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transfer-rumours-newsIn this weekly series that I am starting, I will be going to look at all the papers stories that involve Chelsea throughout the week and give my view on the stories.

Midfielder John Mikel Obi, 25, has dismissed Chelsea’s current campaign in the Europa League as “Thursday nights, Channel 5” and said he hoped the club would be “prime time” again next season by ensuring qualification for the Champions League.

I found this story in the Guardian and the Daily Mail. My view on this is just preference to what they would rather play in as many players who have played in the Champions League don’t find the Europa League as Competetive, so this is just down to experience. Also if you look at fixtures wise being in the Champions League spaces out the games you have whereas Europa League you play Thursday then two days later you play on Sunday. I think a player should be allowed to voice their opinions on this type of matter just not to be rude or negative about other teams.

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has agreed to go back to Chelsea this summer and has put Zenit St Petersburg striker Hulk, 26, at the top of his transfer shopping list.

Found this story in The Daily Star. My view is Mourinho will come back but I don’t think the Hulk claim is true we know Hulk would like to play in the Premiership but we do not have the space in his position for him to come unless he plays as the lone Striker but that means either Lukaku goes on loan again or we sell Torres or Ba. We will have to wait and see.

Swansea hope that the prospect of Europa League football might tempt Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku to join them on loan next season. The Belgium international, 19, has scored 13 Premier League goals during his loan spell at West Brom this season.

Found this story in The Daily Mirror. My view on this would be good as Lukaku wants to go out on Loan and prove himself on the European stage before coming back to Chelsea and I think this would be a good move for him as Swansea play passing football like us, there is a downside though the form of Michu will most likely depend on how much Lukaku plays for the Swans.

Rafael Benitez risked being subjected to more criticism from Chelsea fans last night by raising the prospect of returning to Liverpool by using his success at Chelsea.

This was found in The Times, Daily Mirror and the Daily Express. Why of why Rafa say that at this point when you had just slowly started to win over some of the fans and you have gone and said that you better not complain about fans booing you for this now, can not see him getting the job there as Rodgers is doing well and is building a young strong team for the future.

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck says he is “open-minded” about the identity of the Blues’ next permanent manager – leaving the door open for former boss Jose Mourinho, 50.

I found this in the Daily Express, the Daily Star and the Sun. I think Buck knows who the next manager is but he is just playing the media and the fans by trying to win the fans back by saying he wouldn’t mind Mourinho coming back. He knows but he can’t say so gives out riddles.

  1. Jasyn says

    Let Lukaku go 2 swansea and bring Falcao not Hulk plz…. Welcom bak special1

  2. Bitto raphael says

    Welcome Dad

  3. abhinandanns says

    We’re seeing Torres slowing rising from the ashes! Can’t say he has but sure hope he does!With that in mind we can say lukaku can spend his time next season in swansea so he can get accustomed to chelsea’s playing style!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hulk is so overrated!! If he can’t compete in the russian premier league why on earth do you even think he can do well in England? Just another overhyped Brazilian player. Lukaku is good enough to start for chelsea. Why send him to swansea especially after the way they treated mceachran? They also have michu btw. Just stupid

    1. Anonymous says

      morinho knows what hes doing.. do you know drogba b4 he came to chelsea?

    2. alexcfc8 says

      what do you mean treated McEachran? He did not play a lot cos they signed Sigurdsson and Leon Britton and Joe Allen both came into sensational form as he signed as well. He was signed as cover and Josh knew this and he said the experience did him good

  5. Karan Dev says

    i would personally would like hulk back.. but not as striker but as a mid field player… sell oscar as he doesnt do much… would also like rues in chelsea… that said.. even if we dnt get any player this transfer window we dnt mind.. as long as we have the special one back.. he is the only one who can shut s.a.f. for life.. and make him take a retirement

    1. alexcfc8 says

      Sell oscar as he doesnt do much? oh please he has scored crucial goals and got assists… He has only just fallen out of form recently. He is good and has a greta future ahead of him

  6. Star Evansoh says

    we must welkam our Star back…… He is our king and our love 4 him is unexplainable…… Welkam back The only one….. buh 4 Lukaku joinig Swansea not sure buh wouldnt wish him go

  7. Boakye gideon says

    Falcao shoud come rather than hulk

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