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  1. Slimm says

    Ok now you saying “nope just nope” to Falcao why?, I hope you are not like the other fools who think Torres and Ba are all that Chelsea needs, they are clearly far from that & your “nope just nope” shows just how much you know about Chelsea & football as whole, “nope just nope”?, you’re funny!!!

    1. Emile 10 says

      Slimm u are right bro! This page is a joke! How can you say no just no to Falcao? Our useless strikers who are missing goals after goals (especially Torres) u think we are going to win something this season? It’s big team to end our romance with Torres. In the game against Sunderland I almost cried. How can miss in an open goal and expect teammates to pass it to you if the can get the target themselves? We almost killed Mou for not sturting Mata and now he is playin and still our strikers can find the net. If you can’t be happy with mata’ help probably you can’t find someone to do so

    2. alexcfc8 says

      Well no I have been a supporter since I was 5 i’m 20 now so 15 years? Considering if you looked this story up you would see that only way we get him on loan is if we pay all his wages and give Monaco 100k a month. This means we are paying another 550k per month that would be better spent elsewhere

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