In the Papers: All the Chelsea Transfer News

All the Chelsea transfer stories from papers and websites
All the Chelsea transfer stories from papers and websites

Heres my next installment of in the Papers this week:

Chelsea players were given “short shrift” by Blues chief executive Ron Gourlay after they asked the club if they would get a bonus for winning the Europa League.

I had to look up and see what Short Shrift meant and its supposedly a small penalty. So my guess behind the story is that if they dont win it they are going to be fined. This story was in The Sun.

Germany international Andre Schurrle, 22, is set to move to Chelsea next season on a five-year deal. Negotiations with Bayer Leverkusen will be concluded later this week over the price, with the possibility that midfielder Kevin de Bruyne, 21, could be offered to the German club as part of the deal.

I found this story is now everywhere in the papers. Im not sure what to make of him, yeah on paper he is good but in real life he has lived up to the potential he has against him, don’t get me wrong he is good just I don’t think we need him. With KDB involved in this I don’t know whether its permanent or just a Loan. In my opinion I hope this is a false story I would rather keep KDB than bring in Schurrle.

Chelsea believe they have found John Terry’s successor and are closing in on a £20million deal for Vasco De Gama defender Dede.

I found this story in the Daily Express. This does seem like a good idea as I think we should be moving Luiz further upfield into the Pivot as when he has played their we have played well and he has earned a lot of plaudits for his play in there. Pundits say that he doesn’t play well in Centre Back and that he play’s well in the Pivot.

Jose Mourinho admits he will leave Real Madrid in the summer – and has hinted at a return to Chelsea. The Portuguese boss, 50, won six trophies at Stamford Bridge between 2004 and 2007.

I found this story in the Daily Mirror and Daily Star. I think all Chelsea fans want this to happen and I know I do. He is are man the mastermind, I do believe he is the one who will make us consistent and a formidable force again. Also I want to see him argue with SAF again.

Chelsea representatives are understood to have held talks with a key adviser to Manuel Pellegrini aimed at bringing the Malaga coach to Stamford Bridge.

I found this story in the Daily Express, the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian. He is a good option to have as a manager but I think Chelsea will go for the fans favourite Jose Mourinho. Im not saying that Pellegrini is a bad manager im just saying Chelsea hiearchy want to get the fans back on-side.

German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, 22, says he will remain at Borussia Dortmund next season despite interest from other European clubs, including Real Madrid.

I know where are not linked to this story but I think we should try and get him. He can play CDM/CM/CAM or the right wing. He is a good passer has excellent vision and has a few skills in his back pocket.

John Terry has a big thank you to give Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers.

This story I found was in the Daily Express. I’ve heard about this and too be fair if it wasn’t for Rogers we probably wouldn’t be seeing the same John Terry today than if he didn’t intervene.

  1. Anonymous says

    “Short shrift” just means he said no, basically. Like if someone asks you a question and you just tell them to sod off.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      ahh ok cheers for that I did not fully understand the desciption i found of it

  2. Mohammed Bawa Abdallah says

    chelsea buck up

  3. Bitto raphael says

    Get Claudio Pizarro back or buy suares both of them have experience EPL before.

    1. Harry Murey says

      i think the best thing for now is to look for along term coach to make the club stable for the chasing of the trophies and consistence of the club,may roman and the board have this in mind,i hate hearing ill of the blues every now and then, give us the the best guys

  4. Akande Omobolaji says

    What a very 9ce initiation in all———–thumbs up 2 ♈✽ų guys do d best pls 4 cfc

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  5. Anonymous says

    chelsea plz move 4 either falcao or Aguero which will help de team plz am a great fan do it plz.

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