GRADING CHELSEA TRANSFER TARGETS – Their need and Probablity of Getting Them

Transfer window time. Probably the most enjoyable time for us after, say, winning a trophy.
We being European Champions have been linked with almost every football player on the transfer market in recent days.
So lets look at a few of the names, see how much we NEED them and what’s the probability of getting them.


A field that god has blessed us with tremendous depth and quality, this is the last position we want to make an addition in.

With Petr ‘Batman’ Cech showing no signs of slowing down, An Europa Cup Winner, 19 year old successor in Thibaut Courtois and one of the best young goalies in Jamal Blackman, an addition is the goalkeeping department will make us look like dorks really.

Anyways, with media upto it’s usual tricks, we’ve been linked with Newcastle United’s Tim Krul.
A pretty good goalkeeper, good height, easily amonsgt one of the best goalies in the EPL last season. BUT we don’t need him. Neither are the Toons mad enough to sell him.

Need : -5/10
Probability : Have a Laugh.


Again a field that we are stacked up pretty nicely, defense is Chelsea’s forte. With Cahill, JT, Luiz, Ivanovic as Center Backs, we don’t need any more central defenders.

However, we are thin on the fullback department. With Cole and Bertand to fill up the left slot, that position is secure. But with nobody for the right (Ivanovic can play of course), we could certainly do with a right fullback.

We’ve been linked with all sorts of RB’s in recent days. Debuchy, Piszczek, Da Silva, Azpilicueta, Van Der Weil – we’ve got a nice bunch of guys to choose from. According to requirements, Ivanovic is doing a great job, so we need just one RB. Of all these targets, Debuchy is the most logical and economical choice.
However, if we don’t get him, Azpilicueta is the next best option. Van Der Weil should be avoided. He’s just another Bosingwa.

Need : 10/10
Probability : 7/10

Need : 1/10 (Who wants a Man Utd Defender in our team ?)
Probability : 0/10

Need : 8/10
Probability : 7/10

Need : 5/10
Probability : 8/10


We shouldn’t be adding any more fire-power in the ATTACKING core. Mata, Hazard, Marin, Ramires, KDB are a very good bunch. What we need is to add in the DEEP-HOLDING role.

We don’t need a Defensive Mid because Mikel is doing great and Romeu is an awesome back-up.
But we are thin in that Deep-lying role, we need someone to support Lampard, someone who can pull the strings from the back.
The most perfect guy for that role would be Modric. Other than that we’ve been linked to Hulk, Joevtic, Moses, Ben Arfa and Schurrle.

While Hulk is a must-need for the right wing, Jovetic would be a disaster. He’s injury plagued and 25 million is his cost. We paid 24 million for that gem, Juan Mata, so nowhere in hell are we playing 25 million for Joevtic. 10-15 million is okay.

Rather than Jovetic, I would prefer Ben Arfa, Moses or Schurrle. They are cheap, great dribblers and will compliment the expensive signings of Hazard and Hulk(hopefully) perfectly.

Another guy we were linked with was Fellani from Everton. Great player. But we don’t need him now, Since Mikel is playing good. However if Mikel goes off the boil this season, then next season Fellani should be a must buy.

Need : 10/10
Probability : 9/10

Need : 3/10
Probability : 6/10

Need : 8/10
Probability : 8/10

Need : 7/10
Probability : 6/10

Need : 6/10
Probability : 6/10

Need : 6/10
Probability : 4/10

Need : 9/10
Probability : 6/10


One department which we seriously need to beef up, beacuse the current resources that we have are not that convincing.

Torres, Sturridge and Lukaku comprise the entire strike force. Not a very impressive reading for the Defending Champions of Europe. Torres is still recovering, You can’t expect Studge to pass and Lukaku will probably go on loan. That leaves us with just two strikers and there is no Drogba to save us this time around.

We’ve been linked with Falcao, Pato, Higuain, Cavani, Rondon and Huntelaar. Don’t be surprised, but I actually think that HUNTELAAR might be the perfect signing of all these.

With Fernando destined to be our top striker, we need someone who would be willing to accept the side-kick role. I can’t see Falcao, Higuain or Cavani acccepting that. Pato is likely to spend half the season in a hospital and Rondon seems to be a risky buy. He’s had a great season.

But ONE good season shouldn’t be enough to pay 20million for a guy. We don’t want a Andy Caroll now, do we ?

15-17 million is Huntelaar’s buyout clause. Affordable.
We can negotiate further because of Dutch’s pathetic EURO campaign.

Need : 6/10
Probability : 5/10

Need: 5/10
Probability : 3/10

Need : 5/10
Probability : 4/10

Need : 2/10
Probability : 7/10

Need : 8/10
Probability : 7/10

Well, that ends our transfer round-up.
Hope it was informative enough. Let me know your thoughts.

PS : It’s good to be back.


– RR2(Chelsea360)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I entirely agree with all u have written, a gr8 analysis of the requirements of the blues, we definatly need a RB, A pirlo, Probably a RW (I think under 10 mn, so that we can free up the funds for the world class Deep laying playmaker), and a striker for the back up of Torres. I think you have failed to mention here Demba Ba. I is strong, physical and will come cheap. He was gr8 for Newcastle last year until cisse came, and he was forced to play out wide.

  2. Anonymous says

    Well with mikel, essien,miereles, lamps etc some may thnk modric is extra but he can do what pirlo did for italy this euro, as he has the guts….
    We have many options for right backs but i am concerned about striking part.i thnk we need more than one reinforcement there as if i were RDM i wont leave burden of being alone at strike at sm1 regaining form like NANDO. Brilliant but rehabilitating. A
    4-1-3-2 untill nando gets n full form is wat i feel better and secure. Later we may switch to 4-2-3-1. Correct me if i am wrong.
    A chelsea and cfc360 fan!
    (Zeeshan from Pakistan)

  3. Anonymous says

    l really love your write up. You people have actually given us what to expect, as if we are part of the board of CFC. By the way, where is Chelsea360 located? please send me

  4. Anonymous says

    I luv dis info, pls keep it up my pple.

  5. Anonymous says

    nice info,u hav given a nice analysis on dis transfer window saga nd i am enjoying reading it.chelsea's attack nids ril renforcement prity badly.

  6. Donna says

    Amazingly written article. I mean the info man was just too great and accurate. 🙂

    I got everything I needed to know about all CFC transfer market and activities at one place.

    KTBFFH RR2 :p

  7. neel says

    very good analysis. thanks

  8. Chelsea FC 360 says

    Thank you so much fellow blue 🙂

    We are a team from many different countries and you could check that out on the link and we would love to hear from you again soon.


  9. Rodrigues says

    I don't think that Ba should have been included in this list.

    I think CFC wouldn't go for such a low profile to replace legend Drogba.

    Well written RR2 (CFC360)

  10. Anonymous says

    What is this KTBFFH plzzz what does this mean? I am quite new here!

  11. Anonymous says

    I am tottally against possibility of Huntelaar joining Chelsea. We already have a striker in the 25-30 age group,Torres. What we need is a striker who is younger than 25 and already established. I said this before on this site,Huntelaar at the age of 29 will be lacking fatigue in 2 or 3 seasons along with Torres. Meaning Chelsea will have to rebuild the entire strike position in less than 5 years time. Ps. To mr pakistan..the team is being built around Torres so the 4-1-3-2 formation is out of the question. Torres thrived as the lone striker at Liverpool when the team was built around him. Zane,South Africa.

  12. @Chelsea FC 360 team:
    I really enjoy reading your analyses, but you dissapointed me this time, first of all, it's not “Joevtic”, it's Jovetic, he is a class player, he played 29 matches, scored 14 goals, and he is not a player for a deep-holding role, Jovetic is second striker, Hulk is winger, Ben Arfa is a winger, how can you compare those guys with Modric, they don't even play on the same position. This article is by far the worst you wrote. I mean your articles are usually excelent, but this one is fail. Don't get me wrong, I am just giving you some critics and you can't always get positive critics, sometimes you will get negative ones. And I think Chelsea should buy Modric, he is what we need, a player that dictates tempo of the game, we need that, and that Rondon guy looks good to me, I would take him, Modric and Debuchy as a reserve to Ivanovic.
    Chelsea and CFC360 fan from Serbia. KTBFFH! 🙂

  13. CFC360 Representative says

    Thank you so much for the advice and yes critics can always help us and we are always open to improvements.

    Thank you 🙂


  14. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the feedback mate. The mistakes you pointed are welcome. Will convey to the writer. And keep them coming.

  15. Sorry if it looked a little bit harsh, but like I said your articles are usually excelent, so I was a little bit surprised when I read this one 🙂 , just keep up a good work, if I catch another mistake, I will point on it. 🙂 Looks like I have a problem with my screen name, maybe I should fix that first. 😀
    Chelsea and CFC360 fan from Serbia. KTBFFH! 🙂

  16. rUSS says

    Vintage Chelsea FC360 😀

  17. Anonymous says

    But we are thin in that Deep-lying role,
    we need someone to support Lampard,
    someone who can pull the strings from the back.
    The most perfect guy for that role
    would be Modric. Other than that we've
    been linked to Hulk, Joevtic, Moses, Ben
    Arfa and Schurrle. While Hulk is a must-need for the right
    wing, Jovetic would be a disaster. He's
    injury plagued and 25 million is his
    cost. We paid 24 million for that gem,
    Juan Mata, so nowhere in hell are we
    playing 25 million for Joevtic. 10-15 million is okay. Rather than Jovetic, I would prefer Ben
    Arfa, Moses or Schurrle.

    I am rr2 btw. I think i made it prety clear that for the dm position we want modric. After that, if u READ I shftd to discusing the right wing.
    I hope u read bfre commenting again.

  18. Anonymous says

    Glad you like it ma'am


  19. Anonymous says

    Its Keep the Blues flag flying high

  20. Anonymous says

    Low Profile !!! wt does that means man, look at the performance ????
    He was better than torres in the league.

  21. @rr2
    If u made it pretty clear, I wouldn't write all of this 😉 , and btw I totally disagree with you about Jovetic, I have been watching him since his youth days with Partizan Belgrade, trust me he is a class player, and I am not sure he is injury plagued, his record speaks for him, Fiorentina was awful last season and he still managed to bang in 14 goals in 29 matches. Unfortunatly, we already have players that play in his position, so that might be the only reason I wouldn't like him at Chelsea. But one is for sure, he is not a player to warm a bench. Modric would be ideal for deep-lying role, maybe Sneijder, but I am not sure Inter will sell him.
    Chelsea and CFC360 fan from Serbia. KTBFFH! 🙂

  22. This is true talk and what i'm expecting is neither 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 thanks

  23. Zeeshan says

    Still not persuaded by 4-2-3-1 logic!

  24. Anonymous says

    Great post overall. I do disagree with the Jovetic analysis, however. 25 million is steep, however he is worth at least 80% of that fee due to his age and his versatility being capable at both RW and up front. I was a big buyer on Hulk early, however I have a tough time reconciling the fee simply because he has two unique qualities in his unbelievable strength and extremely powerful foot. I think we need one of the two, but the fee on Hulk scares me just slightly more. The other thing to remember is that Jovetic objectively could have had better numbers if the Viola had a real striker to match his skill set as a winger (he played striker way too much out of the need to avoid relegation). Jovetic may not be as physical as Hulk, but if that is our desire he is much stronger than the alternatives (ben arfa, walcott).

  25. jen thomas says

    Radamel Falcao should be the right striker for Chelsea

  26. Salle de Sport says

    Hi mates, its wonderful paragraph regarding
    tutoringand completely defined, keep it up all the time.

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