Friday Quiz 22 March: Fernando Torres Trivia


After celebrating Nando’s birthday earlier this week, the Friday Quiz now tests our Fernando Torres knowledge. Do you know the answers to the following questions?

  1. How many Chelsea matches did it take Torres to score his debut goal?
  2. How old was Torres when he made his Spanish first team debut?
  3. Did Torres score more goals for Atletico Madrid or Liverpool?
  4. For which international tournament was Torres named top scorer for Spain?
  5. How old was Torres when he debut for the Atletico Madrid first team?
  6. How much did Chelsea reportedly pay for Fernando Torres?
  7. Against which club did Torres make his Chelsea debut?
  8. And what was the score in that match?
  9. How many trophies did Torres win with Ateltico Madrid?
  10. How many trophies did Torres win with Liverpool?

Last week’s answers:




Share your answers below. And let us know how you see Torres’ future at Chelsea.

  1. fahmicfc360 says

    John Terry has been at Chelsea academy since he was 12. Please guys do your researches please.

  2. fahmicfc360 says

    1. 14 matches
    2. 19 years old
    3. Athletico Madrid-94 goals
    4. 2006 world cup
    5. 16 years old
    6. 50 million pound
    7. Liverpool
    8. 0-1 unfortunately
    9. 0
    10. 0

  3. Justin Cormick says

    JT has been at Chelsea for a long time, but did start out at West Ham. Here is a BBC Sport’s article about Tony Carr, former head of the West Ham youth academy, if you wanted to read it. He talks about the players he worked with, including Lampard, Joe Cole and John Terry.

  4. Anonymous says


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