Friday Quiz 21 March: Everything Chelsea


The Friday Quiz is back! And to kick off a new series, maybe we should just refresh your memory on Everything Chelsea!

  1. Abramovich’s sacking culture has draw widespread criticism from all corners of the footballing world. Since the formation of the Premier League, Chelsea have seen 18 managers come and go. But which other Premier League sides have had more managers than Chelsea during this period?
  2. At which stadium were Chelsea officially crowned league champions in 04/05 ?
  3. Arsenal’s famous trophy drought of 8 years has haunted them ever since. But what was Chelsea’s longest trophy drought?
  4. Chelsea are known for their wealth of Belgian young talent, but who was the first Belgian that Chelsea signed during the Abramovich era?
  5. Juan Mata’s transfer to Manchester United was famous for being the highest transfer fee paid and received by United and Chelsea respectively. But who was the player who held this record for Chelsea before it was broken by Mata?
  6. Abramovich has spent over 1 billion pounds on players alone during his tenure as Chelsea owner. Who was the first player he bought?

Check out the answers below:

  1. Tottenham and Newcastle (19 each)
  2. Reebok Stadium
  3. 15 years, from winning the League Cup in 1965 to winning the FA Cup in 1970
  4. Thibaut Courtois
  5. Arjen Robben
  6. Glen Johnson

Well, thats the end of our first series of Friday Quiz in close to a year. Do look out for the next quiz on 28 March.

  1. blue says

    How can robben hold the record transfer between Manchester united and Chelsea coz he didn’t even play for them

    1. Anonymous says

      @ Blue,check the words; PAID, RECEIVED and RESPECTIVELY!

  2. blue says

    And answer three is wrong coz between 1965 and 1970 is 5 years not 15

    1. Anonymous says

      When do you start supporting Chelsea? Robben did play for Chelsea.

      1. blue says

        I mean he did not play for man Utd how could he held the record between Chelsea and man Utd

      2. blue says

        I mean the transfer record

      3. Anonymous says

        Read the question properly. It asks who holds the record for Chelsea…

  3. Anonymous says

    we have drawn psg in quater finals

  4. Zyte says

    chelsea vs psg.
    top batles
    thiago silva vs eto
    j.t vs ibra
    matiudi vs ramires
    hazard vs maxwel
    vanderweil vs willian
    cavani vs azpi
    iva vs ezequel lavezi
    oscar vs veratti.

    1. Gbasha.bitto says

      What of Lucas Moura?

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