Happy Birthday Jose Mourinho!

the special oneChelsea FC 360 wishes a very happy birthday to the one and only Jose Mourinho. A Chelsea legend for sure and with rumours of him returning – it could be a dream come true for Chelsea fans everywhere.

“50 Things We Love About Jose Mourinho ON HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY” :1. He is “The Special One” by Self-Appointment
2. He is the “Best in the World”
3. He once Escaped from Stamford Bridge in a Laundry Basket
4.He was Bobby Robson’s Interpreter at Barcelona
5. After working with Louis van Gaal, Mourinho went to coach in Portugal in 2000. In 2004, “El Traductor” became a Champions League winner.
6. He knows How to Ruin a Good Suit
7. He went Nine Years Without Losing a Home Game
8. He broke Records in Portugal
9. He Broke Records in England
10. He broke Records in Italy
11. He broke Records in Spain
12. He is on Course to Make Champions League History
13. He is Real Madrid’s Most Successful Manager
14. He was Arrested for Protecting His Dog
15. He has an Eye for Bad Behavior
16. He constantly Mocks Rafa Benitez
17. He’s been on the Cover of Rolling Stone
18. He is a King
19. He upset Liverpool Fans
20. He kickstarted Mario Balotelli’s Career
21. He speaks Six Languages
22. He has a PHD
23. He is Authoritative
24. He started out as a PE Teacher
25. He is Extremely Knowledgeable
26. He inspires Cancer-Surviving Referees
27. He makes Us Want to Buy Things
28. He’s a Valuable Source of Advice
29. His players Love Him
30. He faces the Music from His Critics
31. He called Barcelona a “Small Team”
32. He’s a Family Man
33. He’s great with Kids
34. He rubs His Success in Other Manager’s Faces
35. He doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously
36. He defies Convention in Press Conferences
37. He has Hip Hop Moves
38. He threw Away Two Premier League Medals
39. He does Plenty for Charity
40. He uses Culinary Analogies
41. He comes from a Football Family
42. He has Style
43. He is a Man of Many Hairstyles!
44. He “Humble Brags” While Mocking Others
45. He insulted His Chelsea Predecessor’s Linguistic Skills
46. He got Overexcited at Old Trafford
47. He called Arsene Wenger a “Voyeur”
48. He was Proud of a “Beautiful Defeat” to Barcelona
49. He is Passionate
50. He is a Winner”

Credit to BleacherReport.com for the list.
Any birthday wishes for Jose Mourinho? Would you like him to return to CFC? Let us know in the comments below!
  1. emma says

    luv this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dbert says

    happy birthday to you jose mourinho? special one,only one,the big boss,best manager so far longlife and prosperity

  3. Oria says

    Long live morinho come back to bridge

  4. Zane says

    Halo Goal.com and happy birthday Mou.

  5. Jag-T says

    happy birthday coach

  6. Beedem says

    Happy birthday mourinho llnp.come to the brige

  7. Vitus k says

    Happy Birthday Sir Jose Mourinho wish u an optimistic life. Man unitd fan bt do lv ur work back at Chelsea & Inter M.wish u come back 2 England someday, lv u men u’re the bst keep it up.

  8. Owobu oscar says


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