Friday Quiz 22 February: Mancini Quotes

With Chelsea tackling Manchester City this Sunday, we have assembled ten quotes from Roberto Mancini. Do you know the words missing from the following comments?


  1. “I don’t think Rafa is a ___. I don’t think that in two days he can ___ ___.”
  2. “We did well in drawing at Chelsea, when all we were missing was ___ ___.”
  3. “We were interested in ___ two years ago. There was a moment when we had a chance but the price was too high and we decided on other players. Now he’s at Chelsea.”
  4. “Chelsea is a good team with di Matteo and will be a good team for Benitez. They have good players. Until three days ago they played ___ ___ and were ___ ___.”
  5. “When you play against a team like Chelsea that have top players you have to ___ some ___.”
  6. “I think that ___ could as good as Torres – and even better than him. That’s because ___ can play as a striker [and] as a winger.“
  7. “They deserved to win the ___ ___ when they were young but they won it last year. The ___ ___ is strange, different, and we have to be patient for this.”
  8. Who won the season in which Mancini said this: “Chelsea are the best team in the Premier League at the moment…They are probably going to win the Premier League title easily”
  9. Who won the season in which Mancini said this: “I think Chelsea could win [the Premier League]. In this moment I think [it’s a three horse race] but it’s difficult to say.”
  10. Who was Mancini referring to when he said the following, “___ won one Premier League, one FA Cup and one Charity Shield. There is not another manager that’s won like ___ in the last 15 months.”

Last week’s answers:

  1. Frank Lampard talking about John Terry
  2. John Terry
  3. John Terry
  4. John Terry
  5. Frank Lampard
  6. Frank Lampard
  7. John Terry
  8. Both players
  9. Frank Lampard
  10. Frank Lampard

Do you know the answers? What is your prediction for this weekend’s match? Share your comments below.

  1. costerntine says

    If coach going to arange the first 11 as well as cech,ivan,terry,cahil,ashrey,mata,hazard,ramilez,osca.moses.BA i’xpect chel 3-1

  2. Olawale says

    chelseafc 2 manchester city1

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