Jose Mourinho is the Perfect long term manager for Chelsea Football Club!


Since the Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovic took over at Chelsea back in 2003, the club has gone through a massive revolution that changed how the world of football looks at this club. With many quality players signing in a big money move, Chelsea started winning trophies after trophies and become a top challenger to the biggest European crown, the Champions League trophy. All this success came in a big part from Abramovic massive ambition to see his club be the best team in the world. And the only setback for us through this period has been the managerial changes that the club went through. It is now a mere two month since club legend Roberto DiMatteo got sacked after just six month of winning the club’s first ever Champions League Glory.

And the only manager to last 3 year at the ‘Roman Era’ is Jose Mourinho. At his 3 years at Chelsea (from June 2004 to September 2007) he has won six domestic trophies for Chelsea (2 Premier League, Two Carling Cup, 1 FA Cup and 1 Community Shield Cup). Even with Chelsea winning the combined amount of trophies won by the other 3 of our rivals in England at the time(Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool), it was not enough to prevent the ‘Special One’ from getting axed by Roman. He had a very close relationship with almost every of his players. And was a fan favorite at Stamford Bridge. But, for some personal conflicts with the owner, he couldn’t last at the club. Since, living London, he has won an impressive treble (League, Cup and Champions League) with Inter Milan in 2010(the first for an Italian Club). And now he is looking to become the first ever manger to win three Champions League trophies with 3 different clubs (which would also be Real Madrid’s 10th Trophy).

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     It is evident that Abramovic is regretting his decision to sack the Portuguese manager from Chelsea. He couldn’t find a perfect successor for Mourinho at the club. Even, Carlo Anceloti was sacked just after a season of winning the first ever double in the club’s history in 2010. And Mourinho is in big fraction with club president and the fans at Real Madrid. The Spain sports magazine, Marca have recently reported that the club has come to conclusion to Part Company with Jose this June. Rafa Benitez (currently the interim manager of Chelsea) is rumored as a successor for Mourinho in Madrid. It’s every Chelsea fans hope to see Mourinho return to Chelsea and Benitez leave the club this summer.  And there are some fans who favor Pep Gardiola becoming manager just like Abramovic’s wish to see his Chelsea side play the Barcelona Tiki-Taka style of football.

One of the issues between the officials at Santiago Bernabeu and Mourinho has been the way to nurture the youth players in to the first team and make them a star. And this is very silly criticism for a club who is known to form the ‘GALACTICOS’ in Madrid by splashing in millions of money for star players around the world. I don’t mean that they never had produced decent players. Juan Mata, Alvaro Negredo, even Samuel Eto’o have been part of ‘Castilla'(Real Madrid academy) once, but they become top class players after they left for another team. So, Mourinho is well known to give youth players a chance which ever club he went(chelsea-Sinclear, Inter-Ballotelli, Real-Morata).

  Fahmi's iphone pics 072             And the main importance of Mourinho coming is that he is never afraid to put his stamp at the club and change what is needed. After many managers have come and left chelsea, ‘The Special One’ is the one who can lead the club to many more trophies and continue what he started back in 2004. When he was the manager, Chelsea were unbeaten at home, always finishes in semi-finals in the champions league, and he have never lost a cup final match at chelsea. Chelsea were the team that many other top teams like Man Utd and Barcelona were scared to face. We have been vulnerable at times after he left. We have even lost 5-3 to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. And all this will change if he returns. So, even though Gardiola and Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp are also good candidates, I would like Jose Mourinho to return to Stamford Bridge.

  1. brown says

    I will lik dat too,mou has been succesful I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ eng,italy,spain nd portugal,comin back 2 chelsea will b a piece of cake 4 him.pep mit struggle and if he doesn’t perform,he will get d boot like sum 5 oda coaches, we will den start lukin out 4 anoda one

  2. Steven Chauluka says

    As afan for Blues Jose is proper coach for chelsea

  3. Zane says

    I would like to see him back too. Didn’t someone edit this piece? It’s full of errors.

    1. Bobchyke says

      Lol. Hey Zane, how’ve you been? I hope you’re seeing the Chelsea _ Southampton game tonight?

  4. Smell says

    Jesus, spell check man!

  5. Pacson says

    the Post is so true.. In every coach Roman has hired, he just find them missing something which mourinho had so he will keep on sacking them untill mou comes back..
    I like this Post…
    Well Done…

  6. indo blues says

    MOU MOU MOU !!!

  7. Frank okosun says

    Long term what,did you mention long term coach n mou in same sentence,am a fan of mou,he is one of d best tacticians in d game but truth be told he isnt d kind of coach we need now, we need a coach that can harness the array of talents we have in our youth rank n if d job is given to mou,i dont see any of them making it into d main team,i think we should be looking at a klopp who has done great with dortmund.

  8. Aliyu says

    I would love it.

  9. drogba says

    si viene mou que saque a todos españoles que no sirven , como torres , azpilicueta , romeu y que no llegue aspas

  10. Malcolm Macpherson says

    José Mourinho has publicly announced his desire to return to English football, which could well see him leaving Real Madrid in the summer. According to articles in the more responsible UK newspapers, Abramovich and Mourinho have since reconciled their differences, so let’s forget about chasing after Guardiola, who’s managerial career has been spent entirely at Barcelona; not exactly an exacting task when taking into consideration the players he has had at his disposal, and reinstate Mourinho.

    Mourinho has all the credentials; first-hand knowledge and experience of the Premier League, with a genuine pride and passion for the Blues; who has brought us success in the past and has the desire to do so again.

    Let’s rid ourselves of the toxic atmosphere currently pervading the Bridge and bring back a manager who the fans will welcome with open arms.

  11. bello IDU says

    Mou no doubt a good coach and one of d best coach in Europe but for let pep come and take dis club to d next level.I believe in him

  12. Anonymous says

    Let him cum in,he s olwys welcum bck.chelsea got its identity wit him.let him begin 1s again.

  13. choncho Duncan says

    we can t wait 4 bigman is a good coach plz plz advice u ar legends of club.

  14. Anonymous says

    he would be good but guordiola would be better

  15. Anonymous says

    We stil need d special one 2 cm bak 2 chelsea,he is d best

  16. Gideon Silika says

    Jose Mourinho is the only solution for our favourite team chelsea fc which is currently sailing in troubled waters.

  17. Anonymous says

    They should give him free hands to do his job nd i see chelsea com back to winning ways again only if d special is back.pls d special one come back home.

  18. Anonymous says

    Sir jose mourinho u r d ryt man 4 d bleus cfc. I nid ur rturn bk, up blues cfc 4 lyf

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