Is Romelu Lukaku Ready For Chelsea?

romelu_lukaku_11727Chelsea’s Romelu Lukaku, currently on loan to West Brom, has been in brilliant form for the Baggies this season. The young Belgian has scored 13 goals in 42 appearances in all competitions and has been a key member of Steve Clarke’s squad. But it’s not just the fact that he is scoring goals that is impressive.

Romelu Lukaku has developed in leaps and bounds. When he joined West Brom, he could most certainly score goals, but he had a poor first-touch, non-existent link-up play and little confidence on the ball. That’s all changed now. At West Brom, Lukaku has gotten plenty of game time and has improved many aspects of his game as a result. Aside from his physical strength, Lukaku has improved his first touch and he now has the ability to run at defenders with the ball. That’s something that makes him a lot more dangerous given his impressive physique. A well-built, strong striker with the ability on the ball to beat a man is a defender’s worst nightmare. And that is exactly the type of player Lukaku is becoming.

Many fans have been amazed at his development and cannot wait to see him in a Blue shirt next season. However, is Romelu Lukaku good enough for Chelsea at the moment? The jury’s still out on that.

One cannot deny the fact that Lukaku has been impressive at West Brom. However, to expect him to simply replicate this form should he return to Chelsea next season would be unrealistic. The pressure of playing for West Bromwich Albion cannot be compared to the pressure of playing for Chelsea. No disrespect to West Brom, but they aren’t a top side always competing for trophies. Chelsea are a little different in that respect. The Blues are always looking to compete for trophies; the more the club win, the better it is.  The fact that Chelsea are always looking to win trophies means that every game the club plays is a must-win. This, in turn, puts added pressure on the players to go out and give their best.

Lukaku, despite all his ability, is still a youngster. If he is unable to take the pressure of constantly performing at the highest level, it could very well stall his progress. Playing week-in and week-out for West Brom where there is little or no pressure is a lot easier than playing for Chelsea, a club where there is always pressure to win games.

Instead of retaining Lukaku next season, it would be better if the Board chose to loan him out to another club where he could get regular playing time and also take part in the Champions League, preferably a foreign club as strengthening domestic rivals would hardly be advisable. This way, he could further his development by playing regular football while also getting a taste of the pressures of playing in the Champions League. A year without playing Champions League football was the only drawback in what can be considered an otherwise successful loan spell at West Brom.

If he does indeed go out on loan for another year and gets to play in Europe’s top club competition while out on loan, one can be sure that he will be 100% ready to play for Chelsea in the 2014-15 season.

  1. zuluka says

    I think if we take him it will be better.Let him come and feel that pressure.With the improvement he has done at WBA,it won’t take him 2 months to get in the right track

    1. Ayush says

      , I think it’s quite right to be a bit worried about how Villas-Boas would try and cnrootl the egos in the dressing room. But, I think Guus might also be on his way to take the Director of Football role which would be ideal since he would be able to groom Andres into a real manager with a fire in his belly and an appetite for titles. He would also bring the discipline into the team, I feel. Should be a good few weeks at the Bridge.KTBFFH !!: But, I think Guus might also be on his way to take the Director of Football role which would be ideal since he would be able to groom Andres into a real manager with a fire in his belly and an appetite for titles. He would also bring the discipline into the team, I feel. Should be a good few weeks at the Bridge.Yes, I was wondering if that would be the case.Actually, I’m wondering if any of this is true. 15 million for Villas-Boas, 4 million for Hiddink. Things are getting expensive!It sure is taking a long time to get a manager and organize the front office. The Telegraph has a piece on Chelsea also needing to hire new scouts.Reply

  2. Md Redzwan Maidin says

    Bring him back.. put him upfront with ba.. pressure torres…

  3. Harjas Singh says

    let’s bring him back
    no need of buying anymore strikers
    torres, ba and lukaku will be enough

    1. Nii Nii says

      I absolutely agree with you

  4. yasho says

    Get rid of Torres, He will be our first choice striker. players like Messi and Neymar had to cope with pressure at 19 why cant he

    1. pertaub says

      because he aint messi lol

  5. pertaub says

    you are right..i dont believe that he is ready yet..i’ve watched him a lot and he still has to improve!

  6. shiloh says

    why ship him out again? I am of the opinion he returns back to the bridge and fight for a place in the first IX. He has inproved alot and just needs a few game time, let not forget that he torres nd Ba have more game time than him this season but he has scored alot in the few minutes he has been on the pitch.

  7. Frank okosun says

    This lad has been under pressure since the day he got the drogba comparism,to less he is under lil or no pressure@wba isnt altogether true cos he had to prove the hype about n also his huge price tag.i say bring him,let him gradually bed in with the group, i believe he will feed on the pressure and thrive better.

  8. oriabure says

    messi was 19 when he came to barca team so lukaku can get great things for him self so i will say lukaku need to come back

  9. Dave says

    I don’t know why you are saying he should go on-loan,if you want him go on loan it means you are saying chelsea should not give chance to young playes until they play european football somewhere.

  10. Nii Nii says

    Lukaku should come back and blend with the current crop of players. It’s important that learns how to gel with our midfield now, not later. Together with Torres and Ba we won’t need Falcao!

  11. shingirai samu says

    At least another season at loan make him improve better than he is right now.

  12. star evansoh says

    okey i can see the sense in letting him go for another season buh at the same time as you said, chelsea is a team competing for trophies, that true and sure, but i think also our squad depth have wasted us in this season and in this regard, i think its better he come back, we have a complete striker(Ba), one who is working on his recovering form(Torres) and one who is challenging and working to compete for what he can(Lukaku) through this i think he kan familialise himself with our style of play and also our players

  13. folabi says

    we want him back at cfc next season i can’t wait 2 see him in the blue shirt of london again up chelsea

    1. davies lukonde says

      What makes you think he can’t handle the pressure?i am very sure he will flourish with mazacar behind him.

    2. Eduardo says

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