Jose Mourinho: 'Looking forward instead of dwelling on the past'

Jose looking aheadJose Mourinho has stressed that it is important to look ahead to important games to comes in the coming weeks rather than dwelling on the Man City loss and the elimination from the FA Cup. Chelsea will face Everton in an important home game this Saturday ahead of a midweek Champions league encounter with Drogba’s Galatasaray.

‘I don’t like to lose but when I lose, instead of big crying I want the next match to come, I want to play, I want to try to have again the taste of the victory. I am never down with a defeat and I want to start working towards the next match, and hopefully I can pass to them this kind of spirit, this kind of message.’ -Mourinho

When the questions of what went wrong in the defeat against the same side at the same ground were we had won 1-0 in Feb. 3rd. That match may well be the title decider if Jose’s team go on to win the league even though the special one insisted time and time again that his squad aren’t the favorites to lift the trophy.

With Man City preventing Chelsea from registering any shots on target during the game, Mourinho compared it to the away Champions League match in Basel when the same statistic was recorded…

‘My team didn’t play so well and we couldn’t get Eden Hazard into positions where he could be a threat. The kid tried everything by dropping back and trying to bring the game to them, because in the league game, in Willian, Matic and Ramires we had people able to bring the game, people to go into the midfield so Hazard was in positions to attack the space and to attack Zabaleta.

‘But on Saturday the ball was not arriving, so Hazard was dropping back into the midfield to try and it was more difficult to beat one, two then three guys. He tried everything.’

What Mourinho said was correct tactically even though he didn’t want to blame any single player individually for the poor performance. We could see how Samuel Eto’o and John Obi Mikel didn’t perform well to their standards and that Matic and Luiz’s combination in midfield made the big difference against the same side last time around.

Mourinho though hopes his team can now focus on the league solely unlike Manchester City and Arsenal who are still in the FA Cup and have tricky opponents in the form of Barcelona and Bayern Munich respectively. Winning the league would be very much dependent on Mourinho’s team beating the home match against Everton this Saturday and also an upcoming home league match against Arsenal who are direct rivals in the title race.

  1. fidel says

    Chelsea is condemned to win the league this term.I do not even want the UCL,just the league title.
    If he doesn’t beat pellegrini this term then he won’t win next term.we must add Quality and physical players to our team eg tevez,balotelli,costa,khedira,moreno(luis filipe) and mangala(@150million pounds).with hazard,willian,Ramires and Matic.Please sell Mikel,kakuta,piazon,torres,ba,marin,courtois and lukaku.they will all fetch us close to 115million pounds.

    1. Gbasha.bitto says

      Mourinho haven’t tested them except Mikel and for me to sell Cuortuis better i sell Cech, he has a long stay than Cech who is getting old and weaker Piazon has improved alot like wise Lukaku who we have seen what he can do in Epl players who coud leave should be old guards especially Cole,Lampard,Terry even slow Mikel and for me i prefer Costa to Cavani or Ibrahimovic who match Chelsea playing patern

    2. jinku says

      Are you arsenal fan?

    3. alexcfc8 says

      Oh dear mate. Sell Piazon, Courtois and Lukaku? Three players who are highly rated by everyone at Chelsea? Tevez is getting on a bit, Balotelli we don’t need the hassle Luis Felipe and Moreno rather go Shaw and Mangala we have bought Zouma. Go back to the hole you crawled out of

  2. miles says

    @ fidel I wish I had ur confidence that chelsea wld win d league. I hope we do. Cos of what mou said, the match against arsenal wld be tougher than its meant to be. The arsenal players wld be playing for d title as well as their manager’s pride. I hope we can still win that match. First, we need to stop relying on hazard. If he shines that’s good, but not that he will be the center of our play. Willian and oscar shd step up at least until we get a real striker. That’s why bayern is good. Dere is no single payer that is relied on too much. But with chelsea, every goal hazard must have a part in it apart from set pieces. Its not good enough

  3. Anonymous says

    Sell Mr XYZ, that’s all they know in their comments. Arant Rubbish!
    Mourinho can’t hear the screaming for player’s heads. And even if he heard, he wouldn’t subscribe to juvenile suggestions.

  4. Gbasha.bitto says


  5. Zyte says

    i believ jose knows what to do.we must find a way 2 win without hazard.bring schurl in & give him ur matter how good a player is,without having the confidence of his manager,he will never give his best.

  6. charles says

    Its always mikel’s fault whenever chelsea falters,need i remind chelsea360 times when this same website has addressed mikel as an unsong hero! Where was matic when mikel crumbled Benfica to win the Europa? I mean,i’m beginning to have reasons to question your research pedigree,need i remind you of times when mikel came to the rescue of that your highly rated matic whenever yaya comes his way. I Challenge to do your home work very well before publishing.

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