Jose Mourinho – I’ll be where I am loved!

mourinhoYesterday marked an incredible night in the history of Champions League as Borussia Dortmund made it to the finals, at the cost of 9 time winners Real Madrid. Real managed to beat Borussia 2-0, but fell short of that last goal which would had helped them go through to the finals. And even though the late energy of Real Madrid was rewarded by two goals, one from Karim Benzema and the other by Sergio Ramos, it is a match which will be remembered for the missed chances, especially of Ozil, Higuain for Real and Gundogan and Lewandowski for Dortmund. But Chelsea fans will have something else to remember from the game, the post match comments by Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho said:

“I know I’m loved in England. Loved by the fans, the media. I know I’m loved by some clubs – especially one. In Spain it’s different – some people hate me. It’s difficult to make a decision because I like the club. I like the president.”

Okay, leave out that last part, none of our concern, what matters to us is what he said by his first statement. It is no secret in any part of the world that no team loves Jose Mourinho more than Chelsea FC, its players and of course, us fans. So finally after so many months of speculations we have the strongest sign yet that ‘our’ hero is coming back to his kingdom.

Moreover, there are reports in Spain and elsewhere in Belgium that Chelsea FC already have a deal in place to bring Jose Mourinho, and will gift him the signatures of Radamel Falcao as well as Maroune Fellaini/Joao Moutinho. And there have also been talks that Frank Lampard might after all be given a 1 year extension to his contract if the new boss wants him, and we all know how much Jose loves Frank.

Chelsea's manager Mourinho consoles Lampard after loss to Liverpool during FA Cup semi-final soccer match at Old Trafford in Manchester

And it also falls into place with Roman Abramovich stating that he wants David Luiz to replace John Terry as the captain from next season onwards, as Jose Mourinho was the one who made John the Chelsea captain in the first place, and wouldn’t it be unfair if he is not the one who passes on the captain’s armband to the next legend in the making?

And Jose, you never need to call yourself the ‘special one’ again; you were, are and will always be the ‘special one’ for us forever! And yes, there is no place sweeter than home afterall!

I hope you enjoyed the article, and ofcourse the possibility of getting the chance to sing aloud the name of our legend from next season. Do leave your thoughts and views in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you! Cheers!

  1. carlosnafigueira says

    bring falcao and the same reeinforcement mour will get and lets see what Rafa can do!. everyone forgets that mour had the best squad in the league when he won things at Chelsea. Ranieri team reached the semis of CL, came 2nd in the league behind only the best premier league team ever-the invincibles. Ranieri bought Cech and Robben before got the sack, Mour brought in Dro and Carva etc. its not dificult to see why we jumped from second to top spot in the league. In the Champions we didnt improve as we finish at best where Ranieri finished with a weaker squad( cudi in goal for example). When Roon an Ron took off we became second best again with mou in charge and was getting worse as he let go one best players in the world Robben and Crespo and brought in useless like Kalou and Mikel. SO BE WARNED ITS NOT ALL ROSES

    1. tushar07 says

      it is not that rafa isnt doing a good job, we appreciate rafa for his work,
      but we cannot deny that jose and chelsea has a special bond, and thats what makes him special for us!

  2. Akande Toxyno says

    🙂 It is a great news i we’ll be very happy if this can happen to club, Good news.

  3. Anonymous says

    my beleive is even Avram Grant was great,the owner need to give a real chance to coaches

    1. carlosnafigueira says

      agree 100%Avram with everything and everyone against him took us to CL Final and was unlucky not to win it. finish two points behind man u going into final game with same points, having started well behind the leaders. that was the biggest injustice from Roman era.

  4. ghazzal says

    Welcome Home The Special One.

  5. Vaibhav Kumble says

    M gonna cry when he comes back (tears of happiness ofcourse) 🙂

  6. cardozo says

    Mourinho’s first press conference will be an emotional one.Fans worldwide will not like miss this.

  7. rasheed says

    come bk 2 ur real sit, real club,our real boss.

  8. tajudeen raji oscar says

    yeah, i from nigeria, am realy happy dat JOSE is comin bak to chelsea, bcos JM is a special coach nd evry country he works is bringin challenge in there league nd giv players courage nd inspiration, since is was porto i first kno him nd i join chelsea bcos of JM nd ROMAN in 2003 nd we all nigeria chelsea fans want JOSE to back home stamford bridge

  9. spice says

    but rafa is doing good job so far as for me i dont care if mou dosent cme’s i think rafa has got smething to give!

  10. Anas Saifullah says

    i’m coming home i’m coming home
    tell the world i’m coming home
    let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
    i know my kingdom awaits & they’ve forgiven my mistakes
    i’m coming home i’m coming home

  11. 08163155988 says

    I love seen the special one at stamford bridge next season.

  12. Anonymous says

    You are welcome de sit is yours all chelsea fans are saying gudlack Jose

  13. Maknajuola Mighty, Erijiyan Ekiti says

    I LoVe JoSe, i WaNt HiM As OuR MaNaGeR, PlS CoMe WiTh LeUwAnDoSkI……….. HeRe AnoThEr GrEaT OpPoTuNiTy FoR NiGeRiAn ObI MiKeL, D bLoCkInG 4 oF JoSe……

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