Hazard Reveals Why He Loves The No. 10

Hazard Reveals Why He Loves The No. 10

When Eden Hazard was in the process of picking which club he would join this summer, one of his many seemingly frivolous demands was that he would like to wear the No. 10 jersey at whichever club he eventually signs for. When Hazard did sign for Chelsea, there was a bit of speculation as to whether Juan Mata would give up the jersey number for the Belgian. He didn’t, & Hazard had to settle for the No. 17 recently vacated by Jose Bosingwa.

Many speculated as to why Hazard wanted the jersey no. in particular. Many wrote it off as another sign of arrogance from the young Belgian, while some said that he wanted it due to his previous demand of wanting to play in the No. 10 role. In a recent interview, Hazard stated why he wanted the No. 10 when he moved to Chelsea.

Hazard told Champions Matchday, “I’ve always liked the number 10, because it is was worn by Zidane. He was my role model, I’ve always wanted to play like him.

When he started talking about me (Zidane had admitted he would have liked the Belgian to sign for Real Madrid), I didn’t understand what was happening any more. But he must have said that about other players, so I knew I had to keep on working.”

Clearly Hazard is the type of player who backs up what he says. Like Zidane, Hazard is always in the thick of things. 3 starts in the Premier League for Chelsea & he already has 4 assists & 1 goal to his name (he also won 2 penalties). He has won the Man of the Match award in all 3 matches. He is the first player since ZIdane to win both France’s Young Player of the Year award & France’s Player of the Year. And while he might not be Chelsea’s No. 10 (that honour still belongs to our Spanish wizard Juan Mata), he is certainly a superstar in the making.

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