Future not over for Lukaku


Romelu Lukaku, an amazing talent Chelsea signed from Anderlecht back in 2011 for 18m pounds. His debut season didn’t go well as planned as he only managed 12 appearances and provided 1 assist. As prior not make him waste his time on the bench, he was sent on loan to West Bromwich Albion in the beginning of the 2012-13 season where he impressed on his debut against Liverpool, scoring a header. He then went on to make a total of 38 appearances for WBA scoring an impressive 18 goals and providing 4 assist.

His best performance that season was his last match for West Brom against Man united where he came off the bench and scored a hat trick to help his side draw 5-5 against the Champions in the last match of Sir Alex Ferguson’s career at United .

He returned back to Chelsea and everyone’s hope was high for him to be our main striker ahead of Torres and Demba Ba. Under Jose Mourinho, He started well in the pre season scoring the only goal of the first match and then scoring another in the second match before bagging a brace in the third match. He had delivered top performances at Asia, but not much in U.S. friendlies as Torres was preferred instead of him and he managed to score in the last game of the pre season.

What everyone hoped to happen during the beginning of the premier league to see him in the starting lineup against Hull,he was dropped as Torres was chosen to start and so far he has made 2 appearance in the premier league,both times as a substitute.

And then came the Super cup,where Torres impressed with his performance before Lukaku was brought on in the 98th minute at Extra time. When the match went to penalties, it was all 4-4 when he was going to be the first one to take a penalty in sudden death but unfortunately he shot in the direction of Bayern Keeper Neur, who dived towards and ended up getting shot blocked and resulting in a win for Bayern. Since then, many fans have started criticizing him for his lack of performance and stating he is not ready for big matches.

Now this is the part where I will oppose. Lukaku is an amazing player, he deserves a start in the premier league instead of being on the bench, He can perform well in EPL, better than Torres or Ba(who are out of form). Torres has impressed us so far in European competitions, Ba most likely could leave on or maybe not and with the signing of Veteran striker Samuel Eto’o, Lukaku can learn a lot from him and he can still perform much better in EPL if he is given the chance.

The future at Chelsea is not over for you Lukaku, you are still part of the squad, Only time will tell when you become a consistent starter for Chelsea.

[Hi guys,this is my first ever official article since joining the 360 team,hope you enjoy it and sorry for the delay]. So what do you think about this?Let me know your feedback and KTBFFH

  1. fidel says

    Yes you are right.Lukaku has a lot to offer the Premier League.He is working under one if not the best coach in the world and will be a world class striker before he is 22yo.I critisized him after the super cup but now that I have put that behind,I think we should give him at least 18 starts this season,he will click.let’s not treat this boy like we did sturridge,who is now banging in goals per game.give luka a chance.


    Lukaku is still a young player there is still lots of room for him to improve, during supercup, i saw jose asking him if he can take the penalty and he said yes, meaning he is a confident player who is ready to take responsibility. We should not crucify him instead encourage him and give him more playing time. I so much believe in him to deliver for us. One love to all chelsea fans around the world. I also wish victor moses the best in is new expirence.

  3. wambua says

    luka.is nt yet ready 4 big matches.he has 2 learn 4rm Elnino and Ba.

  4. GrahamMcGray says

    Gr8 article & very true we jus gve Lukaku time to sette & he wl produce wonders.

    1. Usman says

      that a great many chances he msises and scores are situations on goal that he creates for himself. Rarely has Suarez scored a tap in as his team mates are, to be frank, not applying the service he needs, that’s where I think Aguero and Rooney are slightly fortuitous.

  5. Jeff says

    Lukaku Loaned out

  6. Sotiris Georgiou says

    Actually he was not supposed to make any appearances in his first season at the club but the bright spark who signed him and then let him play a couple of games for Chelsea forgot he had already played for Anderlecht too.FIFA rules state you cannot play for more than 2 clubs in a season so the same idiot who screwed up then has tonight by allowing him to go to a rival instead of WBA a weaker team just like Moses.

  7. wambua says

    i said it .luka isnt beta than tores.Moses wil work wondrs at liverfool n mou wil regret

  8. Anne says

    I like what you have done however you have made a mhaaemttical error (which shouldn’t have too much of an effect).If you are awarding 2 points for a goal and 1 for an assist you must value every goal scored as 3 points, so for example 30 team goals would be 60 points for goals and 30 for assists, thus 90 points. This will show that no team is AS reliant as the stats say, but reliant nevertheless.

  9. Rafael says

    Skags10Feeling the appointment & the siingng of sigurdsson! Hoping we can sign someone with the ability of the likes of moutinho as replacement for luka! But also looking forward to seeing huddlestone & sandro competing for places!Badly need a top striker! Vertonghen is decent too!

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