Jose Mourinho: Second Coming – Story so Far

Mourinho fan banner
Mourinho Fan banner

After three success filled seasons with the Blues. A period Jose won two league titles , an FA Cup and League Cup during his first spell as Chelsea manager, from 2004 to 2007. The “Special One” decided to leave us for almost seven years, coaching both Inter and Madrid within this Period.

Jose celebrates after winning EPL
Jose celebrates winning EPL

Within these Seven years, Chelsea have been managed by six different coaches. We’ve lacked stability in the Coaching department. It was also a period, we won both the UEFA Champions League and Europa League in two consecutive seasons, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Munich 2012 Final
Drogba and Cech after Munich 2012 triumph against Bayern

After the Champions League Triumph in 2012. Di Matteo who won it for Chelsea was sacked after failing to qualify Chelsea from the group stage of the Champions League the following season after being incharge for just 8 months. Rafa Benitez took over as interim Manager. In what wasn’t a welcomed idea by the fans, as they were never at the back or in support of Benitez, as they kept chanting: “We want Mourinho”

Chelsea Fans Love Mourinho
Chelsea fans love Jose

Rafa Benitez won the Europa League and Finished 3rd in the Barclay’s Premier League as interim Manager. In what some Chelsea faithful saw as a successful short term for the Spaniard Coach.

Return Of “The Special One”

Handsome Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Jose returned home this season to where he truly belongs and where he’s loved by the Fans, after a turbulent ending to is Real Madrid Coaching job. Most fans were delighted with the return of Jose. He was looking older and calmer compared to his previous term. Mourinho said in his first press conference:

I am the Happy One”

It has been a fairy tale season as Mourinho termed it a Transition Season. Coming close to both the UEFA Champions League and challenging for the EPL title. Mourinho have been able to maintain a good run against the top teams in the EPL this season in the league as He never lost against any, after being criticized for his defensive approach to Football.

Mourinho record against top teams 2014
Chelsea result against top teams

It has indeed been a fairy tale season. A transition Season, better days ahead with Jose!!!

Mourinho Screams

The Special One, The Happy One. We love you!!! Welcome home!!!! Ktbffh CTID

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  1. GABBY says

    we love u jose

  2. Richard Nyombi Byemalo says

    Indeed, it’s been a great transition season for us and a big thumbs up for Jose Mourinho because we’ve missed on the League title by a whisker and went all the way to the Champions league semi finals.
    I am certain that next season will be a perfect and memorable one for us and.
    First, Jose has to get rid of those players who think they’re greater than our club, i.e Eden Hazard, whom I totally hate for thinking he is greater than Chelsea fc.
    Firstly, he goes on to wear a PSG shirt after a disappointing 3-1loss in Paris and then goes ahead to criticise our style of play after our heartbreaking Champions league elimination at the hands of Atlético Madrid, yet Hazard himself caused the whole game to turn against us at Stamford Bridge for stupidly not being defence minded that he couldn’t defend a ball in front of him allowing Atlético to capitalise with an equaliser before half time.
    Hazard doesn’t belong to Chelsea anymore, good enough we have another flair player in Oscar, so Jose should think of letting Hazard go.

  3. Anonymous says

    We dont know to use some of our players

    1. cynic jef says

      We hav d best player bt we dn’t make us of dem,letin Hazard go is nt d best decision,let take d look of our keeper which we loan athletico after d end of our match we re blaming our self.

  4. miles says

    I don’t think we shd sell hazard except if he wants to leave. He will leave eventually tho but Mou wants to keep him. I cant wait for next season

  5. Anonymous says

    The story has been bitter n sweet this season. hopefully, next season will better but should we go trophyless next season with all these monies spent on players, i’ll swiftly call for Mou’s sack be he special one or not….

  6. Fik says

    Jose is best & wl coach Cfc untill death!! Cfc is among z 4 best team this yr.

  7. Zyte says

    Not a bad season just dat we are used 2 winin trophies.
    So 4 me,dis is the story so far
    1)Jose acheivd much.
    2)we beat the top 6 teams.
    3)we playd posesiv footie against smal teams,but only lackd the final & the killer instinct.
    4)we got 2 ucl semis even witout matic & salah.
    5)we fought 4 epl title til the end quite unlike past seasons.
    Cfc needs stability in the coachn dept.i believ if jose does the right things this summer,cfc can easily win the title next season.
    Again cfc is not a one man club.jose must put the team ahead of hazard as he has done til date.ktbffh.

  8. Onyeka Emokam says

    Mourinho is chelsea nd chelsea is Mourinho,I trust him so much for chelsea,he will surely make us proud next season

  9. Frank2wise CFC says

    Zyte, well Said

  10. Martin, Norway. says

    This season has been a transitional period but we expect big things next season. The positives are we performed well against all the top teams but struggled against lesser oppositions. I think we should do something about that if we want to win the league in future.

    1. Zyte says

      @ martin.dont worry.once we get an atm dat can deliver defence splitin pass & a proven goal scorer,smal teams lik sunderland,a.villa etc wil be wel battered by cfc even wit their 12th man(the ref).up cfc.

  11. aloyce says

    i trust mou so much,i hope next season chelsea will be the most best club in england since he is looking for best players including goal keeper,all the best to mourinho

  12. Zyte says

    @ martin.dont worry.once we get an atm dat can deliver defence splitin pass & a proven goal scorer,smal teams lik sunderland,a.villa etc wil be wel battered by cfc even wit their 12th man(the ref).up cfc.

  13. AKJamesolly says

    Well for a building team it’s being a good season and can only get better next season! But then I think Benitez deserves some respect cause of what he’s able to archieve in little time? He lifted the Europa, qualified the team for UCL, FA Cup semi finalist, World Club Cup finalist! He had no Willian – Schurrle – Sallah – Eto and Matic?
    I think Chelsea need to bring back Curtoius, let go of Ramires, Lampard, Torres, BA, Ashley Cole? Luiz,Mikel,Ivanovic,Oscar all need Competition

  14. Anonymous says

    Thanks Ak, i keep saying it that mou faild woefully this season but i pray we’ll come out smoking next season..if it were benitez that couldnt win a trophy we would hv skin him alive…

  15. Vicky Moyes says

    A lot of us are very emotional here.

    Fact: No trophy this season though win over some top teams of the world.

    If we accpe that our squad is not perfect, and we TRUST mourinho, there is hope in next season and we can see this season is transitional and everything did by Mou is right – sell Mata, defensive strategy, etc.

    If next season, we improve our squad and win some trophies = Mou is superb, he is hero!

    If next season, we still get nothing = Mou sucks! And he will be fired again by the Russian.

    No need to react so emotional, let’s see how he win some trophie for us.

  16. Anonymous says

    My proble, is that most guys on here dont want to accept that mou failed this season with all the money he spent on players..they keep telling u ”transition this” transition that” and who says teams on transition dont win trophies.. Eg benitez is on transition at napoli and still won a trophy..we just hv to accept he failed this season and the look forward to next..i really think mourinho has brainwashd some of us with his sugar-coating words like ”lil horse” transitions’ and ‘non availability of strikers” etc while this same mou also loaned lukaku to everton…is time we woke up n accept our failure this time and then hope for the best next season KTBFFH!!!!

    1. GABBY says

      com again boy, u jax hating.u fighting all u can to prove that he failed Tanx boy, but go prove it somwhere.

  17. Anonymous says

    @gabby I’m not a boy no need for the sacarstic comment your eyes he may not hv failed but i mine he failed woefully and i won’t be drown in his sugar-coating words like some blues do…moreover, as a cfc faithful i would love him to do well next season. however, if he goes trophyless again, I trust my trigger-happy Abramovich to ready his sack letter….

    1. GABBY says


  18. bennytopa says

    Reblogged this on Bennytopa's Mirror.

  19. Zyte says

    @ gabby,the anonymous guy has every right 2 say his mind weda u agree wit it or not.telln him dat “u know where he is from”is pure as much as we disagre in the way we see tins,we must also criticise constructivly with the spirit of fair play as a sports man.the strength of every club & sucesful organisatn is unity in diversity.if we al agree in everytin,that wil make this site boring.tank u.ktbffh.

    1. GABBY says

      Tanx @zyte I respect u a lot coz of ur fair coments. u are a real sportsman, He jax hating everyone can see it, e dnt hate lyk that.lyk I said I knw why he is hating.

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