Jose Mourinho: The man whom you are bound to hate, if he doesn't love you!


It’s just been a couple of months since Jose completed his merry go round all over Europe to finally return ‘home’. And to our delight, Jose couldn’t had chosen a better time to come back as Chelsea FC were almost practically running out of quality managerial options and moreover, the existing ones were too scared of Roman Abramovic and his constantly falling axe to take up this job. I wonder who we would had gone for if Jose had decided to stay put and try with Real Madrid for one more season, not many names to be frank. And all in all it worked out fine as we finally can claim proudly: JOSE IS BACK!

Not surprisingly, even if Jose is counted among the best managers in the world, the number of people who actually love him are quite less. And Jose actually has worked onto that reputation. Perhaps only the Porto fans, Chelsea fans and Inter fans love him, and for the rest? He is annoying as hell! Mourinho has not yet started with his mindgames and double edge comments with Chelsea yet, I mean to the largest extent. However he did poke a needle onto his former player Cristiano Ronaldo claiming indirectly that he is ‘not’ the real Ronaldo. And even if Ronaldo might be thinking he has had the last laugh by beating Jose’s Chelsea in the Guinness Cup’s final, it is not much of a surprise to know that the trophy wasn’t something that Jose actually craved for. The real battle would be when the two teams face off in the Champions League, and I am sure, the result is going to be quite different then.

There are three types of managers in the world, the tactical engineers, the mind game masters and the ones who have adequate amounts of both qualities. Like Alex Ferguson, Jose belongs to the third category. He is brilliant when it comes to strategies (somehow I consider him to be superior to Alex Ferguson in this department), and when comparing mind-games and war of words? Well, there are only few who can stand unaffected. The best thing about Jose is that he works with his heart upon his sleeves. He shows his love for his players and fans equally and gets defensive if anyone dare criticize them, and that just why his ex-players (except the Real Madrid ones) still love him even after he is long gone.


The Premier League had already looked shaken with Alex Ferguson’s departure and when Jose decided it’s time to grace the league with his presence, well, managers knew things were going to be chaotic now. But I am not sure whether Jose Mourinho is going to enjoy his second homecoming like he had in his first spell, perhaps because like the Joker (from the Dark Knight) had said, his rivals completed him. And right now, there is only Arsene Wenger and Andre Vilas Boas who are quite capable of filling in the shoes of Alex Ferguson and Rafa Benitez. David Moyes, despite how hard he tries, is no Alex Ferguson. And looks like it is already going to be Jose Mourinho 1-0 David Moyes soon, as Chelsea are closing in on Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney as each day passes. Rooney has already identified Jose as a man who can spur him onto greatness and it’s only a matter of time before Utd realizes that.

And commenting on the expectations on the team? Well, it is not every day that a team has 20+ players that are somewhat qualified to start for any team in Europe, squad rotation is going to be done massively. And to our advantage, right now, we have players who are quite widely different to each other. When there is one winger who prefers trickery, there is another who prefers direct play and another who is quite the play maker and then there is also the workhorse. The wide variety at Jose’s disposal means that opponents are going to find it that much difficult to counter Chelsea’s tactics for the games. Oh no, I am not bloating and overselling our team at the moment, but it is that good. Except the striker department, every player is first team quality and will be competing throughout the season for winning over their starting spot. And if Rooney gets his dream move to London, well then it is a complete team with Rooney, Lukaku and Torres/Ba competing for the starting spot. And for the first time in many many years, we have a quality back up goalkeeper in the form of Mark Schwarzer.

Jose creates an atmosphere that is comforting for his lovers and intimidating for every other person. His romance with the fans is unmatched, but for his opponent fans, an advice to you, it doesn’t matter if you love him or not, if he doesn’t love you/your favorite team, well you are bound to get hurt by his remarks for your favorite team sooner or later. The Happy One is not really known to make his opponents happy. Hate will come, it surely will, and guess what, it is this hate that Jose actually thrives on!

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  1. eniola says

    Wow! This is a well written piece. I enjoyed every word and non seemed outta place. Thumbs up, tushar07. We all can’t wait for the season opener.

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