In the Papers: Chelsea Transfer Talk and More

All the Chelsea transfer stories from papers and websites
All the Chelsea transfer stories from papers and websites

In this weeks edition we have a few interesting stories:

Chelsea are prepared to include goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois in a deal for Atletico Madrid’s Radamel Falcao as they look to beat Real Madrid and Manchester United and Manchester City to the signing of the Colombian striker.

I found this in the Daily Mirror. I hope this doesn’t happen I really don’t for 2 reasons. Reason one being that Courtois is the supposed long term sucessor to Cech and reason to would be that along with the huge wages Falcao is 27 and there are a few strikers out there who are half the price and a good few years younger.

Chelsea are in talks with Bayer Leverkusen for German international striker Andre Schurrle who is rated at £25m.

This was found in the Sun. It looks more and more like this story is coming true. I do like him just the price puts me off a bit and this is another Roman fueled transfer option which with the depth we have we do not need him. He is good though and could be great.

Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic has not forgiven Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for biting him on the arm at Anfield on Sunday.

I found this in the Sun, Daily Express and the Guardian. I can’t be the only one thinking that Suarez is lucky to be alive and breathing, I am surprised Suarez wasn’t stretched off near the end of the game from a ‘strong’ Brana tackle. I wouldn’t accept Suarez’s apology either how much of a cheat must you be to do that?

Roma have joined Chelsea in the pursuit of Lyon’s Croatian centre-back Dejan Lovren, 23, who is rated at £8.5m and has also been targeted by AC Milan, Liverpool and Everton.

I found this in the Daily Express. I think this could be a good, cheap acquisition for Chelsea. He strong, can read the game well, can challenge in the air well and tackles well thanks to his great reading of the game. He would be an ideal replacement for Terry it is quite literally like for like with these two.

Chelsea believe they have won the race to land Falcao.

I found this in the Daily Mirror im not completely sure about this and would like to see more concrete evidence in this story, as long as Courtois is kept away from any deal for Falcao or any other player I do not mind.

John Terry expects to open contract extension talks with Chelsea this summer.

I found this in the Sun and the Guardian. I hope he gets a new contract until he retires which I could possible be seeing happening when he’s around 34/35 only because of the problems he has been having with his knee’s.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has agreed to return to Chelsea and will be joined at Stamford Bridge by Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao, 27.

Everyone heard about this after the game on Wednesday night so I don’t need to list some papers as this everywhere. I don’t mind Mourinho but I am not sure on Falcao yeah he is beast but he’s 27 and with be a huge wage and he will cost a lot. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Fernando Torres says he will stay and fight for his place at Chelsea despite Radamel Falcao being top of the club’s summer shopping list.

I found this in the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail. I think Torres will stay he is starting to gel extremely well with the team and he is getting goals and assists. He has had to adapt to a different style of play

  1. ANDY says

    im one of the haters of falcao.i hav watch dat man for long tym. though he is clinical he just a mere poacher. 27 years for 48million. whiles we will get betenke for 10m. imagine benteke, lukaku, upfront behind mazacar and andrea shurle. we just need to invest dat money on young deeplying playmaker like lkay gondogun. aggressive DM or pirlo type player lyke GEOFFERY of savella.
    and may be buy anoda LB of which i will opt for DANNY ROSE.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Im not a Falcao hater. I bluddy think hes amazing just don’t want him cos of price and wages

  2. john says

    I like you account and the way you analyze the news. Keep it up. Blues for life. Can’t chelsea get lewandowski? Why must we always go for aged and expensive players with high wages? There is higuain or benzeman. There are a lot of strikers who are young and skillful out there.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      I wouldn’t mind Lewandowski coming in, not so much Benzema as he is in a very bad run of form, Higuain is another player i wouldnt mind,

  3. Thank God, come to Chelsea Falcon one of the clinical striker in the world 3chances two goals; look last game against Ba lost many chances to score what if Falcao was there, we could won 5-0, Roman will make good decision to bring him “tiger” to the bridge n 4-3-3 Mourinho formation 1. Cech 2. Azplicueta 3. Cole 4. Cahill 5. Luiz 6. Fernandinho (possible signing from Donetsk) 7. Ramirez 8. Oscar 9. Falcao (possible signing from atletico madrid) 10. Mata 11. Hazard , what a team with mourinho a Manager no one will beat us

  4. anon says

    Like the fact we are being linked (haven’t see it for a while) with lovren very good CB, worth buying

    1. alexcfc8 says

      I like him quite a lot. He’s 23 i think? he strong reads the game and is cheap for a player of his potential

      1. anon says

        Definitely worth considering if we are to move luiz into midfield (which I prefer watching him there, In my opinion he could do and probably better what yaya toure does for man city).

  5. alexcfc8 says

    @ anon thats my next article mate 😉

  6. Anonymous says

    buy fellaini to replace mikel, buy lewangoalski to replace torres, buy bale

  7. Anonymous says

    Welcom back morinho home is always best facao com and join us u will see hw bst football is

  8. prince sellie says

    Falcao is good for us, and torres will be in a sprikling form next season to pay us back.

  9. Deus says

    Torres is good 4 nothing we hav 2let him go and bring young strikers like lewandowski,lukaku,benteke,schurrle & other young ones not aged ones like falcao & cavan

  10. Neri says

    Top strikers and the number of goals dey v scored so far in all competitions dis season;

    Fernando Torres- 20
    Gonzalo Higuain- 15
    Sergio Aguero – 16
    Carlos Tevez- 17
    Wayne Rooney- 17
    Karim Benzema- 14
    Edin Dzeko- 20
    Van Persie- 34
    Luiz Suarez- 30
    Falcao- 30
    Messi- 54
    Ronaldo- 48
    Cavani- 30

    U wud agree with me dt d above list contains d best strikers rite now. Fernando Torres via dis list as faired well so far. Stop d discrimination.

    1. alexcfc8 says

      I think he has done fine this season best one for Chelsea. I do believe he will be even be better next

  11. Johnloverson says

    It’s1of the best transfer but with spendin big mone for how may come witut givein cfc result those 1 we hv ar ok 4us.

  12. Namita says

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    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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