John Terry Captain, Leader, Legend…. Manager?


With what seems to be the impending dismissal of interim manager Rafael Benitez, Roman Abramovich will find himself in a position where he’s never been before. Having already sacked one manager in Roberto Di Matteo earlier in the season, where will he go from here? Is it possible that he could sack two managers in the one season? Most football pundits worldwide would find this barely comprehendible.

The Chelsea top job used to be one of the most coveted positions in world football. The deep squad, transfer war chests and the world wide brand would enhance the reputation of any manager that’s in charge. Though lately, the manager carousel at Stamford Bridge has been comical, with the last nine managers having an average tenure of 12 calendar months. Any manager will tell you that to make an impression at a club in that time period would be extremely difficult, even Ferguson took almost seven years at United to win a Premier League trophy.

Lately, David Moyes’ candidacy has been gathering momentum, with Abramovich apparently admiring the style of play that his team has shown and especially with the restricted budget at Everton. Mourinho has also been mentioned for a return if he leaves Real, with Klopp of Bayer Leverkusen and Simeone from Atletico both having the credentials to take the post as well. Although, all these managers have one thing in common; they are not available until at least the end of the season.

This leaves Abramovich with very limited choices; right now they need a manager that will ‘steady the ship’ and keep the squad morale high for them to achieve a top four finish. They need someone that will be good with the players, and have the ability to get the best out of them. Most importantly he needs a short term manager that will not be expensive.

In the past, John Terry has expressed his desire to eventually get involved with management after his playing career. Granted that his incidents off the field have often placed him in the negative light, on the field Terry has proven time and time again that he is a fine leader and gains respect from each of the teams he has played for whether that be England or Chelsea.

He is someone that the players follow and his teammates alongside him in the past have expressed the contagious passion he shows constantly and therefore do not want to let him down. His vocal nature and passion for the blue shirt is second to none and with his status at the club there is no doubt that eventually he would feature in the clubs management structure if he chooses.

Currently what he can offer Chelsea is a quick fix solution. The position of player manager is not anything new at the Bridge with Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli both taking up similar positions in the past and both showing decent results in their respective short tenures. Although times have changed since then and this occurred almost fifteen years ago when Chelsea was not the world wide brand it is now.

Vialli and Gullit both enjoyed decent spells as Player Manager at Stamford Bridge
Vialli and Gullit both enjoyed decent spells as Player Manager at Stamford Bridge

Bigger Status means more trophies which in turn suggest more duties for the manager. With already the obligations of being the Club Captain and the immense training regime as a player, can a Player Manager position be practical at Stamford Bridge. Or better yet is it mentally possible.

Terry has proven in the past that he does not falter under pressure, at certain points in his career he has been considered as public enemy number one in England, and opposing fans are not discreet about expressing their feelings towards the former England Captain. His mental toughness is definitely something that has defined him as a person and leader which has aided him to keep his consistent high level of play.

More importantly Terry and Abramovich seem to share good relations with one another. Reports in the past have stated that the two are in constant communication and he has an influence on the Russian. Though being a manager is a different story. As a player, John Terry would not have as much obligation to his owner but as a manager he would have to answer to him just like the previous coaches have done so in the past, and who have also all suffered the same fate.

Because of his lack of experience Terry will not be able to do this alone. More than ever the directors would have to trust the roles of each specific member of staff in the club from the academy to first team coaches as well as Chelsea’s leadership group. The responsibilities of a full time manager will most likely be too much for Terry and therefore their role would be imperative.

He would gain valuable managerial experience from what’s left of this season and would therefore put him in good stead when the occasion comes that he is ready to manage. He has shown time and time again the love he has for his club, the fans and most importantly his teammates and therefore would give them more passion on the field. Sure his lack of tactical experience as a coach will be exposed, but the players on the roster are good enough to be able to achieve their minimum goal of making the top four.

It is no secret that right now some Chelsea fans feel betrayed and have turned their back on the club and it is the appointment of Benitez that has caused this. This resentment has caused a negative atmosphere at some games and no matter what Benitez or the club says it certainly does affect the players. The mood at Stamford Bridge is not as electrifying as usual according to some Chelsea Fans and this is because of their care factor being at an all time low.

Therefore right now the club needs to repair their tarnished image to their own supporters who have joined a petition to get rid of the manager. Benitez simply needs to go and it is imperative that the Club appoints someone that will make the fans trust the hierarchy again, this is what John Terry’s appointment would provide.

If results don’t fall his way, what happens? Will Abramovich again wield his axe? Will John Terry who is seen as untouchable at the club suffer the same fate as all the managers before him? Will his passion and pride for the club cloud his thoughts which will then lead him to accept the role without any thought of the ramifications. All we know is something needs to be changed and Benitez needs to go. The club and its supporters need to be united once again.

Perhaps it will be John Terry, Captain, Leader, Legend…… Manager

  1. JoNaHnOaH says


    1. chris280987 says

      Of course that is a possibility but as i stated in the article the players need someone that they will listen and be inspired with. No one in the current management team will have the personality to do this. Steve Holland might but i personally dont think that he would, Zenden is there because of Benitez so he wont do the job, and Lollichon is a keepers coach and nothing more, the only other option from what you are saying is Michael Emenalo and to be frank that would just annoy the supporters even more.

    2. zuluka says

      thats a great point.Why put JT under pressure when we got assistant managers,managers for the juniour/reserve side.RDM had such experienc from his position so any1 in that position def has some managing experiec.Thats a better choice not JT

  2. Kuunal says

    I think he would be a right fit. There is nothing much that can go wrong in the current scenario. It better be with a person whom the Fans love and would be easier to forgive, considering he will also be playing. With #Rafaout being tweeted after every single match, the fans definitely need some relief and JT would provide just that. His Tactical prowess might not be his strong point, but his integrity will surely be. As a Leader he has always been great on the pitch. The added pressure would be a great boost for this Loyal Blue Warrior.

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