It's time to leave The Bridge

It is one of our few pieces of history and our home ground: the Stamford Bridge. The Bridge can fill about 42’000 people in BPL matches and about 38’000 in Champions League matches. But we’re a big club with fans from every place of the globe. Expansion of the stadium is impossible, due to the environment around the Bridge (buildings and railway). So the only way to get more Chelsea fans enjoying live football at Chelsea is a new stadium.

Reasons to build a new stadium


World wide popularity

We have 14’000’000 Facebook fans and 2 million Twitter followers; overall we have about 20 million fans around the world: Chelsea FC is one of the most popular football clubs worldwide. With so many fans from everywhere, we need a bigger stadium to entertain more fans.

Other big clubs also have big stadiums

FC Barcelona with Nou Camp (99’786), Manchester United with Old Trafford (75’765) or Real Madrid with Santiago Bernabeu (85’454): Every big European club has a big stadium, so should Chelsea. Even Arsenal’s Emirates has a capacity of 60’000 and City is also planning to expand the Etihad.


Bigger stadium means more money. Chelsea will make higher profits not only from sold tickets, but also from catering and most important from sponsoring. A new stadium does not mean that we have to pay all the money for it. Samsung and other sponsors, FIFA and perhaps the state and the city will pay at least 30% of the whole cost. Actually, Abra has the money for a whole new stadium anyway.

Financial Fair Play

Many people criticized Chelsea ahead of the Fifa Financial Fair Play. Luckily, infrastructure doesn’t count to the FFP. Therefore, a new stadium would not only help us to pass the Financial Fair Play, it would also be an investment for the future.

First step away from Abra

A new stadium would help Chelsea to get independent from Abra and other investors. Abramovich won’t be there forever and the new stadium will help Chelsea to make own profits and investments.

It’s a very difficult topic not only for the board, but also for us, the fans. Our stadium is different from the other clubs, which makes our club so unique. Our history and the name of our club lie at the Bridge and most importantly, our mascot has to change his name. I don’t want to leave the Bridge either, but we’re in a new era and someday, the requirements of the Bridge won’t cope with the requirements of UEFA/FIFA or the FA. If we want to leave the bridge, it has to be now.

The opinions about this subject are very different, so please let me know your opinion about the Bridge. Jonny (@jonny9fan)

  1. shiloh says

    Am a Chelsea Fan from Nigeria i’ve a dream of watching Chelsea play at the bridge, but its also time we leave the Bridge for a bigger Stadium. Our Rivals have bigger stadiums and generate more revenue in terms of ticket sells, so for the financial healt of the club i think we need to move plus a bigger stadium means more fans, louder and massive vocal support for the team.

  2. alexcfc8 says

    We tried to buy the Battersea Power Station and turn it into a massive stadium with a retractable roof the deal fell through because a few of the pitch owners didn’t want to sell their shares in exchange for new shares at the new stadium.

  3. Jag-T says

    i think its a brilliant idea…hope we can find a place or develop our own cause a new stadium is what we need.

  4. Vaibhav Kumble says

    Its too bad that we cannot increase the capacity of Stamford Bridge. But if we do plan to leave, I want us to have a stadium with 80000 seater capacity. . Nothing less..

  5. King Oluwadurotim Elijah says

    I’ve been thinking bout this for a while now when I heard that the stadium’s capacity is very low compared to the likes of Man-u and Arsenal not to talk of other European team’s stadium. I believe abra will dash out the money to and the order to build a new stadium so that fans across the globe can enjoy the benefit of the stadium’s capacity. The name Stanford bridge has been something we all enjoy and it is quite pronounceable from all our lips but the enlargement of the stadium will be good for us all.

  6. anon says

    We really do need a new 75000 stadium! Gutted about the battersea power station fell through!

  7. Akande Omobolaji says

    Best plan , good strategic $ gr8 xploit——–go ahead $ name it , immortalized it

  8. Kareem ademola says

    I think buidin a nw stadium is a gud developmnt 4 cfc.

  9. lancelotking says

    Yes, a new stadium would be great, but we sholudn’t go too away from Chelsea. Battersea would be good for me.

  10. NEWSNAIJA.COM says

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  11. vitus says

    please let build our own stadium of eighty five thousand capacity

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