Is Willian Finally Going To Be A Blue?

Brazilian Midfielder Willian is AWOL sparking Chelsea rumours
Brazilian Midfielder Willian is AWOL sparking Chelsea rumours

The transfer rumours keep on flooding in as I talk about another different player linked to the European Champions. Today, the spotlight is on Willian, Shakhtar’s attacking midfielder.

We have been highly linked with Willian of Shakhtar ever since our failed bid in January 2012 but our links to him have become fewer and far between ever since they sent us out of the Champions League. All was quiet until recently when Willian was reported AWOL from Shakhtar. He has failed to turn up for Shakhtar’s training camp and just as you’d predict, Chelsea were immediately linked to him and we are set to spark a bidding war with Spurs for the extremely talented Brazilian playmaker.

Many of you – like me – have only ever seen Willian play in the Champions League vs us this season. Again, many of you – like me – liked what they saw and are certainly keen on enlarging our Brazilian contingent at Stamford Bridge. Willian is without doubt a talented player, a pacey and skilful attacking midfielder capable of playing in any 3 of the positions in behind our main striker. He’d certainly be a welcome addition and I know a lot of us want him at Chelsea.

However (like all of my articles on transfers there is a however), is signing Willian a necessity? Taison was a similar player and nobody really thought he was necessarily needed at Chelsea. Willian is definitely the better player but I don’t think that changes anything. I am a massive fan of Victor Moses and I think he has been brilliant this season; Willian would push him out of the team. I am also a big fan of Oscar but again, Willian would push him out of the team. We must also remember Kevin de Bruyne (who is having a truly brilliant season in Germany), Marko Marin and bright young talent Lucas Piazon, all of whom would have their careers damaged by the arrival of Willian. For £22 million, buying another option for a position where we are full of talent doesn’t seem the wisest of moves no matter how good we think he is, especially if we already have some excellent prospects and with greater positions probably in need of revitalising, is he needed?

There is also the point of would Willian want to be here when Shakhtar are still in the Champions League? Money and the media would say yes.

Then again, Willian could be an excellent buy. A greater strength in depth has been something we’ve been asking for this season and Willian certainly brings that with his brilliant utility. Also, if you watched him closely when Chelsea played Shakhtar, his work rate is excellent. He works hard for his team and work rate is an astonishingly underrated attribute. Willian also possesses talent in abundance and is definitely one of those players who can pull off the outrageous and make you stand up and cheer. This guy has certainly got the talent.

His stats read quite well too, 4 goals and 2 assists in his Champions League campaign certainly show he can pull it off at the top level.

Overall, I do hope we sign Willian as I think he is a player who adds quality depth to our team and certainly increases competition for places. I think he would be pretty costly as you’re looking at over £20 million at least for the 24 year old attacker. I would prefer that we prioritised a central midfielder but I certainly am in favour of signing Willian.

But if we don’t get him, let’s just hope he doesn’t go to Spurs.

How do you feel about Willian? Do we need him or should money be invested elsewhere? Let us know below!

  1. dragunar says

    I think that would be the far time to bring to the club one such player, though it will have to be in other places in the team to bring reinforcements!

  2. Dave says

    He might b useful in rotating the squad while balancing,remeber we need some one who can take mata’s place.ktbffh!

  3. Anonymous says

    oscar and marin can take mata’s place. they can push marin out wide and swich oscar from central to attacking. willian could play attacking mid when moses isn’t playing. he sure would have to compete to get into the starting 11. when he is playing they put moses or mata on the bench. he could push mata out wide. midfield is our strongest area so they should worry about att or def

  4. mavis oriabure says

    willian is a very good player we need him

  5. Bryn says

    Willian is a brilliant player, and I’m sure he would have no problem adjusting to the Premier League, and if he does become a Blue in the next few weeks I won’t be complaining. However, it would raise many eyebrows and even more questions.
    Can Oscar, Mata, Hazard and Willian all play in the same team? (I believe yes).
    Where will Moses figure?
    What is Ramires’s role?
    Will Marin ever get a chance?
    Can Piazon be given a go?
    What will happen to De Bruyne?
    Will Kakuta, Thorgan Hazard and other prospects be simply discarded?
    Can we afford Willian FFP-wise?
    Do we really need to strengthen the attacking three?
    What would be our strongest team and formation?

    I won’t answer all these questions, mainly because I can’t. But I can give my view on what our best team would be with Willian in the squad. This is for next season, so Lukaku, De Bruyne and Romeu are under consideration, though Falcao and Fellaini aren’t. That would over-complicate things.

    My team would be…
    Courtois; Azpilicueta, Luiz, Cahill, Cole; Ramires, Oscar; Mata, Hazard, Willian; Lukaku.
    Bench: Cech, Ivanovic, Bertrand, Mikel, De Bruyne, Torres, Ba.
    Also considered: Terry, Van Aanholt, Romeu, McEachran, Chalobah, Moses, Marin.

  6. Godwin Nkem says

    we need him we can rotate him and moses,oscar etc..please admin i would like you 2use this blog to give us cfc loan roundup weekly…about our players that are on loan and their performances 4their respective club side..thankz

  7. tim says

    we dont need willian…. Let us invest that money in getting a left full back because if ashley cole’s case is not solved then we are in trouble cos betrand can’t fill that big boot and will be the lick point of our defends which opponents will captalize on or lets use that money to get a defensive midfielder

  8. Kwabinho says

    We need him more than the bluffing Falcao. Willian can make defenders confuse in their own half and that’s an unrefutable quality of a good striker. He will add taste to the squad. He’s a player you can’t sit to watch whenever he gets the chance. He keeps fans on their feet whenever he’s on the ball. Willian is fantastic, but lest i forget pls dash torres to athletico madrid for GOD sake. CHELSEA 4 LIVE!

  9. bello IDU says

    Certainly Roman will give lampard another contract @ d end of d season dts y he need Williams

  10. Franklin says

    I think if hes signed to chelsea, it would help a lot. Abramo should have a thought of this.

  11. DEEJAY'01 says

    Have chelsea made an official bid 4 the guy, if yes, what about felaini

  12. Prince Osei says

    We need guy.

  13. kulkoot says

    willian is really amazing- some media already dubbed him as next ronaldinho, & his some movements against us in cl matches wondered me. He will be a nice addition, it helps to enlarge our squad depth. A supporting forward should be signed to help ba, who must not be cup-tied as ba is already cup-tied. But i really
    want first to seal the deal of isco, this guy is also so cool, & i prefer benat to fellaini- these three signings & a top notch forward signing like cavani or falcao in summer will make a deadly squad, don’t forget to offload torres.

  14. ismail olaitan says

    We need the guy to bust our attacking…..

  15. Anonymous says

    Lets buy him

  16. Snowhite Obi says

    If Chelsea didn’t sign Willian,then Chelsea should forget about signing any other player…cos Willian is the ONLY PLAYER Chelsea need,to become the best team in the world. I have watched Willian closely,he is the only player in the world to compete with Ronaldo and Messi. Is it be a Bad-Thing for Chelsea to produce WORLD-BEST,just like Real-Madrid,Barcelona,Ac Milan and even Manchester United? Many people,especially in Africa and Nigeria,believe that Chelsea dont know what they are doing in the Transfer market. I don’t care who will be on the bench because of Willian’s arrival to Chelsea,its silly to think that way,what matters is his contribution to Chelsea and the options he will add to the team. Its just like telling Chelsea not to sign Demba Ba,so Torres won’t be bench. Which player is bigger than the whole Chelsea and the fans? Every player must FIGHT for a shirt,or Go. Piazon needs more experice to fit-in. Likewise Marin,they should go on loan. For now,we need World-Class players to save us from DISGRACE this season. 13-Points behind Man-United,yet the writer is talking about his likeness for Moses,Oscar,Marin,De Bruyne and Piazon. Chelsea can even afford not to buy Fellaini,cos we have alot of players to cover the midfield. Players like: luiz,Lampard,Mikel,Romue,Ramires. Chelsea can draft Oscar in Lampard’s position,or replace Lampard at the end of the season,then Buy Willian to add to our attack. Willian can play as a striker,winger and can also defend. Taison has gone,and if we allow Willian to join Spurs,it will be the worst thing to happen to us,cos they already have a better attacker than Chelsea. How long will Chelsea keep buying defesive-midfieder and defenders? Take a look at Barca, United and Madrid. Willian is a Million-Times better than Modric,then why are we going for Modri,besides,he is 27.

    1. jaey says

      Well I guess Snowhite Obi in his first write up. Who need å modric when willian is tipped as †нε next Dinho? Ferguson never wondered if van pesie’s arrival would push welback or hernandez out or where who will play or fit in but chelsea are busy doin tнαt when they need å willian to bolster †нε team tнαt lacks cuttin edge and creativity when mata isn’t playin or isn’t in good form. Willian is as creative as mata and hazard if not better, he is more agile and physically strong, taller too. If he goes to spurs, I am å spur fan for å season atleast. When you hear barca is playin tomorrow, you think of messi, when its madrid its ronaldo, when is bayern is robben or ribery, when its man utd its rooney or van p, when its spur u knw its bale and so on; bt when its chelsea, is it cech or terry or torres, who? Chelsea want to buy fellaini, benat, isco, falcao, modric etc which seem unrealistic where as willian have told †нε world he wants to βǝ å blue, dnt u tink he ll play with his heart lik terry does instead of those other people who would play å torres who isn’t In love with club bt †нε money?

  17. Snowhite Obi says

    I think Roman A, need to make we the Chealse Fans happy by signing Willian. Over some weeks,we Chelsea Fans are not too happy,with both Rafa and Roman,but with the signing of Willian,we will all be happy and also forgive him over RDM. Chelsea has being my ultimate concern…cos over the years,Chelsea have been intimidated by the likes of Ronaldinho, Messi, United’s Ronaldo,etc. I want Chelsea to do the same to other clubs,with the addition of Willian. Just imagine Ramires, Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Willian and Ba…it will be the Highest FIRE-POWER in EPL. Finally,Chelsea should please forget about Modric,he is 27 and Oscar is by far better than him. And Oscar also stands in good quality to replace Lampard when he’s gone. Willian is EVERYTHING Chelsea needs, we can even forget about Fellaini. Honestly,I will not Eat nor Drink untill I see Willian in Chelsea. And it will break my heart ,to the point of being in-sane,to see Willian join Spurs. I may even stop being a Chelsea-Fan should Chelsea let him join Spurs.

  18. Onyedikachukwu okpara says

    Money can’t buy love chelsea u need modric fellaini d love u…see willian falcao lukaku all love u but u don’t love tham go and sign how love our team.. U can see torres he love money not ur team..see our love players RDM dorgba lamp cech terry cole d big Z NO 25 All give us love we love player not like playes pls

  19. Anonymous says

    We need Willian be4 u argue think of Man City , Balloteli Nasri ,Kolarov, Garcia, RMadrid : Kaka, Modric,Huguain , all quality playas that gives a manager options ..squad depth is far much important for competition too

  20. Mike says

    I tink the signing of willian will be a great addition to the team. But i need fellani, cuz of his height and strenght

  21. Musty says

    U guys ask fr 2 much..if club want tu play against chelsea dey tink of hazard,mata n oscar..we dnt need willian..Oscar is far beta dan willian he jst need more playin time…if barce depended on establishd playas were will messi be ryt nw?…we also av to start buildin playas dat wil bcom rolando,mess etc nt always buyin playas coz u tink he is gud..if Roman had no money wil u eva tink of wilian? N who says hazard,mata or oscar cant b a world best? Pls guys to b considere d best u also av to bring out d best in ur playas nt always buyin alredy established playas

    1. Bryn says

      Mate, Willian is a phenomenal player. Yeah, we’d be ridiculously overloaded in the band of 3, but Willian is truly world-class and would grace any team worldwide. He is as good as Eden Hazard. And we do have some really outstanding young players…
      Hazard (21)
      De Bruyne(21)
      Very few clubs, if any, can boast such an abundance of young talent. If these lot, especially the teenagers, are nurtured properly and loaned when necessary to sensible destinations, then Chelsea could quite possibly be the dominant force in British and European football for many years to come. Chelsea could very realistically dominate the Premier League in the way that Barcelona are dominating La Liga. I am truly excited about what is to come in the near future.

  22. Ogunwamde Sayo says

    I will love Williams to be a Chelsea fc player

    1. Lynell says

      At last, sooemne comes up with the “right” answer!

  23. Danjuma Isah says

    We need him,because he love our club & he is a good player.Sign him & defenders,then continue use Ba,& be Bench Torres.

  24. tajudeen raji oscar says

    the guy is big fish 4chelsea very gud player nd utility player we him in chelsea

  25. king Elijah says

    I think willian is a brilliant player, if chelsea go for him, he will become a better player. Like you said, willian coming to chelsea will bring a lot of competition to the squad, with the likes of moses, oscar, mata and oscar will have to fight for their place in the starting line up.

    As for me I will be so glad to see the yound lad in the blue jersey. KTBFFH!

  26. Izzullah says

    City were champions last season because they have many good players who can change things on their own, c‘mon lets do the same by buying willian, falcao, & fellani…….straight away!

  27. Reju.michael says

    I luv william 2 b a chelsea and he going 2 add more 2 d defence level nd falcao 2 added 2

  28. Prince desmond says

    I tink chelsea need him in order to hv bench.

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