How The Chelsea-QPR Rivalry Has Re-Emerged Since The Last Season

How The Chelsea – QPR Rivalry Has Re-Emerged Since The Last Season

Chelsea vs. QPR was never considered as the biggest derby fixture in West London owing to the fact that both clubs don’t face each other very often, which is due to the teams mostly being in different divisions. In a way, it died down when the clubs did not meet each other for a very long period between 1996 and 2008. Although QPR list Chelsea as their biggest rivals, Chelsea do not even list them in their top 2 rivals, which consist of Arsenal & Tottenham. Chelsea were usually winning trophies while QPR were trying to secure promotion to the Premier League. That all changed when QPR somehow found their way back to the Premier League last season.

Some very fiery incidents on and off the pitch which have led to the rivalry being newly aroused in the last season. The incident(s) in question, involves John Terry, our very own captain, leader, legend and Anton Ferdinand, mainly referred to as “Rio’s brother” by everyone on that frustrating night at Loftus Road on the 23rd of October, 2011. The incident, involving John Terry’s alleged racist abuse of Anton Ferdinand was really hyped in the media, and thus, there is no need for it to be recounted as I’m sure there are very few who don’t know about it.. The court hearing, and the things that came out with it, will, for sure add more spice to this fixture in the future. John Terry being cleared of racism charges by the law left Anton Ferdinand and Rangers fans alike fuming. Fans of both sides, invariably, will look to throw a few insults in each other’s faces.This will be a huge factor in the upcoming fixtures involving the two sides. Furthermore, all the media hype that the incident has been getting will surely add plenty of spice to this fixture.

Chelsea’s next fixture in the Premier League will be at Loftus Road against QPR on Saturday & the match will definitely be one to watch. There has been a lot of pre-match talk/discussions about the customary pre-match handshakes, owing to the unwillingness shown by Anton Ferdinand to shake both John Terry  and Ashley Cole’s hands provided the Chelsea duo are fit to start the game. One thing is for sure: this fixture will have a fiery atmosphere not just on Saturday but also for years to come (provided QPR avoid relegation) due to this incident. The on-field will have an extra touch of flare to it and we should expect a few cards in this fixture in the future. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too out of hand at Loftus Road and  that we get to see a good, fair game of football and not a physical or a verbal war.

This newly-rekindled rivalry might just become one of the most fiercest rivalries in the Premier League in the coming years.

Konark Antani

Our support to our Legendary Captain JT & about how the world has misunderstood him!
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  1. Anonymous says

    QPR 2 v Chelsea 1

  2. Anonymous says

    QPR 2 v Chelsea 1

  3. I'm assuming you're a QPR fan.

  4. I'm assuming you're a QPR fan.

    1. Johnie says

      You write so honetsly about this. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Konark Antani says

    Chelsea 6 – 1 QPR. I remember, do you?

  6. Konark Antani says

    Chelsea 6 – 1 QPR. I remember, do you?

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