Frank Lampard – 200 Not Out: His Top 10 Chelsea Goals

522695_121732978014599_1748227062_nWe witnessed a major landmark being achieved on Sunday – 200 goals scored by a midfielder.

The boy who, to a group of West Ham fans who thought wasn’t good enough, remained quiet and played for West Ham under his uncle, Harry Redknapp. Some may say he’s had it easy, but looking back at Frank’s career in English football, European football and International football, one would have to be extremely ignorant to not appreciate what the man has given to world football.

He joined Chelsea in 2001, hungry for opportunities  and he may have not realised it then, but would end up becoming a club and footballing legend as the curtains struggle to close on his never ending career.

Frank Lampard was born to score goals, and he’s done just that throughout his career. His goal against West Ham on Sunday couldn’t have been scored in a more typical manner than how we’ve seen Frank score them over the years. So for this reason, it’s only right we try to pick out his 10 greatest goals ever scored for Chelsea. Enjoy!

10. Frank Lampard vs Everton, 2006.

A typical Premier League match. Drogba scores an incredible goal, and we still managed to find ourselves 2-1 down. This darting kick will forever be stamped as one of Lampard’s greatest hits.

9. Frank Lampard vs Bolton, 2001.

First goals are always the most special ones. However, Frank will count this strike as extra special. Struck from outside the box, young Frank kicked off his tally in grand style.

8. Frank Lampard vs Lazio, 2003.

A personal favourite, you won’t see a sweeter placement of a shot anywhere else. Another outside-the-box finish, Frank’s goal helped Chelsea to a 2-1 win over Lazio in the Champions League at home.

7. Frank Lampard vs Barcelona, 2005.

Arguably Chelsea’s greatest ever game at home, we witnessed a 4-2 demolishing of Barcelona. Of the 4 strikes, it was inevitable that Frank wanted a piece of the action. In typical ‘Frank Lampard’ fashion, Lampard covered a lengthy amount of the pitch, and then this happened. Forward to 0:59.

6. Frank Lampard vs Bayern Munich, 2005.

Another fans’ favourite goal by Frank, Makelele chips into the box, and if you wanted to watch the perfect technique before scoring, this would be the pick of the bunch.

5. Frank Lampard vs Bayern Munich, 2012.

Who said penalties don’t count? Champions League final, Lampard wears the captain’s armband with all the pressure on him to deliver, Lampard cooly places his pen. into the roof of the net. The rest, plus Ashley and Drogba’s pens., is history. Forward to 4:09.

4. Frank Lampard vs Everton, 2009.

Another beauty of a strike, but this was the one that won us the FA Cup after a difficult season. The celebration that follows is brilliant.

3. Frank Lampard vs Bolton, 2005.

Our first League triumph in 50 years was sealed with this brace from Lampard, and with fantastic technique. A brilliant goal for 101 reasons, this one’s for us to just sit back and appreciate the beauty of it. Forward to 2:10.

2. Frank Lampard vs Liverpool, 2008.

This is another penalty, but one that meant a lot to Frank, his family and Chelsea. His mother passed away a few weeks before he scored this one, and it’s one of those goals that you’ll never forget, after seeing Frank breaking down in tears and scoring one that took us to our first ever Champions League final.

1. Frank Lampard vs Barcelona, 2006.

This goal perfectly sums up everything about how good Frank Lampard has been. Playing at Camp Nou, Chelsea were shown how good a side Barcelona were early on in the game, with former Chelsea and Barcelona midfielder, Deco, scoring from outside the box past Hilario. However, the opportunist that Frank is, he’s never shy’ed away from the impossible. And this goal was impossible. The ball lands inconveniently on the by-line, but that wouldn’t stop Frank from scoring his greatest ever goal. Enjoy. Forward to 2:29.

There you have it, my list of a mix of Frank’s best and most important goals for Chelsea.

He’s forever breaking records, and I’m sure breaking the great Bobby Tambling’s goal record, which he has amazingly held onto for over 4 decades, is not far along for Frank. It’d be the perfect celebration for a player like Frank, who has worked tirelessly throughout his career, and no doubt he already has ‘Legend‘ stamped on his CV.

Understandably, there were a few other contenders for the top 10 list, but I felt these would be the ones that would stand out when reviewing Frank’s glorious Chelsea career.

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~ “When you take a lot of stick you want to ram it down people’s throats.” – Frank Lampard ~

  1. M0rb1D4S says

    And did you know, that your number 9 isn’t Levski Sofia, but Bolton Wanderers?

    1. SahilSW6 says

      Well spotted, edit mistake! Had Levski Sofia in at 9, but changed it. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says

    So proud of Franky. If Roman doesn’t give him an extension and he leaves a little part of me will die.

  3. chikwudike okanezi says

    he remeinet my legend, I think he deserves a two years contract.

  4. Alex says

    The Everton goal celebration was to his dad who did exactly the same celebration when he scored against Everton the last time he played them

    1. SahilSW6 says

      Indeed! Great moment all round : )

    2. Catherine says

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  5. enobong thompson says

    this guy is just so magnificent

  6. Jaa press says

    Frank Lampard is more than a world best

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