Hazard and Oscar's injury and how it will affect the team.

Oscar and Hazard Injury Collage

Its been almost 1 and a half week since the international break started and as it comes to an end, What are the latest injuries to worry about for the Blues?

Oscar suffered a knock on his knee in training with the Selecao, after he clashed with fellow midfielder Hernanes on Friday and was helped out of the pitch and so far, he has not featured in any Brazil matches. The injury didn’t look to serious but it could put him out for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Eden Hazard suffered an archilles problem during Belgium training, which could also put him out for a few weeks.

Now for the players who can cover for them until they return are Willian and Mata. Willian because he was just signed in this transfer window and his preferred position is on the right, Jose would most likely allow him to have his debut on Saturday against Everton in place of Hazard.
Mata can play in the no.10 position just behind the striker in place of Oscar as this has been his preferred position in his last two season and he is more deadlier on this position. As for them, Schurrle,  De Bryune or Lampard can cover for them if they get fatigued.

If the injury was somehow a long term, remember how Chelsea were criticized for overhauling their midfielders rather than going for a striker, Well then here is a reason as to how it could prove useful during the season as players need to be replaced most of the time.

I wish Hazard and Oscar a speedy recovery.How do you think we will perform without them?Let me know by replying.

  1. Joseph says

    Great article

    1. therealbluearmy says

      Thanks 🙂

  2. kolawole omolayo says

    Hazard & oscar, i wish both of you a speedy recovery, because both of you are very important in our squad, also every body is very important as well.

  3. Anonymous says

    They Are All Fine Now

  4. Irokotola michael says

    the manager should allow them to rest since the squad is full of super stars, william, mata or de-bruyne and schurlle should all start behind the striker. Eto’o coming in for nando early in the second half before starting in the mid week champions league

  5. Anonymous says

    We have enough depth to cover up for them. Atleast every player deserves game time, and this is a great opportunity for these players to prove they are worth every penny chelsea paid for them.

  6. Anonymous says

    Quick recovery guyz

  7. lokulishy says

    Why are most players injured during international duties?. Anyway thank God chelsea has the best squard compared to last season.

  8. Anonymous says

    Mata will not “cover” for Oscar, Oscar has been covering for Mata until now!

  9. Vaakmeisster says

    This is just annoying. But better now than in december (our traditional crisis period)

  10. Yahaya Isah says

    Yes chelsea fc can perform without those players because there are quality players on the bench, player like mata is good player right from the time that every persons testify last season. And william is know his performance so is fit for d position as well.

  11. tehjohn says

    Please don’t be out for the basel game !!!

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