Friday Quiz 12 April: AVB trivial


This week’s Friday Quiz tests your knowledge of former Chelsea manager, and current Tottenham manager Andre Villas Boas.

  1. For what club did AVB make his debut as a player?
  2. Under which famous footballing manager was AVB trained?
  3. How many trophies did AVB win during his time at Porto?
  4. How many trophies did AVB win during his time at Chelsea?
  5. How many matches did Porto loose under AVB?
  6. In his first summer in charge of Chelsea, how many players departed the club?
  7. And how many were brought in?
  8. How many players left Tottenham during his first summer as manager?
  9. And how many were brought in?
  10. What was the result of AVB’s first match against Chelsea for Tottenham?

Do you know the answers, share your comments below.

Last week’s answers

  1. Carlo Ancelotti
  2. Avram Grant
  3. Ray Wilkins, although he was only ever a caretaker manager for two matches, one in 2000 and one in 2009.
  4. Claudio Ranieri
  5. Rafael Benitez
  6. Jose Mourinho, when fans saw the car with tinted windows and thought Bieber was inside
  7. Guus Hiddink, charged by a Dutch Court for a six months sentence and fined 45,000 EURO for alleged tax evasion.
  8. Andre Villas-Boas, after Bosingwa and Drogba were both sent off during a 0-1 loss to QPR
  9. Roberto Di Matteo, although he played for the Italian national team because his parents were both Italian.
  10. Luiz Felipe Scolari, the 9 November

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