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  1. ShawnS'tha says

    One of the main reason i support chelsea was super frankie and it would be the most disgusting feeling if roman lets him go.
    #hope#pray#super frankie#KTBFFH!!!

  2. Ladislav Milosic says

    Hello blues, i have an idea..what about make a choreo on stadium?? I mean big photo with Lampard and title ‘sing him up!!’ must be on all of the tribune..sry for my english, fan from Czech Republic 🙂

    1. Buy Legit Valium Online says

      That’s an awesome idea!

  3. Damari7 says

    He deserves more than even three years amigo. Great lampard can play till next six years and still be the best in the world. Go super frankie go and beat them all. I love you

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Again.. too many exclaimation marks in d article. What’s your obsession with it dude?!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says

      Cool it bro

    2. Ren ish says

      Are U a English teacher??

      1. Vaibhav Kumble says

        No. M not an English teacher. His article is good.. but using unnecessary exclamation marks really made it irritating to read.

    3. Buy Legit Valium Online says


      1. Vaibhav Kumble says

        NP. Your article is good though.. 🙂

  5. Prayer kanogwere says

    Lampard z a hero beyond measure.i pray he wil remain blue

  6. Ken says

    Yeah frank might a hero to some but to me, he’s sellfish, only after goal scoring, doesnt know when to pass the ball to a fellow team mate..yestarday’s game, he was give a pass to ba rather he went for the glory and missed..we can only do better when we let lampard go and give youger players the opprtunity in midfeild. that’s the bitter truth

    1. Anonymous says

      when you happy 199 goals under ur belt…you’re allowed to shoot n miss bro….

  7. Caleb Njanje says

    am also praying 4 his contract…

  8. Caleb Njanje says

    am also praying 4 his contract… He is my idol.

  9. Oria says

    A legend is a legend a hero is a hero lampard will always be my role model

  10. shakirat temitope says

    Little did Roman know abt football as far as football is concern Torres is Roman inform n deserve player 2 b in chelsea if u are ungrateful fellow u wl c smtin dt is right but u wl prefer d wrong one just bcuz u hate appreciating piples effort how on heart wl Roman allow Drogba 2 leave even d kind treatment dy gv florent Maluoda not allowing him 2 train wt d 1st team is wrong let wait and c were Roman wl land or lead d team 2

  11. Tom Gardner says

    RA’s hiring of FSW had two purposes. 1) To get a top-four finish, 2) To show Chelsea fans that he doesn’t give a **** about them. He’ll let Frankie go just to give the fans the finger once again. The more the fans scream for a new contract for Frank, the more RA will dig his heels in and let him walk. Because its his club and he’s rich.

  12. Franklin says

    Abramovic should not let Lampard go.

    1. Anonymous says

      At least Frank needs two years contract.

  13. makinwa says

    best to my knowledge lampard is a true blue and has given us the best … he might be given another shot on the contract deal but to my mind we should let him go … he is selfish just after personal glory … rather than for the team…. when paired with mikel or ramires in the midfield he leaves his position to look 4 goals thereby causing the strikers area of operation to be crowded and often causes problem for positional play for torres and likewise leaving ramires or mikel to singlehandedly run the midfield with no support…. he hardly marks nowadats …. and his presence overshadowed the ability and influence of other young players in the team

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