Frank Lampard: Should He Be A Player-Coach At Chelsea?


We all know Lampard’s ability as a player. He forever reminds football fans what he’s about, and he has definitely made his mark in football history as one of the greatest midfielders to have ever graced the game.

He has the best Premier League goal record in the midfielders category, and is the 4th highest goalscorer in the Premier League, behind three centre-forwards – Alan Shearer, Andy Cole and Thierry Henry. An exquisite record for any player, let alone a midfielder.

More recently, Lampard has not played as much as he’s accustomed to, and being 34 years of age, he is prone to injuries, or not being completely match fit. The decision taken by the Chelsea board to renew Lampard’s contract, in the eyes of many Chelsea fans, was a clever one. His experience and status at the club will ensure the new generation have a great player to look up to, and will aim to shape their own status at the club around Lampard.

He has captained Chelsea on several occasions, despite being vice-captain to John Terry. A Champions League Final, Cup finals, massive Premier League games and even led out the National Team when they needed him to take on the responsibility. He’s gained vast experience dealing with pressure games, and has always seemed to be Chelsea’s saviour in those situations, diffusing any threat an opposition may have, and instead battling it with his own leadership and attacking instincts.

Much has been said about Lampard’s current situation at the club, whether he suits the new standard 4-2-3-1 system, whether his workrate is still what it used to be or whether he just isn’t able to re-create his magic moments from the past.

A personal opinion, Frank Lampard is still very vital to our team.


Taking a look at what he does off the pitch, Lampard has been spending his time studying to be a coach, gaining UEFA coaching badges, and planning for his future in football after he hangs up his boots. Very few can say they’ve learned more from their managers than Lampard, having learned and played for top managers from around the world. With proven success from managers ranging from Jose Mourinho to Guus Hiddink to Carlo Ancelotti to Roberto Di Matteo and even Rafa Benitez, as well as having experienced the coaching methods of Fabio Capello and Roy Hodgson, Lampard is able to pick and choose each manager’s best qualities, and should he go on to become a professional manager, he will no doubt implement each manager’s methods, tactically, and even as a man-manager. Learning from the mistakes failed managers have made at Chelsea will also be of great use to Lampard.

One unique advantage Lampard has is, being Harry Redknapp’s nephew, he is able to spend ample amount of time with Harry, and is sure to learn a thing or two from one of the most successful English managers in the game.

To make his mark in management, it would be a clever move to make Lampard a player-coach at Chelsea, working for Mourinho, and doing the same with John Terry, as Manchester United have done with Ryan Giggs. His experience and willingness to learn would work for all involved, and would also show respect to the man that has been part of, and delivered success, for the club for over a decade. His reputation at the club is untarnishable, and with all the attributes he possesses as a football man, it leads us to believe that he will be a successful professional manager in the future.

Leave me your thoughts below! Would it be a smart move? Is it needed? Would he clash with Mourinho?

  1. Atul says

    I think he can leave behind henry and cole for the all time goalscorer in premier league and who knows if he can play 3-4 yrs he can get closer to shearer
    P.S:- He is 35

  2. Kevin Macaringue says

    No matter the manner, this man is a standar-bearer for Chelsea fans across all generations, and especially for the Roman-Abramovich era. He’s helped give Chelsea its name, and we want him to stay until he retires, and who knows, he could be a manager someday! (Unless Terry is ready first, in which case he can come in as as assistant manager and guide us to glory!!

  3. Jeff says

    He still got a year or two under his belt even if its as a squad member

  4. Anonymous says

    Not any time soon. You don’t make your squad’s top scorer in the PL a player coach the next season. NO WAY JOSE

  5. oyedeleoriyomi says

    I think he has done a great job for the team and can impact the experience on the young one’s.Kudos to you our hero.Franky

  6. Idalee says

    Your posting is ableoutsly on the point!

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