Jekyll and Hyde (One half conundrum)

Jekyll and Hyde(One half conundrum)

This article was one I had written after our match against Everton but due to some technical difficulties i couldn’t share on time. I’m sure you’ll find it an interesting read.

For those who know the Jekyll and Hyde story it represents a concept in Victorian culture, that of the inner conflict of humanity’s sense of good and evil. A little exposé on it though tells us about a London lawyer Gabriel John Utterson who investigates the strange happenings centering around his old friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde(same person). It is also a concept on dual personality or split personality.

It brings to mind Chelsea’s performances so far this season and last season which has seen them perform excellently in one half and disappear in one half and vice versa. There is nothing that drives me crazier than to see the team perform like nothing is at stake and all of a sudden they’re playing like they’re possessed. Witnessing the match against Fulham and Tottenham I suspect that every other Chelsea fan must have groaned like I did with our first half performances. Same performance against Everton, Southampton wait I won’t list all but in 14 matches so far we’ve won 10 and drawn four with such one half performances.

I mentioned that we had same performances last season but to be honest I’ll take this season’s performances any day any time. Last season it was galling to play well and take 2nil leads in the first half and then we would just collapse in the second half. I don’t feel like mentioning the matches it happened because it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Matches like the Reading and Qpr games standout like a mole on the skin. There are many more but I’d rather not dredge up bad memories.

I have not doubted Mourinho any time he said Chelsea are not contenders for the title but contenders for top 4, because I have seen flaws too with the team. We’ve won matches like champions should but personally we’ve not played like champion’s should. All I can do is wait for our period of dominance but for now I’ll take every second half performance the team offers as long as we win. I broke my phone screen due to one of those performances against Everton, let’s hope it’s just my phone it stops at. The EPL title would be a soothing balm to every torrid first half performance, don’t you think?

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