Is Frank Lampard's Chelsea Career Over?

Is Frank Lampard's Chelsea Career Over?
Is Frank Lampard’s Chelsea Career Over?

A report recently published in The Sun claimed that Frank Lampard was told by club officials before the Aston Villa match that he should find a new club in January. According to the tabloid, a Stamford Bridge insider confirmed this. The source said, “Frank is absolutely distraught. He wants to keep playing for Chelsea but they’ve (sic) told him to find another club in the January transfer window. He can’t believe it. All he wants to do is play for Chelsea. This club means everything to him”.

Given the fact that this report was published by The Sun (they’re not exactly renowned for publishing accurate stories) Chelsea fans should take this news with a pinch of salt. However, this isn’t the first report of a similar nature. It’s a well-known fact that Lampard is out of a contract in the summer and this season could very well be his last at the club. Some fans feel that Lampard should leave the club as he doesn’t add much to the squad anymore, while others say he still has something to offer and should be given the chance to retire at Stamford Bridge.

What do you think? Should Lampard leave or stay? 

  1. amina says

    lampard should stay… His career isnt over…

  2. Godwin Nkem says

    he should stay we need his experience..chelseafc360 i want you guys 2use this blog 2give us information about cfc loanees.thankz

  3. Anonymous says

    We cant wait to see the leaving of our legend…this the only legend that has remain in club,he and john tery.. We’ve played crude due to the selling of our squad to them we say they are our heroes…bt plz we should leave Lampard to sustain in the club…the most painful thing is when we leave him most of the team want us to give a prez of releaf so that they can have a contract with him…and every day we will play match against himm…we should let him retire in the club due to his sugestion we should remember what he had done to the club…… We should let him remain.

  4. Kwabinho says

    FJL 8 pls stay!

  5. hendy kurniawan says

    Frank, just go with your hearth and it will guide you to your goals.

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