Isco – Chelsea rumors resurface

No matter what is happening at the West London outfit, regarding to the managerial problems, Roman Abramovich still has his eyes on looking towards the future and making it as attractive as possible. Isco recently signed a new contract with Malaga, that did not add any years, but increased his wages and his buy-out clause to a whooping 35 million euros.

Chelsea, Madrid and City were in the running for Malaga’s prized asset, but backed away with the new contract clause. However a few papers have published this morning, that Roman is spearheading the initiative to bring the talented player to Chelsea. He’s preparing a transfer purse of over 35 million for the manager who will takeover the  reigns at Chelsea in the summer. Jose Mourinho is the front-running candidate, and it all makes sense as he was also after Isco and Falcao with Madrid.

Malaga however will show no signs of refusal, as they desperately need the money to aid their financial struggle. Malaga previously sold talented, Santi Cazorla to Arsenal and never showed signs of refusal, IF, the right kind of money is put forward. Isco doesn’t speak out a lot to the English media, probably due to a language barrier, but had this to say about the interest shown in him, by the EPL clubs – “If a club decides to come and sign me they’ll have to be a big club because it’d be a lot of money.”

Now where have we heard the phrase “a lot of money” before ? City could give a battle, but we all know Roman’s not backing down from a fight, especially when it involves money.

What do I think of this deal? 30 million for a 20 year old. You wouldn’t be hearing this a few years back. However, Isco reminds me a lot of Mata, especially how he has picked up pockets of space to feed through balls in for the striker. “Not physically well built to suceed in Europe and England” . I have heard that hogwash before. Mata, Oscar and Hazard, proved it wrong.

More to follow as it comes.

  1. pertaub says

    not the next mata but sounds more like the next iniesta to me..his passing skills are incredible!

    1. brynknight says

      To be honest there’s very little difference between Juan Mata today and Andres Iniesta 4 years ago except the club they’re at, and maybe Mata is left-footed and Iniesta is right-footed. And Isco is already very close to their level. It’s a bit of insult to how good Isco already is to call him the next Mata or Iniesta.

  2. JoNaHnOaH says

    gues hes a centre mid-fida? cos 2 me dats wat we ned rit nw 2 conet defenciv n atakin midfidas. we r rely lakin in dat position n i c modrics in dat.

    1. Anonymous says

      Why do you type like an idiot?

      1. Ryan says

        Think its a different language

  3. Anonymous says

    I dnt tink cfc nid 2 sign any new player untill they get a permenent manager 4 d team. They already hv players

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