4 very very capable strikers then buy a yaya toure type player and a good center back

  12. Anonymous says

    esta muy bueno y mejor seria que venga acompañado con Marco Reus

  13. sifrinos barasa says

    we sure need young and talented strickers but on a reasonable fee.

  14. cardozo says

    IMO i think Lewandowski is the answer to chelsea lingering striker problem.I bet you Falcao will struggle now that hes lost is lethal touches.Lewandowski has shown consistently that he is a clinical scorer.There’s hardly a game BvB play this session that he never notch at least a goal.

  15. Mason Cole says

    Personally, I would prefer Javier Hernandez. He is quick, his movement is excellent, he can finish and he has a habit of scoring at stamford bridge! He is just a younger, in my opinion, better version of Falcao.

    1. Dave says

      What are you talking about javier hernandez is not on falcao or lewandowski’s level letme remind you he is the third choice in manchester united. Falcao and lewandowski score more goals in less apperances than javier. He is a good/decent player but in mexico he is a undeserved superstar the most famous sub in the world.

  16. Anonymous says

    i am in for lewy and bony as well who are both 24 yrs old than falcao 27 yrs up de blues

    1. Anonymous says

      Lewandoksi or Bony. Next season Ba, Torres, Bony then our striking option is sorted.

  17. kulkoot says

    agreed with you. we need a clinical finisher like lewandowski, who is also relatively cheap.

  18. kulkoot says

    by the by, how can i write articles at this site? what i have to do?

  19. Anonymous says

  20. Pa J says

    The only thing that makes for the argument is the cost.I bet any of you your lunch money if they came @ the same price U will pick Falcao..why?I’ll tell U why..he RARELY misses a good chance.The difference between Falcao and Lewandowski or any other striker besides CR7 and Messi is just that simple.As much as people have touted Lewandowski,the series against Malaga shows he needs several chances to bury one.Falcao simply has much superior technique,pure and simple.You also need to remember in Athletico Madrid he’s played for a primarily counter-attacking team..Athletico finds it hard to score when they’re the aggressor,so for a team that waits to suck U in and break out with speed against U when they face another counterattacking team then it’s difficult to score so sometimes Falcao might get 2 clear chances per game..if that.Borrusia on the other hand is an attacking team that creates lots of chances..and despite the lower % of services Falcao still has a high # of goals,WITHOUT playing in the first half of the Europa league!
    There are some goals that Falcao has scored that Lewa will never be able to score.An example is the goal he scored against Barcelona in their 1-3 loss to them this year feb/march.He completely outpaced the entire Barca defence and chipped Valdez from about 15 feet…dude..U dont do that if you’re not world class…he had feigned Valdez,saw the slightest of movement and with refined technique simply placed the ball where the keeper can’t reach what Chelsea needs!A striker that will bury chances when they are @ a premium.But for last minute heroics Dortmund would have been out due to the # of chances they squandered,Lewa guilty of a few.With Mourinho as coach Falcao will be an unstoppable beast.He can still learn some things to make his game better.People are saying he’s 27…how old do U think CR7 is?Messi will be 27 soon too so I dont know what all this age talk is about.Drogba @ 31 was still a beast…it’s all about how U keep your self healthy.A team if Chelsae’s calibre needs a PROVEN striker..not one about to reach his peak.We got Lukaku for that.We cannot afford strikers that need 4 chances to bury 1…the reason Falcao has a high conversion ratio is that he buries practically 95% of the chances he what you’re paying 45MP for.If it were CR7 or Messi U wont flinch..guess what..he’s just a notch below them in output.


  21. Anonymous says

    buy wilfried bony, € 15 M, 24 years old

  22. NAS AZIZ says

    I‘ll also go 4 lewy instead of falcao cuz lewy has more productive yrs ahead of him than radamel n is also young,energetic n d most interesting things he‘s cheap n his demand will be comparatively lower than dt of radamel he‘s young n still learning cus u could imagine wen falcao was still in his age he wasn‘t dt complete until now so lewy will rise to bcome one of d gr8est if givn d chance.d problem dt may impede d deal is no any other person than d stupid EMENALO He‘s been dt has been misleading ROMAN A.And its time 4 him to go as MOURINHO has demanded.period!

    1. Pa J says

      “STUPID EMENALO”?Some of U guys are moronically comical…who do U think has been scouting and spotting the Courtois,KdBs and Lukaku’s U guys are now drooling about?Absolutely clueless statement.

  23. Fauzaan says

    Lewandowski is simply de best saolution to chelsea striking problem. We need him

  24. shingirai samu says

    Falcao’s age and price tag do not match, also his salary demands are to much. Lewandoski will do

  25. Anonymous says


  26. indo blues says

    i think whoever but torres,mikel,benayoun should out

  27. benayoun, essien, ferreira, super frankie all out, send to loan marin n lukaku; bring from loan De bruyne, buy falcao 4chances with 3goals, fernandinho from Shaktah n right full back

  28. Pa J says

    if Chelsea buys Lewandowski and Manure buys Falcao I doubt many of U will sleep easy when we play them..

  29. MīԍųєƖ (@BeltoMiguel) says

    Lewandowski and Bender should come across to Chelsea!

    1. Kapitan says

      Bender or Benders?

      out : Malouda, Hilario, Turnbull, Paulo, Benayoun, , , Marin , KdB Schurrle deal>
      in : Lukaku, Essien, Bruma, Piazon, Schurrle, Bender(s), Luke Shaw,


      Schurrle/Mata Oscar/Piazon Hazard/Moses

      Rami/Bender Mikel/Essien

      Shaw/Cole/Bert Terry/DL Ivan/Cahill, Bruma, Azpili/Bend


  30. Kennydoungul says


  31. Anonymous says

    lewandoski is ment 4 chelsea by zimuzo ukweze imagine lewandoski of dortmond givin real maldrid 4 goals chelsea nids a striker lyk dat

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