Jose Mourinho Slams Suarez Dive

Suarez and Webb

Jose Mourinho has voiced out the reason why he thinks, Luis Suarez should been booked for diving as the Blues defeated their Mersyside Opponent 2-1 Courtesy of Goals From, Eden Hazard and Samuel Eto’o.

The Former Ajax Man, went down after a second-half tackle by goalscorer Samuel Eto’o but referee Howard Webb waved away his appeals for a spot-kick – moments after the striker had also fallen to the floor following a penalty box challenge by John Terry.

Jose Mourinho also lamented that his side, were denied a clear penalty as Eden Hazard, was shaved off by, Lucas Leiva.

“I think there is another big case for a penalty on Hazard,” he said. “Something is happening, week after week, I don’t know why referees don’t see it. He’s a fair boy and I don’t know why this is happening.

“On the other situation with Suarez I would resolve this differently with a yellow card for Luis Suarez. I keep saying I hate players trying to provoke situations. Luis is an amazing player and I have lots of respect for his quality and his attitude of trying to win every game but sometimes he tries too much.

“Eto’o just put his body in front of him. It looks like somebody shot him.”

“He does everything to win and Brendan (Rodgers, the Liverpool manager) is doing a fantastic job on him because he’s changed. There’s no doubt that he’s changed.

“But when the situation is like this and you are losing comes the nature of the player, the wild nature of the player or the cultural nature of the player.

“Culturally people from that area (South America), they like it. It’s not also that area. There’s a corner in Europe where I belong to, that they also like (diving).”

Despite Scoring The Winner, Samuel Eto’o, was however lucky to escape punishment for an early challenge on Jordan Henderson. It was from the resulting free-kick that Liverpool scored through Martin Skrtel.

However, Mourinho has decided to take the blame, saying he had told Eto’o to take a more physical approach in the game.

“I didn’t see it, I don’t know which situation you are referring to,” he said when asked about the challenge on Henderson.

He then added: “For some weeks I have been criticising him a lot internally for his failure to adapt to what the Premier League is in terms of physicality so if he had a tackle deserving of a card it was my fault because I’m asking him to adapt to this.”

On The Other Hand, Brendan Rogers has defended Luis Suarez and lamented that Samuel Eto’o was lucky to escape a red-card.

“He (Eto’o) should’ve been sent off,” Rodgers said.

He then discussed Mourinho’s comments on Suarez and added:

“Luis will always provoke a challenge from defenders, that’s why he’s world class.

“What he probably doesn’t expect is to provoke a challenge from someone who’s not involved in the contact.

“He’s running to challenge (Cesar) Azpilicueta and Eto’o is street wise, he’s cute, he blocks him. On another day you could give that as a penalty, because it’s obstruction in the area.

“Of course, he (Mourinho) will defend his player and I will defend mine.”

  1. Shiloh says

    Great game yesterday but Eto’o was really luck not to have been sent of for his tackle on Henderson.

  2. Bob says

    That was not a dive, that was a block and a stupid one by Eto’o. I was amazed it was not a penalty, even though I was really happy it wasn’t. Even though Azpilcueta had the ball it was an obvious stop by Eto’o. The Hazard one wasn’t really a penalty if you saw, this was a clear case for a penalty. Don’t get me wrong, I am a loving Blue, but fair play is fair play, doesn’t matter how low Suarez stooped at Anfield last season.

  3. Nicely says

    Bob if someone call you a stupid we you like it

    1. Bob says

      that made so much sense…

  4. Akinwumi says

    To tell u nothing but the truth,there was a contact and it was penalty.Etoo made a stupid tackle yesterday.

  5. Akees says

    Is Mou’ blind! He got it all wrong. Am blues, but am not bias.

  6. maritimo says

    It was penalty but i think suarez diver reputation was tbe reason not to call it. This statement is just a ‘mind game’, like it or not. But, overall, it was a fair result, and a good one :). KTBFFH!!!!

  7. Irokotola michael says

    It was 100% a penalty, Eto’o marked him down as if he was bribed to take Suarez down in the penalty area……. So stupid of him….. But am glad Suarez reputation denied him that clear penalty……. Suarez has done many bad to football so this time around football denied him………,………

  8. Irokotola michael says

    Follow this link to read a liverpool fan open letter to mou concerning the match…………….

  9. Gbasha.bitto says

    Quality of a good striker, it wasn’t a dive

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