Jose admits 'emotional connection' with Chelsea

The Special One's special connection...
The Special One’s special connection…

His name’s been the one that has gotten the most headlines recently. He does love the attention.

Jose has been in London during the International break, and attended the Brazil vs Russia friendly, which took place last night, that lead to widespread reports that he’s set to join Chelsea. He insists he’s only been here for shopping!

Here’s what he’s had to say amid reports of an “agreed deal” between him and Roman Abramovich.

“I’m completely independent of thoughts and speculation, and people that know me, knows me well enough to know that I think of my job at Real Madrid.”

“Again, I can’t deny, despite this disgraceful weather, I love London! I have a house here, I have big emotional connections with Chelsea and one day I think, naturally, I have to be back in English football or to Chelsea or another club.”

“Of course, Chelsea means differently for me to the other clubs, Chelsea’s in my heart, as Inter is. So one day I have to be back.”

“I love London, my daughter is coming to study here, and London is a very normal place for us.

“Everytime I come to London for shopping or whatever, people immediately start making connections. I feed into a little bit, because whenever I have the chance to say it, I do say I love it here and I have a fantastic time here, and I will reutrn one day, so I do contribute to that speculation. But at the end of the day I am at Real Madrid, I’m very committed with the ambitions of the club. In this moment I’m only focused on Real Madrid.”

“Manchester is Sir Alex’s kingdom, and I would love that job to be his forever, and in the other chair is Roberto with a contract, so I don’t think I will move there.”

“I hope everybody finishes well, I wish everyone the same I wish for myself, even for Rafael Benitez at Chelsea.”

“Let’s see what will happen in the summer. I think movements are to happen in the summer, so let’s wait.”

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  1. drogba says

    no yo quiero a giddink , mourinho no le dara oportunidad a los jovenes talentosos y se traera puro paqueton portugues

  2. Oj Currency says

    Jose is likely to come Chelsea or even Man Utd. U never know. He even said surprises are going to happen. Let’s cross our hands

  3. Anonymous says



  4. Bitto raphael says

    Yabo! It time to play soccer at high level

  5. chichi says

    Plz come back jose we miss u!!!!

  6. elano says

    it’s pretty clear he has already agreed a deal with chelsea.

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