Giving Ramires the Praise he deserves

Ramires - The Awkward FitSomeone commented in one of my articles about giving praise to Ramires as he deserve’s it and to be honest he really does. He seems to go by most matches playing consistently well and unnoticed as he is outshone by Mata, Hazard, Oscar or Luiz. He is an engine and gets up and down the pitch with ease. Eventhough he is Brazillian he is not blessed with the skills like most Brazillians are, he does have skill just not like Oscar, Neymar or Ronaldinho. He is however a very unique Brazillian player as he is a Box-to-Box players unlike all other brazillians.

About him
Ramires has had a few nicknames for him. At Cruzeiro he was called the Blue Kenyan, this was because the Cruzeiro kit was blue and he has the endurance and running ability of Kenyan marathon runners. His family does orginally come from Africa but I cannot find the country. To recent times we have compared him to Micheal Essien just not as bulky and strong but faster and more agile. He has won a few awards as well individual and team awards: He won the Campeonato Mineiro with Cruzeiro two years running, in his only season with SL Benfica he won Portuguese Liga and the Taça da Liga. At Chelsea he has won the FA Cup and the Champion League. On an international level he has a Winners Confederations Cup medal and a Bronze Olympic award Medal. On an individual level he has won the Chelsea Goal of the Season 2 years running and he won the Chelsea Player’s Player of the Season award.

His Style of Play
He has acceleration, pace, stamina, good dribbling ability and has a very hard work ethic. Which makes him a very good winger or box to box midfielder.

Playing for Chelsea
Since joining us from Benfica for a reported 22millions Euros he has been an ever present name on the team sheet. He has scored some vital goals for us (Day Dreaming) Chip over Valdes that even Messi would of been proud of in the Champion League Semi Final Last season.

(SLAP round the Face) Back to reality, he has played a very important role for Chelsea this season playing a variety of positions: he has played in the Pivot, on both Wings and at Right back. Ramires is a fairly versatile player who can probably play anywhere on the pitch without much difficulty adjusting, well possibly in goal as he is not the tallest man in the world. He has been a very good player for Chelsea and I can see him staying here till his early 30’s before heading home to Brazil.

Why does he deserve the Praise?
He deserve’s the praise as he has been a consistent performer for us, never complaining about been asked to do a job he just does it. He enjoys his football. He seems to always there at the right time with his pace and endurance keeping him going through a whole game non-stop. He has scored us some important goals from in the Champions League to the FA Cup he seems to be that someone we need when a goal is needed he just pops up (except for when Lampard is on the pitch then its a different story) Even though his passing is not up to scratch he still does contribute with assist’s even if its not loads like Mata or Hazard he puts in a good shift, he is however ever present in setting up goals from winning the ball to set up the attack or part of the passing play when we move up the pitch. He is very useful to us in counter attacks because of his speed and it does help even more when he plays in the Pivot as he is in the middle of the field so he is never far away from the play.

All in All
All in all this is just an appreciation post of our Blue Kenyan who is always there to help our team and always gives his best. Thank you Ramires Santos do Nascimento for your years of service to the team and I hope for at least another 5 years more.

What’s your view on Ramires? Does he deserve the praise?


  1. moses lanre. says

    Ramires is the engine room of the blues,Iam very happy he plays for chelsea,he really deserves to be honour.

  2. Vaibhav Kumble says

    The only problem I have is his play in the attacking third.. he really needs to improve in that dept.

  3. bitto raphael says

    he is very ok to me

  4. cardozo says

    Ramires is a rear footballer in that people already tends to believe only a rubost or bulky player can play the holding midfeed role(cough cough Josh McEachran).I think Ramires has done that considerably well this session.I can remember that toe-poked goal against Bale FC.What a good finishing(but learn to stay on your feet to tap that ball in)

  5. Saint Femmy says

    I rily lik dis article bcos Rami rily deserves it.he is an engine room,tackels well nd score some important goals as well.rily undstands d demands of d epl.

  6. ShawnS'tha says

    to say the truth i thought it was waste of money when we first bought rami however i am glad he proved me wrong.

  7. onesimz says

    wow, this article is awesome and everything is spot on!!!!!!!!

  8. Star evansoh says

    salute for Ramires… the blue kenyans…..the Muiruri

  9. Vaakmeisster says

    Ramires’ first season and he was shite! shocking how a once shite player can become a key part of a team. Really made me understand the concept of players adapting to a new football culture. His stamina is unreal! I only wish he could improve his passing and he”ll be an absolute midfield beast, like Yaya Toure. Did I mention that he can tackle anything in boots?I think I just ejaculated.

  10. Abbey says

    Sorry I beg to differ, 4 me it seems Ramis game has taken a serious dive. I was d most passionate fan of Rami last season even up to d point of saying he along with cole ought 2 have been nominated 4 FIFA top11 for 11/12. However the sudden runs in2 d box 18 His dribbling on the run with d ball are now just few and inbetween. No real sparkle this season. I was betting wit friends that he wld be d best player we have this season but he has been that impressive for me this season.

    1. Abbey says

      The brazilian coach proofs me right by dropping him from the friendly with English while teams mates Oscar and DL have been picked

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