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  1. tim andy says

    Oooooops! It quite upsetting that you don’t cherish the hard work of cahill! As far as i’m concerned, he’s our best defender…. He commits error sometimes but everybody do make mistakes… But the fact is, he’s still young! Non of our central defenders works harder than him except J.T

    1. Buy Zopiclone Using Paypal says

      If you’re saying Luiz and Ivanovic don’t work hard enough, you’re just so wrong. And when did I see I don’t cherish the hard work. I’m not saying anything anti-Cahill here. It’s just that he’s not all that extraordinary.

  2. Anonymous says

    as soon as read this article, I commented “POOR ARTICLE” . Now i checked this article for responses, i founded my comment deleted. well, delete this comment too. but this is not going to change the fact that it is a poor article. Go ahead and delete my comment now….

  3. Buy Klonopin Australia says

    IMO he’s our best CB

  4. we will keep following the blue flag

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