Has Eden Hazard justified his hype since his move to Stamford Bridge?

Has Eden Hazard justified his hype since his move to Stamford Bridge?

20130211-195026.jpgEden Hazard moved to Chelsea FC last summer for  £32 million pound from Lille and earns an astonishing £170,000 a week in west London. Although, Eden hazard has delivered key performances for Chelsea since the beginning of the season, his performances have been overshadowed by the Swansea ball-boy incident that we all know about. The media have put into question whether he deserves the praise and the spotlight he gets at Chelsea. So, the question I am answering in this article will be, Does he deserve all he is getting or has he justified his price tag?

The answer for any Chelsea fan or smart football fans is YES! Eden Hazard has been so influential in the way Chelsea have been playing this season. At the beginning 5 games of the premier league, he has been Man Of The Match by providing 5 assists and scoring one from penalty. He has already played 42 games, just 5 short of games he played in League 1 last season. And considering he is still 22 years old, he has time and talent to be One of the best players in history to play in Europe.

But, the media always want to put pressure and too much hype onto star players and top clubs like Chelsea. It’s not a new thing for the media to make the ball-boy incident a big deal and question Hazard’s professionalism. And many other footballers and Chelsea fans have defended his stance, but with a calibre of talent he has, he doesn’t deserve to be treated or talked about that way. We know for a fact that if it were to be many other hot headed footballers like PEPE or Joey Barton wanting to have the ball, the story would have been much more different because they would have kicked Charlie Morgan harder that he would be in serious health scare.

Fortunately for that ball-boy, who tweeted just a day before that he would be the “King of ball boys” in the match “for time wasting”, it was Eden Hazard. Charlie Morgan is also a son of Swansea city chairman and wales millionaire. For a 17 year old boy, who goes to college, that was a stupid act and he deserved even more than that. The truth though, is that after watching the replay, Hazard tried to kick the ball under the ball boy and quickly restart the match, which he actually did. But, somehow surprisingly he have been red carded and banned for 3 games.

Now since the suspension is over, Let’s forget what happen with that incident and look forward to Hazard’s potential and future at Chelsea Football Club. He is already on his way into being a Chelsea legend as he is young and the fans adore him for his star quality. He have also improved his defensive capabilities as it was noticed in recent matches like Arsenal at home and even in the disappointing defeat to Corinthians in the club world cup. He is stats so far in the premier league is six goals and six assists from 23 appearances, as well as winning five converted penalties or free kicks, meaning in reality he has directly created 11 goals for his team – two more than Mata.
He is not a star in the making but already an established player, who won two consecutive best player in League 1 award in France before moving to Chelsea. The future is very bright for Eden Hazard at Chelsea and we should very proud to have one of the most talented winger in the planet at Stamford bridge for long term. He very well deserves his price tag, weekly wages and the hype he is been getting, because by the time Chelsea finish with a top trophy in the coming years, he is more likely to win a Ball’n Dor and be a top contender to Messi ,Cristiano Ronaldo or any other player. Because he deserves it. One would’ve silly to under mind his talent and call him overrated after watching him play. Football legend Zinedine Zidane have said that of he were a real Madrid manager, he would sign hazard “with his eyes closed”. For all this reasons, all Chelsea fans should feel happy that he is our player.

We are all happy that Hazard’s 3 match suspension is over and he has returned for the Wigan clash at home by scoring our 2nd goal with a brilliant finish. Comment what you think of Eden Hazard now after he has moved to Chelsea since last summer.

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