Friday Quiz 4 May: Sir Alex Quotes


The Friday Quiz has returned for another week. Ahead of this round’s clash with Manchester United we look at some Sir Alex Fergusson quotes. Which Chelsea figure was Sir Alex referring to when he made the following quotes?

  1. “He could start a row in an empty house”
  2. “He was certainly full of it, calling me “Boss” and “Big Man” when we had our post-match drink after the first leg. But it would help if his greetings were accompanied by a decent glass of wine. What he gave me was paint-stripper.”
  3.  “I did not believe it anyway. The unfortunate thing for _____ is that he has had to carry that stain for the last few weeks. Everyone in the game is pleased for him now, apart from Chelsea.”
  4. “I remember his first press conference…and I thought: ‘Christ, he’s a cocky b******, him’. He was telling the players: ‘Look, I’m the special one, we don’t lose games.”
  5. “Everyone feels for_____, and quite rightly, “It is quite amazing when you think that he has won the FA Cup and the Champions League.”
  6.  “I think he was an angry man. He must have been disturbed for some reason. I think you have got to cut through the venom of it and hopefully he’ll reflect and understand what he said was absolutely ridiculous.’”
  7. “The decision was his anyway and he said if he was going to leave Chelsea, he wouldn’t play for another club in England…So that answered that question, but I could’ve been [tempted to sign him].”
  8. “I would need to read more of Freud before I could understand all that went on in his head,”
  9. “I just think that what has happened over the past week is unthinkable. It is an accusation which, even in the heat of the moment, should not be made. You cannot do that.”
  10. “_____ is an exceptional player, a huge asset to Chelsea…He stayed restrained in the middle of all that bother after Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and made a point of swapping shirts with Iniesta, as I say _____ is exceptional.”

Do you know the answers? What are your predictions for the match? Share your comments below. Look out for answers next week.

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  1. TOLULOPE says

    Chelsea 3 Man U 1

  2. chibuzor Nnadiukwu A. says

    sir Alex pls forget about the match because am going with the 3piont and this is the scores MAN-U 1–2 CHELSEA winning in favour of chelsea it must THE BLUE IS GOING WITH THE 3PIONTS

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