Jose Mourinho Press-conference: 'I believe we can win same as my players'

Soccer - UEFA Champions League - Quarter Final - Second Leg - Chelsea v Paris Saint-Germain - Chelsea - Stamford Bridge - London

Jose Mourinho is feeling very confident ahead of the second leg of the Champions league quarter final tie against PSG in a match we have to win by two goals or more to have a chance of advancing to the semi-final of the competition. The Special One has said he doesn’t care or know how the French champions might come out at Stamford Bridge but, simply said that we will try to score more goals than them and try to advance the semis of the competition.

When asked about if his big experience in this competition helps him understand how our opponents tonight might line-up, he said..

 ‘I’ve played 115 or 120 matches in the Champions League and I still can’t say how the game is going to be. I don’t know. We need to win. The players have to show their quality, their confidence, the ambition – all these qualities that make these players and the team play at the top level.

They can say they come to attack and maybe they don’t cross the midfield line. Maybe they say they come to defend and they find spaces and they score goals. We don’t know.

‘The only think I know is that if we don’t score a minimum of two goals we have no chance. If they score one we have to score three, if they score two we have to score five. This is all I know, the basic mathematics.’

And speaking of the atmosphere that might arose at the Stamford Bridge, Jose Mourinho said that the team needs the home fans support more than ever before this season but, conceded that the players have to first perform to the highest level for the fans to support the team.

‘We need the supporters but we know that without us performing it’s difficult for them to support,’ Mourinho said. ‘They know that normally at home we play well, so I think they also have a hope we can do that.

‘They understand if they can push us a little that push is welcome, but I think everything starts with us and if we can show that we can do it I think they will come with us.’

And speaking of Samuel Eto’o who has been injured since the 6-0 win against Arsenal at Stamford Bridge last month, The Special One thinks he might have a part to play even though he isn’t 100% ‘fit’ to play the whole game. The Cameroonian trained outside but separate to the rest of the squad at Cobham this morning, having injured his hamstring in the win over Arsenal just over two weeks ago.

‘I don’t think he is fit, fit,’ said Mourinho. ‘But to play tomorrow? Maybe.’

And overall, Jose Mourinho was asked whether he believes they have a chance of remaining in the competition and eliminating the French Champions out of the tournament. The Portuguese said he and the players alike believe the job can be done as we have done before against Napoli in the famous come back in 2012 at Stamford Bridge.

‘If you ask me if I think we are going to win tomorrow, yes I think we are. That’s the most important thing to listen to. In the end of the two legs I think we are going to score more goals than them, pure mathematics. By the end it can be 4-3 or 5-4 in our favour. If I don’t think that way I can go home tomorrow.

‘My reasons to believe? The reasons are not important, the belief is important. I believe and my players believe. That is the most important thing.

‘We have to enjoy the risk of the situation. At 9.30pm we can be out – and we know that we have this risk – but at 7.45pm we have a chance to be in the semi-final. At 7.45pm we have to have a smile on our face, going, playing, giving everything, and seeing what happens at 9.30pm. At 7.45pm we will believe we can do it.’

The message was very clear to all Chelsea fans and players alike. Jose Mourinho said the team have to have belief that the job can be done at Stamford Bridge in front of our home support. And we as Chelsea fans, must belief and wait in excitement that anything is possible with the belief of our warriors. We must pray and hope for the best with full belief. KTBFFH!!!

PSG – ready when you are!! WE ARE WAITING!


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    I am reading this after the match! Chelsea won 2-0! It’s like Jose knows what’s gonna happen. Sheer brilliance.

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