It’s not merely a striker rotation

Britain Soccer League CupIt was in the January transfer window that we brought in Fernando Torres to assist Didier Drogba. The idea then was that bringing the two most fearsome strikers together would do wonders for the team. But as we saw, it didn’t plan out the way we wanted. Even if people may disagree saying that they ‘ didn’t’ get enough time together on the pitch, I’d say the results would had been the same, the reason? Because both players are known to be the focal points of whichever team they have played for. Torres was the front man at Liverpool, while Drogba had Anelka, a man who was willing to let Didier take the spotlight. The main thing to be noted was that we focused too much on which striker would be our ‘main’ striker, rather than making the most of the two vastly different strikers we had.

Fast forward two years, and again in the January transfer window Chelsea go shopping for a striker since Torres wasn’t performing as well as he was expected to, or perhaps as well as he himself wanted to! We brought in Demba Ba, another target man, a striker whose playing style is closer to that of Drogba than Torres. But this time, even though it is a forced one, there is proper utilization of the two strikers. The shallow squad means that the manager is forced to rest one of the two strikers he has to keep both fit. And more over, Demba Ba is ineligible for the Europa League. Many people were calling for the deployment of both Ba and Torres together on the pitch, but as much as it proved fruitful against Brentford and Man City, it is not the right approach at our current situation. And the reason is simple, we only have two strikers!

And even if we feel that the rotation is a forced one, it is actually fruitful to our approach. We have two different strikers now, Torres who prefers to drop in deep and win balls, and get along with the passing game, and Demba Ba, who is suitable for a more direct approach. Ba can easily dominate defenders physically, while on a good day, Torres is an annoyance for defenders to deal with. And when you understand that different teams have different playing styles you know why two different styled strikers is important. It is like Messi being able to dominate against teams who are willing to play attacking, e.g.: Arsenal, while he isn’t expected to have the same effect against a team who is physical, like Stoke City. Just like this, having two widely different strikers is going to prove beneficial to us, (won’t say in the long run, as there is hardly 5-7 games left)

And right now, at a stage that it all becomes so crucial for us, it is necessary that both our strikers perform well. A Third spot is well achievable and then there is also the very mouthwatering possibility of becoming the Europa League Champions. Hopefully Demba Ba can still bag a few more goals, and lead us to victories against Manchester United and Tottenham, which he is expected to start, while the recently rejuvenated Zorres could very well fire us into European glory. All we need to do is BELIEVE!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, do leave your thoughts and views in the comment section below. It is very much appreciated that you share your ideas with us! Cheers!

  1. alexcfc8 says

    I agree with, They would play upfront together well but we will have to leave it till next season so we can add more depth to the team

  2. CJ says

    i agree but i think they need to rotate formation with each striker have a different playing style for each

  3. Lateef OLUSOJI says

    I also agree, meaning we still need one more sharp striker.

  4. Abishaek says

    Next season Chelsea should hire Mourinho,keep Torres and Ba next season & should recall Lukaku.No Falcao or Lewandowski needed at Chelsea.Also we could use someone like Islam Feruz as backup.This would add more depth to the squad.We should also change the formation to either 4-4-2 or 4-1-3-2.This would allow both Torres and Ba to start.Also Chelsea could use Lukaku and Feruz in Domestic cup matches.KTBFFH!!

  5. Frank okosun says

    I totally agree with you,if torres had started the swansea game,williams would have eaten him up,ba was all over him,at a point he was gasping for breathe.islam feruz still has a lot to learn,he shouldnt be rushed,it took him n his team mates a while to get used to d rigors of playing against u-21’s,a loan move would be ideal instead of waiting around for a capital one cup,this will only stagnate his growth.

  6. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Finally a article which is very politically correct and none of the players or the manager has been abused.. Well written..

    1. Anonymous says


  7. Mamuch both says

    I love king DD 11.

  8. Anonymous says

    as for me ,i disagree with u.i saying this let torez leave sd tweam ansd get another striker like lewandowsci or facao to peer him with danba ba. up chelsea 4life.

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